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Misty Morning Photography

I worked with James in late 2021 for a Fashion, Portrait and headshot shoot this was our first shoot together.

We will be planning another shoot for 2022 I would recommend James to all photographers he is very experienced in all aspects.

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I am delighted to give James his first reference (of many) on PP.

James drove for 2.5 hours from Bristol to reach West Wales and arrived ready and willing to shoot straight away. He brought with him a vast selection of clothes from a wardrobe that includes, I'm told, 25 suits!!

He is tall, dashing and handsome with a face the camera really does like and a stature to suit. James changed outfits quite a few times, amazingly quickly, and was 100% committed to everything we did - bringing his own interpretation to our sets as we went along. He had no problem with scrambling about in the woods, and did so with a smile and positivity.

It was an excellent shoot and time whizzed by, aided by his friendliness and natural charm. Very enjoyable shoot indeed, with some excellent shots captured. An afternoon I would be very happy to repeat.

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