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I worked with Steve for the first time at NLS recently. Steve’s pre comms were great and he applied to work with me through one of my castings.

On the day Steve had a long drive but he was friendly, warm and easy going when I met him. Steve hasn’t a brief plan of shooting dance, fitness and art nude with fabric which I obviously love doing! We had a lot of fun trying out different lighting sets and swapping outfits to make sure we were productive with our time however we still had time for a lot of breaks and a chance to talk. Steve is a great conversationalist and I very much enjoyed getting to know him and the various topics we discussed. I felt really comfortable, relaxed and happy throughout the shoot and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him others :)

Hopefully we get a chance to shoot again in the future!

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I had a fab shoot with Steve today.. Such a lovely person.. Friendly chatty, he had lots of ideas.. He even brought along some of his own items... We shot for 6 hours and the time flew by.. The pics looked really lovely on the back of the camera..

I highly recommend to all

It was great to finally work with you again Steve..

Thanks Louisa xx

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I had a first shoot with Steve last week, and all i can say it was amazing! :) smooth communication beforehand and a really welcoming shoot at his little studio in his flat. Would love to work with Steve again in the near future. 100% recommended.

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Capture a Nomad

Steve has a great little set up in his flat, for many different genre's and styles.

Great host, with lost of Tea and mince pies! always a fan. Love the shots that we came out with on on the spot as we went a long, I would love to shoot with him again and recommend him to all models who are looking for some great pictures!


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EsmeJayne said...

I had my second shoot yesterday with Steve at my home. Just as our first shoot I thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve and the time absolutely flew past! We managed to shoot a good variety using the fireplace then gymnasium inside and also shooting outside when the weather brightened. I am really looking forward to seeing the images! It was great to get the opportunity to work with Steve again and I hope we will shoot together more in the future. 100% recommend :)

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Rachelle Summers

I had my second shoot with Steve on Friday, this time at his home studio.

The 4 hours just seemed to disappear in a flash!! Which I always think is a sign of an enjoyable shoot. We worked on a variety of ideas and lighting set ups, and I'm really happy with the shots we got from what I saw on the back of the camera, so am looking forward to seeing the final results!

Steve unfortunately hadn't had time to sort out his lighting ideas before the shoot due to being too busy, but despite needing to take up some of his shoot time sorting this out on the day he remained in a really happy bubbly mood and didn't let it phase him, we just had a good little natter whilst he was fiddling with the lights and I felt completely at ease in his company :)

Not only that but the tea was practically on tap, there were a few times a fresh cup just magically appeared without me realising, which always makes me happy haha!!

We had a good chat at the start of the shoot too before we got started and I really feel like we got to know each other a bit better which made the whole shoot more relaxed and comfortable!

Overall a lovely shoot and hope to work with him again in the future, happily recommended by me!

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EsmeJayne said...

I had a wonderful shoot with Steve yesterday at my home. The shoot was fun and I really enjoyed working with Steve. He is kind, professional, and a talented photographer. Steve gave me great direction throughout the shoot and had lots of really creative ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing the images and I hope to shoot again soon. Definitely recommend! :)

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Had my third shoot with Steve last week, this time at my home, as always, Steve is great fun to work with, very chatty and friendly, he is easy going and works hard to try and get the most out of the shoot and to produce the best.

We had a 4 hour shoot which just whizzed by, and we made use of the natural light and focused on fashion and lingerie, we got some stunning results and i had a really enjoyable shoot.

I would highly recommend Steve to any other Model out there, a great easy going Photographer, professional and respectful.

Hope to work with him again sometime.

Thank you again :)

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Jem Rose

What can I say?! Another fantastic shoot with Steve at his place, we did some various styles and once again I really enjoyed my shoot with him - trying out different lighting and techniques and ideas.

Steve is a lovely guy - really easy to get along with and I always feel comfortable working with him!

Highly recommend of course!! :)

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I have literally just finished a shoot with Steve and I can't even wait to get home to leave a reference!

Highly recommended!

I shot with Steve for 4 hours, half at his home and half in a local gym. He was an absolute pleasure to work with! Incredibly hospitable - making sure the heating was warm enough, making me tea and smoothies and even a packed lunch to eat on the way home!

A lovely studio set up at his home, clear ideas for the shoot and a great laugh!

Steve, thanks again for a wonderful shoot. I can't wait for the next one and am incredible excited to see the images!

Amie Jade x

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Artemis Fauna

Shot with Steve a few days ago at my home again- our second shoot- this time on an event with Rachelle Summers.

We had two hours in total and got some lovely results- We kind of made it up as we went along, made the most of the fading light and embraced the dark when the sun was gone by using lamps in one of the more vintage styled rooms. Really liking the results so far.

Thank you Steve!

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Rachelle Summers

I got to work with Steve when he booked on to an event with me and Artemis Fauna, he has 2 hours with me in total. The first hour we got some lovely images in keeping with the vintage feel of the house and made use of the natural light, and the second hour we went with a totally different style - something a little more modern/glamorous against a white wall downstairs. We got such different results within the short time we had and made good use of the time I feel :)

Really happy with the results so far and would happily recommend him.

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Saracen House Studio

Another great shoot with Steve on Vicky B's Studio Day, lovely guy, very easy to get along with and produces some cracking shots. Highly recommended

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I had my second shoot with Steve last Saturday at Foto-retro studio and as per our first shoot his pre shoot communications were spot on, he arrived on time and was pleasure to work with. Steve is happy to take on board ideas and has great ideas of his own and we managed to work through a mix of styles: lingerie, fashion and fitness styles. Steve has kindly shared the images with me and asked for my feedback making me a part of the whole creative process.

I would happily recommend Steve to other models and be happy to work with him again.

Thanks Steve for a great shoot. :)


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Natasha AK4790

I had a good time shooting with Steve yesterday at his home. He's very chatty and welcoming, the 4hrs didn't drag at all and we played around with lots of different lighting set ups. Overall I found shooting with Steve very enjoyable and from what I saw we got some pretty cool pics! Highly recommended.

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I had a great shoot with Steve at the weekend on my studio day at Space Studios, he arrived on time and pre communications were excellent, we discussed ideas/concepts /styling and what he wanted to achieve..

Steve is a really enthusiastic and very easy going guy, the time flew by, we had 4 hours which just whizzed by and he was open to listening to my suggestions and trying them as well as his own too.

Really easy to work with and we got some great shots making use of the natural light and also with studio lighting.

I would happily reccommend Steve to other Models and Creatives as he is friendly, professional and respectful.

Thank you again and hope to work with you again sometime! :)

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I had a brilliant shoot with Steve on Friday... The weather was perfect.. and we got some really beautiful pictures :)

It was my 2nd shoot with Steve he is so easy to work with and friendly and has lots of ideas

I highly recommend Steve to all models and I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future :)

Thanks for a great shoot Steve

Louisa xx

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Artemis Fauna

I had a really great shoot with Steve a couple of days ago at my home.

Steve is a really nice guy, totally up for trying new things and learning as much as he can on the way. Communication before hand was spot on and the shoot was organised very quickly.

The shoot itself went very well- we chatted a lot but also fitted in a load of different ideas and outfits, the images look fantastic and we had a lot of fun in the process.

I hope to work with Steve again one day, highly recommended! :)

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Jem Rose

Second time working with Steve, this time it was all about trying out some new ideas with the new lighting he has just purchased. We tried lots of different lighting set ups and had a play around with that, these included glamour, beauty shots and some fashion.

Steve is always a pleasure to work with, friendly, professional and has some great ideas.

Recommended once again by me!

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Had a fab shoot with Steve yesterday... He was friendly and chatty and got some great pics :)

It was a relaxed easy shoot and I highly recommend Steve to all

I would happily work with Steve again in the future :)

Thanks for a great shoot Steve it was lovely to meet and work with you

Thanks Louisa xx

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