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Hangleton Lane Studio has closed permanently but there are plans in place for something very different in 2022 / 23.

The decision was taken on 12 November after the landlord released me from the obligation to give three months' notice, and the neighbouring business is going to take over the unit temporarily as they need extra space in the short term. They will obviously have to move out when planned housing development starts.

Between January and March 2022, for the proprietor's own commercial studio requirements, (pack shots and fashion primarily), I have secured the use of another studio owned by a close friend of mine within a reasonably short travelling distance.

In April 2022 I will be getting access to new studio facilities on a shared basis in Horsham in return for volunteering my time assisting the charity I have supported for the past two years. Arrangements for hiring out those facilities have yet to be agreed as it will be their premises, not mine. Over the following few months I will be training up and eventually handing over management of the facility to a young man called Liam Taylor, a member of this site, and who has already worked alongside me on fashion shoots and video work including a difficult Ted Talks production, and once he has taken the reins I will be moving on to pastures new.

I'd like to thank all of you for your support, custom and especially your input and friendship since the studio was established at its present location in 2012. I certainly won't be hanging up the camera for good ... far from it. I'll still be shooting regularly for two of my biggest clients - spot-the-ball football, and travel and tourism work.

I also have a little surprise up my sleeve that will, hopefully, be of very considerable interest to many of you starting in 2023 if everything stays on schedule.

After all, old photographers never die ... they just get their shutters jammed ... and mine's still working fine. 


SME News Best Commercial Photography Studio - South of England 2021

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