Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 27yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/USA) 31D-25-36
  • USA dress size 4
  • 5'1" tall
  • 107lbs
  • USA shoe size 5
  • Green eyes
  • Very long coloured hair
  • White skin
  • White ethnicity
  • I have a single tattoo

Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, Portrait, Promotional and Wedding




25. Petite. Freckles. Currently rocking purple hair! See insta for photos. (@serpentqueen) 
Two concealable ear piercings. One micro dermal on back of neck. 1 large tattoo on right leg.

I am extremely laid back and confident in front of a camera, with or without make up. I also have a wide variety of clothes, wigs, headdresses, jewellery which I love to incorporate into photos and generally just have fun with! 

My specialty however, is animals. I have a wide variety of exotic pets (snakes, lizards, spiders, scorpions etc) that can be used for shoots. I am confident with every animal and model with them regularly. Each individual animal is perfect for shooting and my passion for them combined with inspiration to make others see them differently creates some spectacular and unique images. 

My current main scaly models are: 
Teal'c - 8ft Boa Constrictor
Sauron - 7ft Madu Reticulated Python.
Sofia - 5ft. Sunglow BC.
Omi - 5ft. Pearl Burmese Python.
Lil Buddy - 3.5ft Banana Pastel Royal Python. 
Willow - 4ft Red & Brown. Corn Snake. 

Whites Tree Frogs. All green.

Fluffy - Chile Rose Tarantula
Leopard Geckos - yellows. 

For more information on what animals are available please message me or check out my page on facebook 'reptile room' or my PP "Ellie's Reptiles"  PLEASE NOTE I am not the best at keeping on top of PP so my apologies if my replies are slow or anything like that.

Looking for fun, laid back but very involved photographers that can create creative images! Dont be afraid to send a message :D 

I will not model for nude, topless or lingerie based shoots. If I really like the image I may consider wearing only a bra but please dont be offended if I say no, it just isnt the sort of work I am currently looking for. 

My rates are negotiable depending on what style and the amount of work required.

Thank you for taking your time to read my profile. 


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