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M e l a n y

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Sophie today and what a day it was! She organised two fab locations for us to shoot and we were joined by Retro Rob.

Sophie’s portfolio was one of the first ones that caught my eye when I joined PP so I was super chuffed to have the opportunity of work with her. We started in a beautiful field full of hay bales where we had lots of fun playing out a summer romance between Rob and I and then did a bit of solo art nude.

The next location was amazing! Sophie had arranged for us to shoot with a traditional gypsy caravan complete with dog and horse! Sophie gives great direction and it’s clear that she pays a lot of attention to detail to get the right shot - which I love! She’s laid back, friendly, funny and clearly a very talented photographer.

Thank you sophie for a super day. I can’t wait to see the images and to shoot with you again. 100% recommended! :)

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Retro Rob

Well it's been too darn long and I'm so pleased we managed to make history again by meeting up this time your neck of the woods for a truly epic shoot.

Well I have to say Sophie you found the ultimate location shoot armed with a satnav and a location off the beaten track a convoy of cars and Melany we got to the location.

Am I going to say more no way you gonna have to wait for what will be some killer images.

Thank Sophie it is and always will be be a pleasure working with you I can wait to book you again soon .

Big love!Rob xxx

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I have worked with Sophie Merlo several times now this lady is so professional & easy to work with & the results are superb I can't recommend her highly enough a quality photographer

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This was my second shoot with Sophie! Everything was arranged clearly and quickly and we both met with the MUA in the morning together exactly on time. Sophie is an extremely talented photographer and editor! If you have the chance to shoot with her I highly recommend!


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KatyB (Katex)

What a lovely day!

I worked with Sophie when i first started modelling around 3 years ago and we got on very well. I cant believe it took us this long to work together again, but, boy im glad we did!

She kindly picked me up from my house to get my makeup done at hers by Jane Sophie has a real eye for detail and knows what images she wants, but is willing to try out different poses to see if they work! Very easy to get along with, friendly and makes you feel very comfortable.

Thanks for a great day Sophie!

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Alan Ewart

I have just returned from a week long trip that Sophie organised in a wonderful Chateau in France. The location was absolutely fantastic and we had four of the best models on this site along for the trip.

We had a great group of photographers along, and by the end of the week it felt like we were a little family. The images are mind blowing, but it is always people who make something special. Without Sophie bringing us all together we would not have had this truly amazing experience. Thank you Sophie, organising something on this scale is a difficult and often thankless task. Your efforts are truly appreciated!

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Will Alex

Sophie was the organiser of a recent group shoot with 5 models and stylist in a stunning chateau in France for a week. An amazing location and great set of people to share this experience with. We all came away with some great images and memories.

Thanks Sophie

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Sensual Art

I spent a lovely few days at a château in the south of France on a photo holiday which Sophie had organised.

The holiday itself was great, as Sophie had located the beautiful château, arranged for 4 of the best models to be there, and further arranged for a stylist to bring some gorgeous dresses to fit with the location, but Sophie went beyond that and made sure throughout that everyone was getting what they wanted.

Thank you so much for organising this, Sophie, I had a great time!

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Emma LC

Today I had the pleasure of working with Sophie. I was pleased when she accepted my application as I love doing the shoot with animals so to do this with my dog is a bonus. I'm gutted Vinnie (Sophie's dog) couldn't tag along as he would have enjoy it in the wood today but that's mainly down to my dog (Sorry Vinnie!!)

Sophie is incredibly talented photographer, if she can take great pictures on camera then I can't wait to see the final result.

Sophie is so friendly and down to earth. She's really easy to talk to and I loved working with her and hopefully I can do so again in the future.

Thank you for everything today, it's been magical to work with you as well as my dog whenever she's ready to pose! xx

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Sophie. I have wanted to work with Sophie for a long time as I am a real fan of her fabulous work. So I was over the moon when she asked me the end of last year. Stuff and life got in the way but yesterday we at last worked together on a trio shoot in London.

Sophie is so down to earth and easy to talk to with a great sense of humour. I was a bit nervous but she put me at ease very quickly with her friendly chatty nature.

Sophie has a great eye for what works and doesn't and we three models completely trusted her instinct. Saying that Sophie is extremely self-effacing (extraordinary really when you look at the quality of her work) which made her even more likable and comfortable to be with.

I loved working with you and very much hope I can do so again in the future.

Thanks for a great day Sophie!


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Martin Ingley Model

Had my second shoot with Sophie in London yesterday and, again, was very impressed by the down to earth but totally professional attitude she shows.

This was a trio shoot - the first time I'd worked with two other models but Sophie is very good at setting up scenes and knows if a shot is going to work or not. She had plenty of ideas to throw in to the pool and the results looked impressive.

Thank you, Sophie, for sticking with the idea for the shoot and for helping to make it a reality. A real pleasure to work with you again and, of course, highly recommended.

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Sunday 11th June saw me working with Sophie for a second time after the wonderful shoot we had recreating Grant Wood's 'American Gothic' earlier in the year. On this occasion @EricaElizabeth and @MartinIngleyModel joined us for a tango-themed Sunday afternoon shoot at Alexandra Palace, and - later - a street shoot just off Tottenham Court Road.

It's no exaggeration to day this wonderful afternoon would never have happened without Sophie. She not only inspired us to get the most out of time together, but was our guiding light in shaping us and posing us to get the shots we all wanted.

But Sophie is also very easy to work with, very funny and - for someone with her talent - so self-effacing it's untrue. A pure talent, it goes without saying I'm already looking forward working to Sophie again as soon as possible. Unmissable!

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I was honoured that Sophie travelled half way across the country to shoot with Robbie and I for a real "One Love" happy vibes shoot! It was such a lovely day, the sun shone and Sophie schlepped all over the city up and down looking for amazing backdrops to our shoot all the time smiling, giving wonderful directions, and looking after dozens of bags! Talk about multi tasking, this lady can do it all in spades! Wonderfully talented and highly recommended to all. Never a dull moment, she did say to me at the beginning of the day she didn't matter what we all talked about as long as it wasn't politics, however a TV production crew gate crashed our shoot and she ended up giving a heartfelt speech...about politics!

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Retro Rob

Well just chilling out now at home after another brilliant shoot with Sophie Merlo and a second collaboration with the amazing Fitnude (Purpleport) .

Sophie once again pulled out the magic on our 70s themed shoot seeing loads of opportunities as we walked through one of Londons main markets .

I would totally recommend Sophie for her professionalism and down right friendly nature an absolute pleasure to work with.

I hope to venture soon to her neck of the woods to shoot again .

Thank you Sophie London loves you!

Rob :-{> x

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A second shoot with the awesomeness that is Sophie! Sophie got in touch as she was going to be in my area & did I fancy a shoot. Of course I said yes!! And immediately set off scouting to find the best bluebells (I think I did pretty well!).

Sophie is just such a lovely person, shoots with her are so relaxed, laid back & fun, we just went with the flow, pottering around in the woods (with her gorgeous little dog Vinnie who had loads of fun too), chatting & on occasion sheltering from the rain, oh & taking some photos.

Highly recommended of course, if you haven't shot with Sophie yet & you get the opportunity - grab it with both hands, seriously! Sophie is just a delight to spend time with & I look forward to meeting again. Thank you! :-)

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The Actor

This is my third shoot with Sophie and as ever she was magical to work with. Such good fun, very good directions and some cracking shots of which I cannot wait to see the result. Immensely looking forward to our future shoots of which we have some great ideas planned. I now consider Sophie as much friend as photographer. Thanks for today. x

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Everly Rose

I had the loveliest day yesterday with this amazing lady.

I was overjoyed when Sophie agreed to a shoot with me during my recent mini tour of Cardiff and bristol as I have admired her work for a long time.

sophie kept in constant contact with me on the run up to the shoot which made me feel at ease.

We discussed ideas and I was really pleased when she suggested a duo shoot with another model PJ.

Sophie met me at the train station and was just the sweetest loveliest person, so jolly and positive and welcoming, I felt at ease instantly.

Sophie and Paul had already scouted some awesome locations for us to shoot at and were also happy to hear my input and ideas throughout the shoot.

A really laid back yet super talented photographer who thinks outside of the box, I highly recommend working with this lady, she has a awesome ;personality, a great sense of humour, she is just a absolute doll and I can't wait to see the images we created as a team.

Thank you Sophie for a lovely day, for you patience and kindness, I can't wait to meet again :)

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What a chilled out lady Sophie is - had a really relaxed and friendly shoot with Sophie today - even tho we'd never met before I felt that relaxed it was like being with a mate - she was very open to my ideas and happy to try everything I had in mind - we shot in studio and on location - there was a beautifully chilled feel to the day and the conversation flowed with ease / can't wait to see our work together and perhaps work together again in the future - yes recommended

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Bryanna angel Allen

Met Sophie on s shoot last week , just seen the photos produced from that day and there beautiful , a very creative lady with an exceptional talent x

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I met Sophie recently at a group shoot in Hampton. Sophie and I had a really lovely long chat, testament to her ability to engage with someone and make them feel at ease. Sophie gave easy to follow direction, was very friendly and a great photographer. Recommended for sure!

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