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Gay in Bristol

Gay in Bristol / Photography by Sophie Merlo / Uploaded 8th July 2018 @ 12:14 AM

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I wanted to see what it was like for two men - a genuine couple - to be openly gay in public in Bristol so followed Benedict and his partner, Steve, around for a short time and shot at a distance candidly. Though there were no shouts of outrage and calls for the police (unlike when two GIRLS kissed in Cardiff), there was still an undercurrent of hostility from many

Member Comments

Sophie MerloSophie Merlo said, 1531923435

Thanks Kelsey

Kelsey Wild Kelsey Wild said, 1531866549

I love your unique approach to photography. Instead of just photographing models, you capture real people. Humans, and true representation of their inner. Incredible work, thanks for sharing!

Sophie MerloSophie Merlo said, 1531042516

@wavepower that’s what I did for most of the shots, looking at passerby’s reactions. With many you see looks of disdain and disgust ... but nobody apart from one guy in Bristol was outwardly rude. In Cardiff with girls it was a very different story which I was shocked by as I assumed girls would be more tolerated

arharh said, 1531036999

Surprising reactions. The photography is superb.

Images (Ray H )Images (Ray H ) said, 1531036447

Moot concept. but creative and emotive low key . VWD!

WavepowerWavepower said, 1531030226

A fine study of our times, would be interesting to repeat both studies in 5 or 10 years to document how attitudes change. Perhaps looking to capture the expressions of observers / passers by. Perhaps one day we might even loose the need to refer to homo or hetro sexual, and consider just people having relationships.

AceAce said, 1531010569

A good shot and an interesting piece of documentary pertinent to modern life. As an old heterosexual I can only imagine their feelings and stories like this are a window on their world.