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2.5 years since our last shoot - work commitments, diaries and a global pandemic in the way!

As always, spot on comms and a whole host of outfits to match the brief.

Love working with Sophia, as she's such a natural beauty, so friendly and with her dance back-ground, poses effortlessly.

Our results speak for themselves...100% recommended by me.

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1557190800Did not show up.

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Another shoot with Sophia and a long time in the planning too (due to her commitments outside of modelling).

Perfect comms, as I would expect. Wardrobe & accessories to more than match the brief. Impeccable style & a fantastic personality.

All of the above just make for a wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable shoot.

100% recommended by me and cannot wait to work with her again :-)

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Baz Mellor

1508630400Did not show up.

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Had my first shoot with Sophia at my home studio, and how satisfying to work with someone as enthusiastic as she is. Friendly, bubbly and a pleasure to be in her company. We covered an eclectic range of styles and she was always ensuring the images were the best we could achieve.

Would I recommend her suffice to say I booked her for two hours and extended to four which flew by and could easily have continued, so very much YES.

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Had an amazing and fun shoot with Sophia, one of my favourite shoot for sure. Communication was very good and she came with the perfect outfits for my style of shooting which i was really pleased about. Sophia was really a joy to work with and she takes good care of her body and in good shape. You'll definitely enjoy working with her. Highly recommended and looking forward to working with her again soon. Look out for the awesome pics!!! :) :)

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Starglider Photography

Man, this shoot was a long time coming! Two years since my last shoot with her!

Anyhoo, fabulous shoot! We had four hours. We quite literally got through so many sets, and could've gone through so many more if we had the time. It wasn't even work! More like to friends hanging out, having a laugh, and just doing what we love.

But don't take my word for it, look at the photos! Pure awesomeness!

Watch this space for our next project!!!

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Not much I can say that hasn't been said before it's all flattering and accurate.

Clearly she looks great, has a great personality and effortless to get along/work with.

Great results from our first shoot and hope there will be many more.

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Another fantastic shoot with Sophia.

This time we were out on location close to her, firstly on the beach and then at an abandoned/ruined church.

As always pre shoot comms were spot on and she filled the brief of my ideas perfectly.

So good to work with & as I have said before, such a nice person too (just make sure you drive & have up to date sat-nav) :-)

Absolutely recommended and most definitely someone I will work with time & again!!

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Worked with Sophia last month. If you want a professional model who turns up on time gives lots to the shoot and is a dream to work with book Sophia! Cant speak highly enough of her, what an amazing model, so much fun to shoot with too.

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Fabulous shoot with Sophia at various locations local to me.

Absolutely love working with her, as she's so good at what she does. Minimal or no direction & a can do attitude!

Open to ideas & also adds her own too, and with the ever changing light, very patient whilst I was fiddling with my camera settings...

Lovely model & as an added bonus a really nice person too. Oh and she likes Peroni, which is never a bad thing in my books!! :-)

Fantastic day and already talking about more shoots - which I know will get equally impressive images from!!

Cannot recommend her enough

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Promo Photo

I worked with Sophia at a group shoot on Sunday enjoying the warmer weather on location in the grounds of a period house. This was the second time I had worked with Sophia, the first being a location 'urbex' shoot last year. Suffice to say that Sophia was as good as ever!

Able to pose un directed but happy follow leads where offered , she always worked hard to ensure the photographers achieved the shots they were looking for (even it it meant climbing a tree!).

Sophia has a background in dance and this shows in her ability to pose, although kept busy with dance etc I am glad she still find some time to model, I cannot wait for the next opportunity to work with her again.

Highly recommended to all.

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I attended my first Photo club session organised by TonyF8brown, which during the summer, uses an amazingly beautiful garden in Pinner.

There were two models participating, one of whom was, Sophia.

I'd been admiring her work for some time which is why I grabbed the opportunity to book my spot.

Sophia is a very beautiful lady, with a truly alluring curvaceous figure.

Her main career lies in beng a dancer, which she brings to the phenomenal way in which she molds her body to fabulous, striking poses.

Sophia is marvellous company and is extremely easy to work with, utterly professional, delivering stunning results.

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Model Photography Holidays

Last Friday (9th June) at a shoot in Ipswich I got to work with her for the first time as part of the team we had for the shoot. Sophia was great to work with, really easy to get on with, her posing was immaculate, she flowed through poses, took great direction from me and her styling was on point. You know when a shoots been awesome that I pull out the high 5 in celebration lol.. I would highly recommend Sophia and I hope to work with her again. All the best, Gavin PS.. The images look superb!!!

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Had my 2nd shoot with Sophia, this time on her own and she travelled to my house.

Pre-shoot comms, as expected were spot on, and she arrived early with a whole host of outfits and stuff. I then found out she'd been on a retail spree and everything with her was brand new - one of the joys of my living near Lakeside shopping centre.

So we had idea's, as I'm running a recurring theme with different models at the moment, and from the get go Sophia was on point and ready. Flawlessly moving from pose to pose, changing into numerous outfits and patiently waiting whilst I was faffing with my camera due to the ever changing natural light beaming in through the windows!

She did get slightly distracted by our dog, who is always after a bit of fuss, but hey that's expected as she's a mad friendly thing - the dog, not Sophia!

A really great shoot, time just flew by and we managed to get (by the looks of it) some great images. I'm sure, had neither of us anything else planned or scheduled, we'd have just carried on - that's how easy it is to work with Sophia.

Fantastic model, who I know I will shoot with again - that may be down to her feeding her retail habit and then making a fuss of the dog, rather than my abilities with a camera!!

Thank you Sophia for a great few hours and thoroughly looking forward to the next one!


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Powdered and Waisted Corsetry

Sophia was shot by John Gleeson in a couple of my corset designs. I was unable to attend the shoot and so my communication with Sophia has been through PP, but she received my essay of instructions with warmth and humour. She's a classic beauty, very elegant and looks stunning in the lingerie inspired images I've received so far from John. Obviously comfortable in front of the camera, she uses her body well to create great images. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Sophia and hope to work with her and John again in the future. ♥

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Had an amazing experience of working with Sophia as her hair and makeup artist on a shoot with John, for the second time! Was an absolute pleasure to work with as always and was a dream to do hair and makeup on due to how stunning she is! Truly amazing model and had the best day working alongside her at probably one of the most unusual settings for a shoot I had ever been too.

Hope to work with her again soon and cannot recommend her enough.

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John Gleeson

My word! I am starting to lose count of the amount of times I have worked with this truly incredible model. Every single shoot has been a total joy, every plaudit you read about this amazing and very talented Lady is wholeheartedly true, take it from me I should know by now, she honestly is just amazingly versatile, utterly gorgeous with an incredible figure, very, very professional and just a downright beautiful person too. You really have to see it for yourself to believe it's true, all in all the complete and utter package you don't need to look any further: extremely versatile & talented, stunning looks and figure, very professional and a real beautiful soul! A beautiful person in every way and it's an absolute treat every time to photograph her. Wholeheartedly recommend as always, she's a gift to PP !!! :)

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ilus photography

Great shoot yesterday with Sophia. Really great communications and on the shoot she was fantastic. Pose after pose she help me get some great photos in a very low light location. She is tremendously fun to work with and I would love to work with her again as the 2 hours just flew by.

Thank you Sophia! Amazing model and I am already looking to book her again!

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We had a fantastic shoot with Sophia, She is an incredible dancer her professionalism and experience in this shines out. She models with confidence and ease requiring very little direction. Sophia was fantastic in pre shoot communications making sure she was fetching everything required and helping and adding ideas as needed. Fantastic, beautiful & professional model I would highly recommend. Perfect shoot with a lovely lady.

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