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Evie Kedavra

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sean yesterday whilst he was in Birmingham for the photography show.

Pre-comms went smoothly and we soon set to work. His knowledge shines through as he set about manipulating the curtains and in turn the natural light to get the desired effect.

He was patient as my train ended up delayed on the way over and I thoroughly enjoyed our couple of hours.

A trip to Ireland is definitely on the cards at some point

Highly recommended, thank you again


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Had a great shoot with Sean whilst he was over in Birmingham.

He is easy to talk to and seems a very genuine guy.

He definitely has an eye for good lighting and knew what he wanted to shoot. Throughout the shoot he made sure to check that I was comfortable and not to warm or cold :) also making sure that I had a glass of water on hand to keep me going, the little things are always appreciated and don't go unnoticed.

Hopefully one day il get to travel to Ireland and maybe we will shoot again but until then I would highly recommend him to anyone else looking to shoot with him.

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Monika Lara Smith

Wow, I cannot believe that's a shoot number 3 we had! :)

Sean as always was amazing to work with! It was nice to catch up after a while and create something sensual&different!

Sean always tries to make his photographs stand out, be more natural, raw, real and beautiful. This is why I love working with him as it is always a bit of a challenge for me and makes me use my creativity :).

I would definitely recommend working with him.Thank you and looking forward to working with you again!:)

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I had a great shoot with Sean on my tour of Ireland. We shot for three hours at a hotel.

Pre-shoot communication was great and the shoot itself was amazing. Sean is very considerate when working, making sure I wasn't too cold, had enough coffee on the go and was careful to ensure that I was comfortable with what we were shooting at all times.

Sean was kind enough to chat to me and my partner when he came to collect me at the end of the shoot, about where we could go as we are travelling around Ireland in between the shoots I'm doing here.

Shooting with Sean was fun and I would 100% recommend him to any model. Also his skills as a tour guide are brilliant :P

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Gabriella Knight .

Fantastic first shoot with Sean Today!

Very friendly and professional photographer. I’m really loving first edit of our photo shoot! Can’t wait to see more!

Thanks for today

G :)

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Got to meet up and shoot with Sean during his stay in b’ham whilst at the photography and it was definitely worth the early morning wake up!

I have fallen in love with the images I have received back and love his work style(s) and ethics.

He’s professional yet respectable and he knows exactly what he’s looking for throughout the shoot. And as well as this, I learned many new things about myself through Sean which I can’t thank him enough for helping with.

10/10 I would definitely recommend to any models wanting some amazing pics! Would love to work with you again in the future.

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Czech Beauty

Had a lovely first shoot with Sean in Birmingham. His pre comm.was great and the shoot went smooth.Sean is a pleasure to be around and fun to work with.

Would definitely recommended and hope to work with you again soon.Thanks again xx

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I very much enjoyed shooting with Sean on my Ireland tour, he is clearly a very talented guy who knows what he's doing with the camera and the results show!

I felt immediately at ease with Sean and good conversation flowed throughout the shoot and he kept me energized with sweets!

I am in awe of the images we produced, and would certainly recommend Sean to any local or travelling model!

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Hazel Rose

I recently shot with Sean for the first time during one of my tours to Birmingham and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him!

His comms were fantastic from start to finishing and he was clear on all messages all the way up to meeting on the day. He is so lovely and easy to get along with, fun and professional and so creative with his work.

We tried a nice mix of styles and ideas and even got creative in the Snow! (which has been on my wish list for a while) so Sean can be creative in any conditions he's thrown into!

I can highly recommend working with him, I really enjoyed the shoot and felt straight at ease when I met him. I look forward to hopefully working together again soon! Thanks :)

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Tink Kaos

Sean is a real diamond - we had been talking about shooting for ages, and finally got around to it at the beginning of the new year. So pleased, hopefully the first of many shoots 🖤

We shot a mix of fashion and nude, with a bit of natural light and studio thrown in. Sean was an excellent host, keeping me going on cake and coffee! He's a very friendly fellow, with a bloody brilliant eye for lighting and composition, and I would highly recommend him to all models. An absolute beaut.

Until next time!

Tink x

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Toxic Innocence

I had a fantastic shoot with Sean. He’s professional, friendly, easy to work with, with great ideas and very talented. He fed me haribos for the whole shoot and it was relaxed yet productive. I hope we shoot again :)

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Monika Lara Smith

I had my second shoot with Sean while touring in Dublin and another successful one !!

Sean as always came on time full of ideas and enthusiasm. We had a lovely chat about life problems and healthy lifestyle and after a little while we started shooting! :)

Sean as always was super relaxed and down to earth. I was laughing a lot and obviously chatting even more as he’s such a friendly and funny person to be around!

As always we achieved amazing results that differ from my usual work which I loved! Productive and fun time is what I love and what Sean provided me.

Definitely recommended to every model, I am looking forward to working with you again !;)

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Miss Lopez

Sean is great to work with . I had the pleasure of meeting him during my tour in Ireland . He is professional, creative and very dedicated. We shot in some locations and studio. and I m very please with the pictures. I enjoyed my time working with him as he is very easy going and aims for quality not quantity :)

Looking forward to working with him again


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Natasha AK4790

I worked with Sean on my first trip to Ireland, he was friendly and respectful. We tried some natural light and studio and got some nice shots from what I've seen! Sean is a nice man with a cool photography style whom I would no problem in recommending to others. Thanks!

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Monika Lara Smith

I had an amazing shoot with Sean when I came to Dublin for my tour, it was our first shoot and hopefully won't be the last one ( fingers crossed as I am pretty late with writing those references ! ).

Sean arrived on time ready to shoot with a really positive attitude. He was so so enthusiastic about shooting together and that made me feel soooo good and comfortable. Once we started shooting I realised we have similar interests such as fitness ( yes Sean I still remember your cross fit advice :) ) and we spent plenty of time just chatting ! The whole shoot was so relaxed and fun that I felt like Sean was more like a friend than a photographer.. However I must say that apart from a great personality, Sean is a professional and really creative photographer. He had a clear vision of what he wanted to shoot and I need to say that he really challenged me! Results were absolutely brilliant and I feel that we did something slightly different than what I usually tend to shoot. I loved the challenge and I loved the fact that I actually learnt something new from him.

It was a pure pleasure to work with Sean, I would recommend him to anyone who would like to feel challenged but also have fun while shooting.

Thank you Sean and hopefully we can work together again :)

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Nee naaa

Had the most amazing shoot in a long time with this guy. Not only does he shoot the kind of stuff I love but he's ace to get on with too. Extremely talented and down to earth, pretty funny too.

He's like the James Bond of photography.

Wonder why I said that?

Amazing, amazing, amazing!

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I had a fantastic shoot with Sean on Sunday!

His pre communication was great, we thoroughly discussed ideas and the sort of styles we were going to shoot.

It was really chilled and easy going, yet we still got loads done. Sean is really friendly and easy to chat to, time flew by and we created some awesome images.

Would 100% recommend to anyone, thank you Sean, for a really great shoot.


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I had a fantastic shoot with Sean on my first Cork Tour. Really helpful and organised in pre-shoot comms, so I bookec a hotel (with his recommendation) where we could shoot. Arrived on time, friendly and made our shoot even better by giving me some awesome advice about Crossfit, so super grateful. Happy for me to provide suggestions and choose outfits, posing freely. Highly recommended and hope to work with you again! :)

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Artemis Fauna

I worked with Sean last week during my first ever Ireland visit! Sean and I shot in the hotel room I had booked and had a great three hour shoot.

Sean is a super guy. Very friendly and great to work with. We chatted loads, took some fab images and even made time for a mini work out ;) Haha. I really enjoyed the shoot and the time flew by!

I would definitely recommend Sean to anyone and can't wait to work with him again! Thank you very much, Sean. :)

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I had an amazing shoot with Sean - I adored this shoot! We created some amazing images and I enjoyed the process so much. He is a breeze to work with and he is so dedicated to shooting beautiful images. We had plenty of breaks and chances to warm up and I'm sure we could have shot for hours more.

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