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Amy Rose

I have known Tom for over 3 years, we met on American Modelling Website. I worked over in New Jersey nearly 2 years and finally met Tom for the first time. Tom took Mike and I everywhere in his car. Tom is a friend for life. He is the most genuine man I have met and gets the British sense of humor ;-). Tom was lovely to work with as a photographer too and would HIGHLY recommend him to ANY model. I really hope I get to meet up with Tom again the future. All the best my American friend ;-) xxx.

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Good to see our great friend Tom on here....Nearly 2 years since we last met in New Jersey...He was our minder over there LOL....

A true gentleman ...Great photographer...and a friend forever..

If as a model you have the chance work with this guy do not hesitate....

Philladelphia will be our first port of call when we return to meet up with all our friends over the pond...

Shot 1297641600