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Portia - theLook

Portia - theLook

Added 1396021940 by smrphotoart.

Shot a couple of weeks back at Scarlet Door studios. Model is the fantastic Portia Victoria.

Model & MUA: Portia Victoria

Studio: Scarlet Door

Drew PaulDrew Paul said, 1441725475

Wow teach me how this is done , so awesome

DancingWithTheLightDancingWithTheLight said, 1414181870

This is stunning artwork

Jessa skittlesJessa skittles said, 1407370662

Stunning work

Kate LauraKate Laura said, 1397512108


Area21Area21 said, 1397074464


Roswell IvoryRoswell Ivory said, 1397049895

Wow! :)

smrphotoartsmrphotoart said, 1396993878

Thank you all for the kind words - It really is much appreciated! You guys rock.

Romanie SmithRomanie Smith said, 1396991778

Love this, very cool! x

Amanda TronAmanda Tron said, 1396975896

Wow this is so cool, very beautiful

ThalesThales said, 1396974061

Amazing post work as always :)

ActivatorflyActivatorfly said, 1396970514

Works soo well !

Karen HelleKaren Helle said, 1396968009

I've been attempting something like this and now I've been put off by how excellent this is. Very nice indeed

Alan WilsonAlan Wilson said, 1396957491


James SimonJames Simon said, 1396955347

lots of work gone into this, i truly admire it an automatic favourite.

KirstyJayneKirstyJayne said, 1396952070

Amazing ♥

BrianCBrianC said, 1396947315

Awesome image, great post processing.

fARTYfARTY said, 1396947090

So very good!

Capture 77Capture 77 said, 1396946850

Very nice!!!

GeeBee PhotographyGeeBee Photography said, 1396940391

Great image and process

Silkworm ImagesSilkworm Images said, 1396937742

Simply fantastic post processing work

Darren SDarren S said, 1396610261

Amazing image.

fARTYfARTY said, 1396028553


RaffRaff said, 1396026891

beautiful work by both....

NicoMNicoM said, 1396022969

Nice work, I like it!!