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Having Guests for Dinner - Vol. I

Having Guests for Dinner - Vol. I

Added 1393169953 by smrphotoart.

(Blurb from my flickr account - couple of years ago...)

I couldn't believe my luck... We drove out to our butchers last weekend and when he asked us whether there was anything else we wanted, I enquired about how much he'd want for the pigs head... £2.00! Two bloody squid! Bargain of a lifetime for an insane photographic prop as far as I'm concerned... Handling the hog was pretty gross, especially as I kept having to moisten the thing up every 10 minutes to prevent it from drying up under the lights.

Once again, a huge thank you goes out to my fiancee for putting up with my crazy schemes and playing the willing victim. Love ya.

No stock images used - All photography ©2011 Steven Meyer-Rassow

RaffRaff said, 1396027820

Genius!....Serious, funny, brilliant!.....

smrphotoartsmrphotoart said, 1393708506

Nick Layton - thanks and yes I am:

MartinMartin said, 1393701598

That's pigging excellent!!

DegsyDegsy said, 1393681880

Love it. Are you on flickr?

HarrisHarris said, 1393603085

Yesssssssssss! I'm so glad this is an FPI. Weird, as I looked for it on your port yesterday and couldn't see it. You do lose points for having the word 'moisten' in your blurb though ;)

Stephy HStephy H said, 1393599355

Love it!

Peter Weston PhotographyPeter Weston Photography said, 1393597122

Shades of Peter Greenaway going on here, great idea shot to perfection.

LajzeLajze said, 1393584684

Like it a looot!

Keiran BingleKeiran Bingle said, 1393583224


PaigeAntoniaPaigeAntonia said, 1393580530


Isobela LugosiIsobela Lugosi said, 1393569510

I love this!! I used a pigs head in a shot before as i've got a friends who's a butcher, very scary! Everything about this picture is perfect.

Quality PixelsQuality Pixels said, 1393332835

fantastic image

Max OperandiMax Operandi said, 1393177433

Great inspiration....fantastic image!

Addison Duggan PhotographyAddison Duggan Photography said, 1393174856

I saw this image a while back on flickr I think, it looks much better here though!

Bigfish3311Bigfish3311 said, 1393172820

Wonderful inventive photography.

Clayton BastianiClayton Bastiani said, 1393171201

Superb !

indemnityindemnity said, 1393170648

Great idea and execution. Next time ask the butcher to chop the head off nearer the back legs.