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Steve Campbell

I booked Sky for a Gothic themed shoot. A great model, great look. Friendly, helpful and full of energy. Poses well unprompded. I got the images I wanted and more. I hope to work with her again soon.

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Glenn Balsam Fineimages

My second shoot with Sky. Such a lovely girl to shoot. Lots of great ideas and an amazing body with lots of tattoos. Great gal. we had plenty of laughs and got some really great raunchy shots!! 100% recommended

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Dark Venice

Had a recent shoot with Sky at Rocky Valley in Cornwall. She was well prepared and during the shoot had lots off ideas. We both got a bit wet but it was great fun. Hope to work with her again in the not too distant future, would highly recommend her.

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mik the tog

What can I say, I had wanted to work with Sky for a long while, and was delighted when the opportunity came.. Very willing to try new things (ie Yoga Swing) Oh what fun that was!! truly professional, I couldn`t recommend Sky enough.. Would love to work with her again soon

Thankyou Sky you were a pleasure

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Glenn Balsam Fineimages

My first shoot with sky today. I’ve been wanting to shoot her ever since I was in Bristol. Shot in my studio and around my home in Padstow and what a great shoot. Man she’s a fussy one! Keeps you on your toes and pays attention to detail. In fact she taught me a lot about modelling today and also photography as she knows a lot! Loved every minute with her. Got some great shots. We are arranging to shoot together again soon. 100% recommended.

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I've had many shoots with Sky over the years, but today was my first one for a year. Meeting her at the station was like catching up with a mate, and that's how it felt throughout the shoot too. She's lovely to work with, has an obvious love for modelling and pulls off some beautiful poses.

We shot 2 different locations today; the first was on a beach in beautiful summer weather, and Sky looked stunning in her white dress with the waves and blue sky as the backdrop. She self confesses to loving being in the water, not just on the sand, so we finished the film off with a few shots of her in it, again looking stunning in her clothing and with her poses.

The 2nd part of the shoot was with a really old camera loaded with b&w film and using a phone box by the side of a very busy road. While I was very self conscious about such public photography, Sky took it in her stride, being more than happy to stand there posing in full view of lots of passing traffic. Then it was time to take her back to the station, but what a lovely shoot and lovely time I had with her. Like I said at the beginning of this review, it was like catching up with and hanging out with a mate.

If you want a relaxed, fun shoot with a beautiful model, book Sky, you won't be disappointed.

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A Baudelaire

Had another great shoot with Sky yesterday. She is a joy to work with. Thoroughly professional from start to finish, including all aspects of pre shoot comms,preparation and commitment to the shoot.

I'm already planning my next shoot with Sky and highly recommend her.


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Had a wonderful shoot with Sky last week - possibly the most enjoyable shoot I've had in a long time! The planned outdoor location shoot was thwarted by the awful weather but we improvised and managed to get some good shooting time.

Pre-shoot comms were great and she ready to go with a great selection of outfits as soon as I arrived.

She was very enthusiastic and energetic, and open to my ideas and was especially game for a bit of fun video work.

It's a real shame she is so far away from me (or I am so far away from her) as I would love to shoot her again with better weather.

Highly recommended.

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Jay Opie

If you want talent, look no further.

We had the privilege to work with Sky on an infrared shoot, which is at the fringes between normal photography and the surreal. Sky brought an open mind, was enthusiastic and energetic. Echoing the diversity of her portfolio, throughout the shoot, Sky produced a variety of stong poses that perfectly suited each set with minimal direction and in a way that appears effortless.

Sky is warm and engaging, a true pleasure to spend time with and we hope to work with her again in the future.

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Had another amazing shoot with this stunning and talented young model. Communication with sky was easy and shoot planned both understanding what outfits and makeup was required...

Sky arrived on time with hair and makeup done to a high standard and a selection of outfits for the planned shoot.

Sky being both a model and photographer was able to take direction but also able to free pose and added ideas to the shoot to ensure that the required images were achieved..

Would highly recommend sky to anyone...

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Carnkie Photo

It was a pleasure to meet and work with Sky. Also a photographer, Sky understands light and posing, making the shoot very easy for me.

We agreed on a gypsy style theme, and Sky exceeded my expectations... images to be uploaded shortly.

I can't thank Sky enough for being patient and understanding and for kick starting my enthusiasm for photographing models again.

Hopefully we get to shoot again very soon

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Full Moon

This was my first shoot with Sky and I sincerely hope it won't be the last! In the course of two hours, she went from complete stranger to one of my favourite models.

Pre-shoot comms were excellent. She was well prepared when I arrived and really gave the shoot her all. She looks fantastic, models beautifully and is both professional and fun - the perfect combination!

Very highly recommended!

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I'd been wanting to shoot with sky for a while. It was well worth the wait. Sky was very professional communicating well before the shoot and she cam to the shoot fully prepared. It didn't take long before we were working well together, bouncing ideas around and producing some great shots. I found Sky to be a delight to work with, friendly, knowledgeable, open to ideas and very creative herself . My only regret was that I'd taken so long to get my act together and arrange a shoot with her. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sky

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Lucy Muse

Sky is a wonderful model. She is very easy to work with and totally professional in all that she does. The added bonus with Sky (apart from her stunning looks) is that she is a very talented photographer which allows for a very easy shoot.

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mb photography1

I had a great afternoon with sky I found very easy to talk to and very helpful .I found her very patient and understanding .

Communication before the shoot was spot on and everything went smoothly on the day.

I definitely would recommend Sky to everyone. she is truly amazing

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A Baudelaire

Had a great shoot with Sky this afternoon. She was incredibly patient and understanding with me while I experimented with light, Flash and reflectors.

Communication before the shoot was spot on and everything went smoothly on the day.

I definitely would recommend Sky to everyone.

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NineteenTen Photography

This was my 4th shoot with Sky, this time shooting with smoke and movement and in a short space of time we where able to produce some really strong set to use. Sky works incredibly well and efficiently as a model and her communication prior to the shoot is excellent. Would definitely recommend Sky as a model and look forward to working with her in the future

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lonewolf photography

What started out as a poorly worded casting call on my part a few weeks ago, led to an amazing shoot today with Sky.

After several great discussions around the casting and idea for the shoot, we arranged an eagerly awaited shoit, with a wonderful model and young woman who has been on my want to work with list for some time. We had a great couple of hours shooting what I believe are some of my best pictures, Sky has a an exquisite look and manner, posing effortlessly and with a natural flair for what looks good. A lovely personality coupled with great shooting knowledge and fabulous posing techniques made for a great shoot.i wouldn't hesitate to work with Sky again and highly recommend every photographer work with her. A truly amazing model, young woman and afternoon. Thank you Sky

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Mike Lyne

I had the pleasure of my first shoot with SkyValentine today. She gave good comms, was on time and a delight to work with, chatty, offering suggestions (and advice as a busy Photographer herself) that I found extremely useful. She was prepared to stand in the water in several places downstream from a waterfall for quite a long time while I faffed about taking photos. What a trooper!

Her dedication to getting the shots, standing barefoot in the water (which was not warm!) was impressive meaning I can thoroughly recommend her to any other photographer. If we had to award stars, I would give her 5 out of 5 stars.

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Shoot with Liam Photography

Sky is an amazing model - great person to be with, takes modelling very seriously and poses without direction! I hope to work with her again in the future. Pre shoot communication was very good and she definitely deserves a 5* review!

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