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What an absolute lovely polite guy , such a pleasure to do a 50s themed shoot with today with some gorgeous dresses he provided . didn't mind waiting quiet a while whilst I re did my hair due to the wind blowing it out on route and didn't complain and gave me all the time I needed to re do it. If your a 50s fan like me this is a photographer you'd get along with and definitely recommend him to work with

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An amazing shoot with Len today at lovely Lyme Park.

The weather was perfect and everything was great.

Including obviously Len's ideas. In fact we had the best shoot we have had together I think and I definitely know the images will reflect this.

It was such a pleasure to meet up and shoot with Len again. It had been a while to say the least! I really enjoyed it.

Highly recommended.

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Wendy Louise Howard

I had the pleasure of Lens lovely company on a shoot in Stockport this Saturday gone.

I love working with Len.

Everything is organised before the shoot so we are both on the same page and know exactly what to expect out of the shoot and also the results we expect to achieve.

Len is a great host, with collection from station and drop off as well as lovely hot drinks throughout.

Great conversation is guaranteed whilst at the same time, maintaining professionalism and productivity.

As always, highly recommended by me with 5 stars *****

Thanks again Len, A pleasure xx

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Chilean Rosa

What an absolute pleasure to work with this talented photographer. I have never meet such an expert in women's fashion and attention to detail. Len is so organised with superb ideas that are so well planned , outfit to outfit . He has a fantastic range of beautiful clothes which are catered for to the size the model is . I throughly enjoyed this shoot and went home beaming after been so fortunate to have meet such a lovely gentleman who has a great sense of humour and so easy to get on with

Can't wait for the next shoot

Thank you Len

Highly recommended by me to any model

Rosa x

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Rhianna Grey

What an absolutely gentleman Len is! He kindly picked me up from the station, and off we headed to his home studio having a good chat along the way. I have worked with Len before, but only at a group shoot In which you don't really get so much time to interact on a 1-2-1 basis, and so it was nice to know we got along really well. Pre communications was spot on.

Len as promised, had a large number of some of the most beautiful dresses I have ever had the pleasure of wearing... These were expensive, some of which were heavily encrusted ball gown dresses. I found it instantly refreshing, and I felt like a queen for the day!

Len is very respectful, polite, and friendly, and made the whole shoot super relaxed from beginning to end. They do make the best shoots and the images of course show for it. Len is very precise with his light set up, and very patient, and so it's totally quality over quantity.

I am amazed at how stunningly well the images have turned out and I would highly recommend Len to any model

Thanks again Len, and I hope it won't be too long before we shoot together again


Rhi x

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So, off we ventured out on location. Me and Len and lots of ideas and outfits.

We headed to a woodland area and I must admit the images were some of our best that we have taken together.

The date chosen was spot on as the weather was sunny, bright and warm. Sometimes too sunny! But who's complaining...

Len is such a lovely person, very easy to work with. I know I've said this lots of times but I really enjoy our photography sessions together. He is a models dream. He is accurate with his shoot plans allowing me to know exactly what he wants to achieve from the shoot.

Another excellent shoot. Can't wait to see the images.

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Another fabulous shoot with Len today at his home studio set up.

What can I say about Len that I haven't already said? Well it has actually been nearly a year since we last worked together.

It doesn't feel that long in fact as I always find Len to be easy to work with and talk to and we can chat away together like old friends.

Len puts a lot of thought into his shoots and therefore produces some great results.

His range of outfits are fabulous and I managed to model every one successfully that he had put aside for today's shoot. They were all fantastic.

I came away a happy girl after such a successful shoot. And I would definitely recommend Len to any model - as always.

Thanks again.

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katie Anna

I had a great shoot with Len a couple

Of weeks ago .

He was really fun to work with , great to get along with and a really nice guy .

We had fun from start to finish and I would highly recommend him to other models .

The dresses were beautiful too what Len picked out for me to wear .

Thanks again

Katie Anna :-D

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Had a fab second shoot with Len, He is such a great photographer very laid back and great to work with. All communications with him prior where excellent. Len is a friendly and easy going person but professional at all times. He gave good direction and had some good tips.

I would recommend him to all models, new and experienced.

Would definitely work with Len again.

Thanks Len x

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Len himself is a true gent. Professional and polite, and good fun to be around. We laughed our way through the shoot and I felt very comfortable and confident working with him. He made sure I was happy and if I needed drinks or breaks.

He has the most amazing wardrobe and I absolutely love modelling all the clothes for him, everything was arranged perfectly, he allowed me to pose freely as well as offering good direction or suggestions.

I would highly recommend him and I look forward to shooting with him again soon.

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this was the 2nd shoot ive had with Len , this time he organised a mua to, hes really easy going and we get on very well, i would defiantly work with and recommend len :)

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I know that I have left countless references before for the lovely Len, but after yesterday's successful outdoor location shoot I just had to leave another one as it was one of our best shoots together yet.

We had a lovely walk and explore around Lyme Park. It was totally relaxed and ideas were collected on the way. I am sure the images we got are going to be great.

Once again Len is a lovely, friendly photographer. One of the best and I encourage all models to work with him.

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I had another lovely shoot yesterday with Len but this time it was a little different, but still as fantastic as ever.

On this occasion it was a shoot with a makeup artist and we created some fabulous head shots. The makeup was incredible and it was a pleasant afternoon especially being in the company of Len and Suzie.

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Had my Second shoot with Len, Once again it went too quick!

He's just a Delight to work with!

Highly Recommend YES! Professional Attitude YES! Would I work with him again YES! LOL

Thanks Again Len,

Darling x

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Victoria C

I attended a Group Shoot at Ian's Studio on Fri night and Len was present. He is a very friendly, polite guy and is good at giving direction and I definitely would recommend and shoot with him again.

Thankyou xx

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Had a great shoot with Len would definitely recommend to work with :-) I look forward to possibly working with you again xx

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I once again had the pleasure of shooting with Len, but this time on location.

Len had sourced the most ideal place and I'm so pleased he asked me to model for him on this particular occasion.

His ideas were fab and well thought out, and the weather stayed warm even if it was a little bright.

I definitely think this was our most productive shoot together.

As always Len was the perfect gentleman and I love shooting with him. He is such a joy to work with.

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Wendy Louise Howard

Had another fabulous shoot with Len, he is great to work with and the shoot is always great fun.

The time flies by, and Len is always well prepared, one of the best prepared photographers I know.

Great communications beforehand, and I always know what to expect.

He always makes me laugh and I really enjoy our shoots.

If you are lucky enough to shoot with Len, jump at it, you won't be disappointed.

Highly recommended by me. 5 stars. Thanks Len, always a pleasure xx

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Another fantastic shoot with Len.

In all honesty I feel like I'm just popping round to my friends house for a chat. That's how relaxed Len makes me feel. I know I have said this before but he is a really lovely man. We chat and we shoot. Despite the time flying as it always does when you are enjoying yourself, we managed to achieve everything that had planned to.

I would shoot everyday with Len if I could.

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Victoria C

Had a fantastic shoot with Len today at Ian's Studio and loved every minute of it! He is a really nice guy, we had a great laugh and got on really well. He really know's what he's doing and has some really good idea's and gives good direction as well as letting me do my own thing.

Would thoroughly recommend him to any other model, he makes you feel so comfortable, pushes no levels and let's you be yourself and also excellent pre comms. Looking forward to seeing the pics as we got some fantastic ones. Look forward to work with Len again.

Thankyou Vicky xxx

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