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Simon is one of the most fun and creative photographers I've ever worked with. I wish he would shoot more!

He's also extremely talented, caring and a gentleman.

We had our third shoot last week in Birmingham and I can't wait for the next one.

Don't miss your chance to shoot with him :)

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Second shoot with Simon in October, and we've already planned our third one for next month :)

I love working with this incredibly creative soul.

Simon is lots of fun to be around, he has a lot of cool ideas and he's always making sure you're comfortable at all times.

I can't wait to shoot with this lunatic again :)

Thanks Simon!

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What a cool shoot!

When simon first messaged me to say we would be working in 'one of the worst hotels in Birmingham' I knew straight away we would create something awesome!

I'd honestly been so excited about this gritty motel style shoot for ages, I just loved the moodboards, the clothing ideas and everything - it's something that's totally me!

Simon is also such a cool guy, truly young at heart with an awesome taste in music and an unorthodox sense of humour - which I just find hilarious!

It was such a laugh shooting with Simon, and the images are just beautiful and really tell a story.

Highly recommended!

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Tink Kaos

Simon is an excellent human being! We managed to sort out a shoot for a couple of hours in Birmingham, at a rather endearing grotty hotel - what a blast! Got some incredible gritty shots, a lot of fishnets and smoking, and I truly believe I didn't stop laughing once. Simon is wonderful soul, with a bloody brilliant eye for the moody image. I'd work with him again in an instant!

Highly recommended to all models.

Tink xx

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I had a great shoot with Simon, we were in contact months ago but things always got in the way so we finally had a date both of us can make it! Simon was very well prepared with props and ideas, so it's always a breeze to model when you know what the idea is. Even though I had some bad cold, Simon looked after me and didn't mind it. I'm really excited to see what the images come out like! I'd definitely recommend models to work with Simon, if they wish to produce something different, something with a story.

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Francesca Milano

Had a blast at my first shoot with the wonderful Simon on sunday!

It was well worth the travel, we had a fantastic time, so much fun creating wonderful images, and i had the pleasure of getting to know a great guy!

Really happy with the shoot over all and would absolutely love to work with him again!

Highly recommend!


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Mia Liberum

Simon was an absolute pleasure to work with! He's an artist full of so many creative ideas, and he was very respectful and considerate (Haribos!! YAY!) during the shoot.

Communications before and during the shoot were excellent, he created a mood board and I knew exactly what to expect.

The shoot flew by, I loved every minute of it.

I'm so excited to see the photos. He comes highly recommended!

Mia :) x

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It was a definite pleasure working with you Simon. The direction and ideas you had in mind made the shoot extra special and fun.( ♥ ) Looking forward to seeing more of your work and possibly working together again.

;-) ;-) ;-)

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Nikita Banana

I traveled to beautiful Birmingham to work with Simon last week and it was a most excellent experience.

Simon was well prepared for the shoot and had sent me his ideas and a mood board before the shoot.

Simon was super cool to work with and really laid back.

We also made random polaroids and I had a bath with a giant rubber duck. Good times!

Just what I needed to kick off my shoot adventures this year.

Thanks for a wonderful shoot. :)

Very highly recommended of course!

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The Pit Studio UK

Simon was punctual and well prepared for his shoot at our studio, we would love to have him back and look forward to seeing the results :)

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Beckah Asuna

I had my first shoot on Sunday with this amazing photographer and I can safely say I had blast!

I arrived at the shoot with coffee and Jaffa cakes prepared and ready to go.

We shot for 4 hours and it went past in a flash we got so many amazing images I am so excited to see them.

We had a creative flow through out the whole shoot and it went by in a flash!

I can't wait to shoot with this amazing photographer again I have so many ideas flowing in my head to work with this guy again.

Highly recommended!

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I had a wonderful shoot with Simon. Turned up with a mood board of ideas and we were really on the same page when it came to shoot styles and looks etc. I enjoyed everything about the shoot, it was fun and relaxed, yet we got loads done in the two hours we had. I would absolutely love to work with Simon again and 100% recommend him to other models. Thank you for a great shoot.

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I had the immense pleasure to work with Simon two days ago in Kettering. His studio is like a fun park for creatives, full of weird and beautiful props, I could have spent a whole day there and still come up with different shots 8 hours into it :)

Simon is an absolute gentleman, picked me up and brought me back to the station and made sure I was always warm and confortable throughout the shoot. He also had coffee, biscuits and lots of great music waiting for me!

I had one of the most enjoyable shoots I've ever had, I can't wait to see the results and I'm looking forward to work with Simon again in the future!

Thanks Simon!

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Helen Diaz

I worked with Simon the other day at his fantastic Attic studio which is in such a unique and quirky place, I absolutely loved it!! We had such great banter, the shoot was absolutely full of laughter! I went back home with a huge grin on my face as it was so entertaining!

Simon's studio is lovely, its not everyday you get to climb a ladder to go into an Attic studio! It is deceptively spacious though and Si has the most AMAZING props to incorporate into shoots which really make the image! He also made sure I was warm and comfortable with heaters (thank you! :) and nibbles. He is extremely creative and a talented photographer to work with. Really looking forward to seeing the crazy shots! Highly recommended and really hope to work with again soon! Thank you for a lovely shoot :) Helen x

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First-off, Simon has the most awesome studio I have ever come across, full of quirky accessories, most with wonderfully dark undertones. I am slightly jealous of his collection. We had a 2 hour shoot, it flew by; he was considerate throughout and I felt at ease working with him.

I love what I've seen of the edits so far - great vintage wonderfulness. Def recommended if you are looking for something more creative. Thank you!

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Caperucita Roja said...

Simon is one of my fave photographers to shoot with ever!! Despite his wonderfully creepy studio, he's the nicest guy and will do everything to make sure you're happy and comfortable! Definitely looking for more scary shoot fun with him again! Muchas gracias Mr Shadowshow!!

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Moniasse said...

I had a very nice experience working with Simon, I felt at ease and comfortable. He has amazing ideas and great props to work with. His down to earth approached totally match my way of working, we had a flowless shoot and would happily do it again. Hugely recommended if you are looking for something dark quirky and different.

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I had the great pleasure of shooting with Simon yesterday. He was very professional, easy to get along with and made me feel at home. I would recommend him without hesitation. Muchas gracias :)

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Simon was fantastic to shoot with, considerate, friendly and a wonderful host with a rather spectacular loft space studio. I really enjoyed myself and would recommend him without reserve.

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Madame Bink

Simon is recommended at the very highest level.

He is easy to arrange a shoot with, talk to, and collaborate with. I was booked to work with Simon for 3 hours at his studio and the time flew by. Many smiles and many fab photos which I love. Great ideas and communicates them well - hurrah!

If you get the opportunity to work with Simon, jump at it!

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