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Twyla Grace

I loved my shoot with Rob, he's loads of fun, has lots of ideas and is very respectful and understanding. He also makes beautiful art. I will definitely be working with him again. Thank you Rob!

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Have shot with Rob a couple of times, producing fantastic imagery. Rob is incredibly professional and respectful whilst bringing his wonderful sense of humour, friendly nature and great advice instantly putting you at ease for whatever you are shooting. An all round great experience.

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Clara Claire

Had a fab shoot today, very easy going and gives model their own input too. Will definitely like to work together again. Thankyou x

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Rob was a delight to work with, he has a very professional manner combined with a great sense of humour.

At the start of the shoot he sat me down with a cup of tea and we discussed what was going to happen through out the shoot which put us both on the same level.

Would definitely recommend.

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Worked with Rob for the first time today and I can not praise him enough. Very laid back, funny, kind and very talented. Perfect dad dancing. On a serious note I'm very happy I had the chance to shoot with him. Very creative guy and incredible work. Looking forward to seeing the final images and hopefully get to work with you again soon.. thankyou rib for just being an awesome person to work with. All the best...

I highly recommend Rob to anyone definitely don't miss your chance to shoot with him

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Second shoot with Rob was a lot of fun. We planned to do a projected bodypaint shoot and managed to achieve that along with a few other sets. Rob allows you to take control and choose what you want to do and what outfits you'll like to wear. Rob lets me pose freely while he focuses on capturing the perfect image. So looking forward to seeing the images we have produced!

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Freya Fox

Rob was awesome to work with! Welcoming and fun throughout. Looking forward to shooting together again. :)

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Paige Amelia

Well my first ever photo shoot and it went absolutely amazing thanks to rob, instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease, such a lovely, genuine and funny gentleman, was very respsctful and left the room as I changed, absolutely love his creativity and style of photography, I would 100% recommend to anyone, very nice person and would definitely love to work with rob again :) thank you so much rob!

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Had a great shoot with Rob!

Turned up very stressed due to Plymouth traffic, he was instantly welcoming and friendly and put me totally at ease

Aswell as creating great images which I can't wait to see, we also had a good laugh which is always a bonus!

Thank you Rob :)

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Stephanie Grace

Wow, what an amazing shoot! Rob made me feel very comfortable and gave great direction! Can't wait to see the images and work together again xx

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First time shooting with shutter pink today! And had such a great time! Was great fun! And great pictures deffo recommend! Xx

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Sophie Violet

Had an AMAZING shoot with Rob! We got some awesome images and had such a good time doing it! Very professional from the onset and throughout and made me feel comfortable immediately, couldn't ask for a better shoot.

Without a doubt recommend!

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Mrs Pix

As always fantastic shoot. Very sympathetic on what I could and couldn't do due to severe sunburn.

Pleasure as always.

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Good communication throughout. Had a laugh, not awkward at all. Interesting ideas, would shoot again.

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Had a fun and creative shoot with Rob the other day. He was professional as well as down to earth, we had a fun shoot exploring new ideas and made me feel comfortable straight away. Supplied drinks and offered for anything else wanted.

Can't wait to see the final images and shoot with Rob again soon.

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I did a shoot with Shutterpunk a few months back and I'll happily write again. He is a great photographer, easy going, great ideas and had a few laughs along the shoot. If you are looking to do modern art shoot this is your photographer. Look forward to shoot with you again x

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Lauren Lee-Bowers

I had so much fun shooting with Rob, he definitely tested my abilities for keeping a straight face!

Looking forward to working with him (and his amazing ideas) again soon! I fully recommend Rob to anyone! He made me feel at ease and made for a very enjoyable shoot!

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After he contacted me we just clicked and worked well together!! He was very respectful, gives a chilled vibe working with him and a very talented photographer!! Defiantly recommend working with him especially for new models! I would love to work with him again in the future! :)

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Had a real fun shoot with shutterpunk. I didnt know what to expect but I was plesently suprised! Very easy to talk to and get on with made me feel 100% comfortable and at home. We got some great images and he has some amazing techy idears for shoots, I cant wait to go back and work with him soon !

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Had my first shoot with Shutterpunk today and I must say it was a pleasure. We work on a Projected Bodyart which consisted of images being projected onto myself. He came prepared, was nice enough to leave the room while I got ready and didn't look while I adjusted myself which made me feel really comfortable.

The images looked awsome !

Will definitely work together again

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