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Second shoot with Chris was great. Got a lot more photos to strengthen my portfolio and also had an enjoyable day out. Thanks again Chris.

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TonyEdward said...

i went to meet Chris in london for a shoot he made me feel so welcome and he knows what he wants to achieve from the shoot. Chris is a great person and we managed to get some amazing images would recommend Chris to any models out there looking to create some really great images. he had all the professional equipment lighting etc and he knows how to use natural light to its best!!

thanks Chris.

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I came all the way from Leeds and as soon as I arrived he made me feel very welcome and at home! In terms of the shots that were produced they looked great, and he spent a lot of time trying to bring my personality and confidence out into photos to produce better shots. The equipment that he used was top of the range and he clearly puts a lot of time and effort into his work! Overall he is the best photographer around, really nice guy and professional! So much so that we are already planning another shoot in the near future!

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William Ambrose

Where do I begin, I went to the shoot short notice he was very understanding, he let me relax before starting, he showed me some training videos to show what I needed to do to improve my poses which were so useful and glad I learnt them, his directions were helpful and helped me be more confident in front of the camera the lighting he used enhanced the images amazingly, to be honest I was so impressed by his honesty and professionalism and really look forward to working with him soon. Thanks again Chris

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