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  • Hobbyist Photographer
  • More than 4 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
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Beauty, Commercial, Fitness, Lifestyle, Portrait and Wedding


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Ship to Shaw Photography

Hi, I'm Ken. I've recently turned a long-time hobby into a professional venture (sorta, kinda, getting there) and am thrilled to be dusting the cobwebs off the camera.

Whilst my endeavours will be heavily leaning towards supporting this, I still enjoy shooting as a hobby so can't wait to get involved.

Types of Shoot

As I have to keep a mindful eye on branding, I will only be looking for SFW shoots to add to my profile. As such, I'm keen to get involved in:

  • Wedding
  • Couples
  • Lifestyle
  • Portrait
  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Outdoors

Though if you have a specific idea in mind, do drop me a message. Love a bit of creativity!


Although I'm based in Gloucester, in order to get the right shots with the right kind of people, I'm more than happy to travel locally. If I'm travelling further afield, I'll put a notice out!


As I've got a reasonably busy regular job, it's unlikely - but not impossible - that I'll have much availability in the week, ergo weekends would be better to shoot. And, as my partner and I are expecting a baby in the not too distant future, I'll have to make sure I don't plan too much in around the due date!


I'm keen to look for TFP shoots to quickly update my portfolio, but if there's something specific I need for going forward, I'll look at what I can offer on a case-by-case basis. However, I will never undervalue anyone's time, and will be exceptionally grateful for any collaborations we can organise.

I look forward to working with you!




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