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Had the pleasure of a totally awesome shoot with Shelly in Toronto. She was great about helping set up this shoot while on her crazy busy tour and being so professional was instrumental in achieving some wonderful images. As well she is a total pleasure to be around. Can not recommend enough. Thanks Shelly and welcome back in Toronto anytime.

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Ian Standivan

We had the most incredible shoot here. Shelly is not only stunning, but also a very versatile model. She bought with her a great range of outfits, plus also wigs which meant we could change the style of shots.

We had a great laugh and achieved some wonderful shots.

I would recommend her and will hopefully shoot with her again soon.

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David Calvert

If you are looking for a model who really knows they are doing and doesn't look as wooden as a plank, then Shelly is your girl. Apart from her incredible and unique looks (her tattoos and REAL fangs are amazing!), she was really proactive in bringing interpretations of ideas to the table. If you are not good at posing or directing models, fear not, she will do that for you.

I can't recommend her enough. The shots I got were fab and I very much hope that I will be able to work with her again very soon.

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Slothworks Photography

Loved working with Shelly on a project for a friend of hers and we created some awesome images! would love to shoot with shelly every day of the week!

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Monsieur E

Did a shoot with Shelly not to long ago for a clothing brand.

Fun, I had a great time with Shelly. We were talking like we had known each other for years, sharing experiences, enjoying good conversations.

Legend, pretty much all round legend.

She was calm, confident, attractive and relaxed. Everything you would ever want from a model is what Shelly is.

Seriously, people need to work with models like Shelly. I'm honoured she decided to shoot with me.

The images look really good.

Hope to shoot with her again.

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I had an amazing shoot with Shelly a few months back. All pre shoot comms where great with the date, time and style of shoot sorted out straight away.

Shelly arrived to the shoot with bags of energy and required very little direction. We whizzed through all the looks and Shelly nailed every one of them, on the money. So much so I had loads of great photos to sort from.

I can't recommend Shelly enough and I hope to arrange another shoot with her ASAP.

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