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Shannon Ware has 9 references; 9 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Having worked with Shannon a number of times, right from her first few weeks in modelling to now, the difference in confidence is vivid.

She is a stunning all-natural model with bold striking features. Blessed with a body and face that cameras love and a desire to create great images with you, the photographer.

She will give her all in front of the camera and will give pretty much anything a go.

Good company, open-minded and creative, plug into her spiritual side and you unleash a wonderful energetic co-creator of images you'll be proud of.

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Marshon SFX

2nd shoot with Shannon. She's easy going, fun to be around, and actually interested in what's going on. She happily did a 4 hour body paint and an hours shoot. No direction needed and she looked awesome to boot. Recommended.

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Had the pleasure of shooting with Shannon some days ago, Shannon is a great model, very photgenic, excellent at posing, and was a pleasure to work with!!

In addition Shannon has a great sense of humour, a great person to shoot with, and I am looking forward to the next shoot.

I would 100% recommend her to any photographer.

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Marshon SFX

First shoot with Shannon today. Lovely, bubbly, intelligent girl who's easy to get along with and fun to be around. Killer slim figure, with easy poses and little or no direction. She arrived on time, was enthusiastic and put up with a sci-fi costume shoot with ease. Recommended? Well of course :-)

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Shannon is an enthusiastic model, with plenty of energy and ideas for a fun shoot.

She loves the camera and I would highly recommend her to experienced photographers, but also to new photographers who need a relaxed and creative subject to work with.

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Light and Darker

I was looking for slender and graceful for my 'woods' shoot and Shann was just the model I needed. Fabulous body (she works out) and very willing to put everything in to the shoot. Hope to shoot again soon. Recommended.

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Shannon was an absolute professional for the entire shoot!

Always available to discuss the shoot prior to the shoot days, and was industrious and engaging throughout the shoot!

Shannon engaged with our shoot and was a tremendous help in aiding with lighting issues and technical advice! She was consistently professional and was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Thank you Shannon!

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Rob Guardian

Reference for a shoot with Shannon a few days ago.

Pre shoot comms were fantastic. Friendly, comprehensive and professional.

On the day, Shannon came prepared with outfits as arranged and make up ready to go. Quick hair adjustment and we were off and shooting !!

Took directions when needed and gave idea's and input also. Real team effort.

Very easy going, bubbly and genuinely a good laugh to work with, but professional too.

The shoot over ran a little but that was cool as we got lots more great images than we had expected !!

Overall Shannon was fun and friendly to work with and gave 100% effort and enthusiasm for the whole time we were working.

Would definitely recommend to anyone :-)

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House of Roberts

My first shoot with the lovely Shannon and it certainly wont be my last, We shot on a very dull and gloomy day in Bath.

It was Shannon's first ever location shoot and she delivered on all fronts, her styling was perfect for the locations and conditions and her make up and hair were done to a high standard.

She is very easy to get along with, but remains very professional at all times, a real pleasure to work with, very friendly and fun to be around and most importantly we created some cracking images.

Recommended 100% to all photographers.

Thanks Shannon

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