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shadowsfire has 24 references; 23 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 1 no-show.

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Fantastic shoot made to feel at ease from the off. Great communication throughout and I'm definitely looking forward to lots more. If you get the chance then don't miss it. Highly recommended

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Great to work plenty of outfits happy to make any pose work with lots of her own ideas, can’t wait to work together again

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Sam Richards

Another fun shoot with Natalie. Pre shoot comms were great and we had discussed our ideas clearly beforehand.

Natalie was friendly and welcoming again and more than happy to utilise her wardrobe collection to get some great images.

Really pleased to shoot with Natalie again and I'm looking forward to the next time. Definite recommendation from me. Thanks Natalie.

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Sam Richards

A really friendly model who was very accommodating with a last minute shoot.

Pre shoot comms were excellent and we were able to discuss ideas and shoot styles and get some good ideas.

She has a very versatile look and looked great in the outfits that we tried on our first shoot. I wouldn't hesitate to shoot with her again and look forward to our next shoot.

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Terry StreetArt

Nat was on time and already dressed and made up for the shoot. She also bought a choice of other outfits to suit the shoot outline.

We had an enjoyable productive few hours covering a range of genres mostly in the studio.

She was flexible, responsive and patient, as well as contributing ideas of her own.

We agreed to work together again.

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another wonderful couple of hours today... its a pleasure working with you... lets hope it's not too long before our next shoot

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Met this young lady today on our first shoot together, and I was pleased to help out on a casting she was doing; this was something new to me and once she explained what she was after, she soon got me into the gist of things and hopefully I have succeeded in getting the images she wanted.

Natalie is a lovely person to work with very confident, warm, friendly and precise in what she is after and look forward to working with her again in the future :)

Highly recommended - thanks again Natalie :) xxx

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Designer Photography

Working with the wonderful Shadowsfire for the first time.

Pre shoot comms were excellent and she arrived by train after a very long journey.

We had decided to work on some Gothic themes both on location and in the studio and she produced some wonderful outfits that were absolutely perfect. She was focused and easy to direct while both relaxed and patient. Neither did she complain about the rain or terribly cold location and we got some amazing, atmospheric shots - a real trouper !

Have no hesitation in recommending , really hope to work with her again.

A genuine five star performer.

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Had a shoot with Natalie last week. Natalie follows direction well and was happy to discuss her own ideas. She is a very confident model whom I hope to work with again very soon. Thank you Natalie.

I have no hesitation in recommending Natalie

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Just had a shoot and we had loads of fun with natalie and shes pretty amazing we chatted on what shots we wanted and proceeded to get them, we will be doing a shoot together again soon and i recommend her to anyone who wants a shoot with syle and great ideas


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Shadow is a delight to work with.

She is knowledgeable conscientious and poses beautifully.

Shadow smiles and laughs easily, responding to mood and moment.

We did a home shoot in my flat with amazing light, my best scenario.

Communication before and during the shoot was excellent.

I could not recommend her more highly to anyone who wants a serious shoot

with the added bonus of good humor.

Thank You a lot!

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Dawn Lehane said...

I worked with Shadowsfire on my first shoot and she was a pleasure to work with. A very understanding and patient person, who I also learnt from as well. I recommend her for any further collaboration shoots as she worked very well with me.

It would also be my pleasure to hopefully work with her again in the future.

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Wicked Stepmother

Shadow collaborated with a model who was a bit nervous on her first shoot. Shadow stepped up to break the ice.. Really happy with the images and will be looking to work with her again.

she helped to bring life to my newest creation :)

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Wicked Stepmother

Shadow conducted herself professionally and responded well to communication. She happily climbed on graves and tackled uneven floor to pose where I wanted :) Will be working with her again

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Geoff Haynes ~ Photography

Had a shoot with Natalie recently, we have been friends for a long time but finally met for a shoot.

She was so much fun and the shoot went very well.

Would recommend her to any photographer

Thank you for a great shoot and look forward to another one sometime.

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Peter Blanchflower Photography said...

Loved working with her, she has even more to give than her folio suggests, hope to work with her again as our shoot had to end early

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Andrew Jones

Shadowsfire turned up on time, conducted herself professionally and was a great laugh too. Would love to work with her again.

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Worked with Natalie last week on my dolly's teaparty shoot. She is a wonderful girl, such a laugh and really impressed me with her choice of outfit. I hope to work with her again in the future.

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ShootLuke said...

We did a City Centre outdoor shoot together. It was good fun and Shadowsfire was a true professional. Thanks

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