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Steve G has 26 references; 25 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 1 no-show.

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Splash Point Photo Studio

1645833600Did not show up.

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Dem zero

Shot with Steve last night and it was ace! Professional, friendly and took good care of me throughout! :) Already planning a second shoot for a longer duration as this one just flew by! Highly recommend.

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Shooting with Steve at PurePreston studio weekend just gone was an absolute dream!

He is respectful and highly professional, using the studio and scenes in such a beautiful way - his relaxed personality made it ever so easy to shoot with him, his way with the camera fantastic!

I can't recommend this epic individual enough to all!

I do hope that I work with Steve next time ♥

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Dan 23

Steve & I finally met & got to shoot at a group shoot at Pure Preston.

Steve & I had previously planned a group shoot at a location but we were waiting on a date so we finally met unexpectedly at this shoot!

Steve is a really nice guy & a great tog! It was lovely to put a face to the guy at long last. The pics from sundays shoot look fab & he is very easy to get along with.

YES i would shoot with steve again & YES I would recommend him to others!

Thank you

Dan x

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Hazel Rose

I shot with Steve at a flour Studio event.

He was so lovely, polite, professional and such a joy to work with! We had a good laugh in the studio and Steve captured some fantastic shots. Due to the theme being a flour shoot, Steve was very patient with me and got his timing spot on!

I can highly recommend shooting with Steve as he is a lovely gentleman, very relaxed and knows how to have a good laugh! Plus, you'll get some fantastic shots!

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Miss N

I had the pleasure of shooting with Steve today at Newsham and wow, what a day!!

Steve is a great photographer with a very easy way about him, he made me feel very comfortable and was courteous and attentive throughout.

Pre coms were impeccable, levels, rates and location were secured and adhered to, this made for a very enjoyable shoot.

Would I shoot with Steve again??....... In a heartbeat!

This gentleman gets my full recommendation!

Thank you for a great experience Steve

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Toxic Innocence

I had an excellent shoot with Steve. Our communication was really good, and he is a very friendly photographer who is easy and nice to work with. I had a great time and look forward to next time :)

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Blue ♡

I responded to Steve 's casting call and got a quick and informative response. From then we tackled all the main details in a few messages and I was feeling very prepared to shoot.

I met Steve and David on the day of the shoot on time and ready to go. Both were very helpful helping me with my belongings and keeping me informed on the itinerary of the day.

I was very excited about shooting at this location and the it was only added to by shooting with these two lovely men. This shoot certainly did not feel like work and more just me hanging out with two friends.

I can't wait to work with both Steve and David in the future and I couldn't recommend them enough.

Blue xx

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Anna Quinn

Shot with Steve in both a group workshop followed by a one on one shoot and was absolutely brilliant! He was easy to chat to and work with, was conscious of making sure i was happy and warm. He had some great ideas and produces some fantastic work. Would highly recommend!

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Another Awesome shoot with Steve and I am already looking forward to shooting again next year. This time we played around with giant ropes, one handed handstands and jumps. So much fun and I enjoyed getting a chance to experiment. Thank you once again for a wonderful experience and I love the results. Until next time:).

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Had a brilliant shoot with Steve at Brian's photography night in Preston, Brian is such a polite and friendly guy.

Highly recommend, brilliant ideas & brilliant photographer

Look forward to working with you again in the future

Thanks again x

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Shot last week with Steve

Good pre shoot communication

Steve was early and all ready and organised to start shooting

Professional, nice and easy going guy making him easy to work with

Would recommend

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Natasha J Bella

It had been a long time coming and finally we got a chance to shoot together at my studio day at Hallam Mill. Steve has loads of great ideas and has a relaxed attitude and is really easy to get along with. Very enjoyable to working with Steve and discussing various concepts and putting the world to rights! Thoroughly enjoyed our shoot and would happily recommend him to others. I look forward to a future shoot with Steve.

Many thanks :-)

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Had a brilliant shoot with Steve at my strudio day at Hallam Mill. Steve was professional, friendly and generally a nice person to be around. Whilst shooting he was full of energy and had great ideas. He also allowed me to play around with some of my own ideas and have as much input into the shoot as I wanted. Really enjoyable shoot and I hope we are able to work together again in the near future. Highly recommended.

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Faith Starr Model

Beginning to loose count how many times I have worked with Steve. A great fun to work with, Steve is very open to ideas, we played around different concepts. He is very easy to work with, I always enjoy working with him and will gladly recommend him to anyone.

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Rhianna Grey

I had the pleasure of shooting with Steve at my studio in VIP studios. He was friendly and chatty and we got some fab images and ideas between us. The 2 hours went very quickly and we got lots done in that time. I hope to work with steve again sometime soon. Highly recommended.

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I had a great shoot with Steve two days ago at Hallam Mill. he drove all the way to my house to pick me up (arrived exactly when he said as well!) and dropped me off afterwards. He is a very friendly and pleasant guy to work with; we chatted loads about music and gigs! The images I saw from the back of the camera were brilliant! I would work with him again - highly recommended!

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Faith Starr Model

My second shoot with Steve this time at Stillshot studios. It was great working with him again, he even drove down to the apartment I was staying in Blackpool to collect me and gave me a lift to the studio in Preston. He is very easy-going, fun to work with and shoot with him was very relaxed. Can't wait to work with him again. Very highly recommended!

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Stacey Georgina

I was modeling for Steve March 23rd. I enjoyed every moment of it, from when he came to pick me up to when he dropped me off, it was very organized, and very professional, always coming up with ideas for that shoot and others to come, I cant wait to shoot with him again.

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I had a very pleasant shoot yesterday with Steve at Newsham park derelict hospital. Steve picked me up and dropped me off provided lots of pop and chocolate throughout the shoot and we had a lot of laughs. I would reccomend steve to other models and hope to work together again very soon :) Thanks steve

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