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I was follwing Jessica work from a long time and I had finally the chance to work with her. She is a great model with lot of experience and she totally get in the mood of the shoot and bring creativity too. I have truly loved working with her. She is really beautiful and elegant in her way to pose. Love the pictures and different styles we made. Truly a great Professional model. I really hope i will have the chance again to work with her.

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Jess was amazing! Met her on a Sally Sparrow photoshoot and she was such a joy to work with. I would recommend her to any other photographer without hesitation.

Thank you Jess.


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Boggin' Awesome!! I had the great fortune to have a visit from the exceedingly good Jessica today. We'd been chatting for a while, and last week Jessica revealed she was going to be in the area after a weekend of commercial modelling.

Jessica walked out of the station this morning absolutely ready to go, and in minutes we were shooting our first set. It's pointless my going on about how great Jessica looks, just take a look at her images. In person she's unassuming, polite, very pleasant, fun, loves sci fi and horror (what more endorsement do you need eh?). She poses not well, but superbly, and is one of the most facially expressive models I've ever shot with. Fab!

She also works at one heck of a pace. Her experience and professionalism shines through. We got through quite a range of styles and settings in our hours together, and I'm delighted with the raw results.

Thanks for coming Jessica, I'm looking forward to our next chance to work together. Highly recommended and then some!!!

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Aaron G

Had my first shoot with Jess

After seeing the work she had done we arranged a shoot

Completely professional, arrived on time with gorgeous hair and make up all done, very polite and easy going.

One of the most beautiful models I have worked with.

Came with a variety of outfits and some self made harnesses which were amazing

The hours flew by as Jess changed from one outfit to another

Stunning model to work with

Till next time, thanks Jessica

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Ray Duckworth Photography

What a lovely, friendly young lady.

Jessica comes alive in front of the camera. Her outfits are quite unique and exceptional. Her posing for each shot was so dynamic and edgy.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jess who is a true professional.

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Matt Horton

There isn’t a lot I can say about Jess that hasn’t been said already, so I will simply say this.

What ever “it” is, Jess has it in spades, she is the ultimate professional, Jess has an almost telepathic ability to hit exactly the right pose and convey the exact attitude for the shot you’re after. Jess is polite, funny, really easy going and above all else, she just nails every shot. I can’t speak highly enough of this wonderful model and I think the images speak for themselves.

Thank you Jess, can’t wait for the next time.

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Merlin LRPS

Did a shoot yesterday with Jessica at Studio Hire Plymouth and boy did this model deliver. Absolutely smokin! Plenty of attitude, vibe and vigour. Great costume design and makeup. Would definitely like to work with Jess again.

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Arranged a shoot with Jessica yesterday. Wow, what a fantastic model and lovely person to work with! The shoot was extremely last minute and she went out of her way to help us plan and style the session. The shoot was styled with a range of her own handmade outfits/accessories, which really provided us with an opportunity to get some unique images.

Jessica also did her own makeup for each look, which perfectly complemented her wardrobe styling. She is a very creative individual who comes up with some great ideas and is an inspiration to work with.

I would recommend any photographer to book a shoot with her, you will not be disappointed – It will take us some time to decide which photos to edit first as we have so many keeper shots ☺

Thanks Jessica we really hope to work with you again in the near future.

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Owen Lloyd

I hired Jess for a lighting demo/workshop at Holmes Chapel Photographic Society. The theme was creative lighting, and I wanted a look that was also creative and a little bit edgy. Jess has the look, fantastic posing and intense expressions I needed, and she also styled the outfits for the shoot. Not only that, Jess designs and makes some beautiful avant-garde leather pieces including the one she wore for our shoot.

Jess is a great communicator, sending me examples of outfits and looks in the days leading up to the shoot and she really got into the session. Contrary to the intense moods she generates in the images, she is very engaging and talked to many of the people in the audience during and after the shoot. An absolute delight to work with. Thank you Jess - I really appreciate the work you put into creating the final result :)

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I have had the pleasure of working with Jess on a number of occasions and each time the experience gets better and better.

She is stunningly photogenic and beautiful both inside and out. Extremely good at posing and needs very little direction..... you need to be quick to keep up with her !!! She totally "gets'" your ideas and works tirelessly to achieve it.

A true professional, totally 100% reliable and and all round lovely lady.

I can't recommend her to you enough...... book her NOW !!!

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Colin Grist

I actually shot with Jess in Spain last year and she has worked in my studio with other people since then. She is a highly skilled model full of creativity and attention to detail. Nothing is ever too much trouble and whatever she tries she effortlessly looks awesome. She's hard working, reliable, totally professional and one of the nicest people on the planet.

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Booked Jessica for a half day fashion/avant-garde shoot at Yorkshire Studios following a casting call on the strength of her fantastic portfolio and from the outset she was engaged and committed to the creative process and planning of the shoot. Excellent communication and collaboration. She is a true professional and proverbial ‘full package’ of wardrobe and make up artist combined with well developed and wide ranging modelling skills. Great natural movement, sense of style, mood and expression combined with great patience will enhance any shoot. Thoroughly recommended.

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John Gannon

I worked with Jessica on an edgy fashion shoot trying out different styles and outfits supplied by Jessica and from my own stock. Thanks to Jessica’s superb modelling skills and her creative designs the shoot was truly productive.

A versatile, professional model with a really pleasant and willing approach coupled with her amazing creative designs make her a dream to work with.

Jessica is highly recommended and I am looking forward to more creative shoots with her.

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Nick Alexander

Great Model, Fun to work with, very professional, highly recommended!

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xfocus photography

I shot with Jess a couple of weeks back during a latex fashion shoot in Spain for 1 week. She is an extremely confident model striking some very unique poses. She poses very well without any direction but equally takes direction well too. I have some absolute stunning pictures from the shoot. Thanks very much Jess. Until next time…

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Jess in incredible. We recently met during a week long shoot in Spain and I was blown away from the first frame (atop a mountain no less). She's a wonderful model who poses with confidence and creativity, adapting to each outfit and location effortlessly, from mountains and castles to posing underwater. I have no doubt she will rock any project that comes her way. A world-class model I can't recommend highly enough. I sincerely hope to work with her again soon!

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Alistair Cowin - beauty specialist

Wonderful model! What more can I say?

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Cutter55- Getty Artist

Wow what a shoot I had with Jessica, we had a great time creating some powerful images. She was a dream to work with and her professionalism just shone through. To add to that she is a wonderful person great sense of humor and so creative in her own right. No direction was needed I could just get on with taking the pictures and that's what I like. I hope one day we can work together and collaborate on a theme we have not yet even thought of.

Great Model

Great images

Top class

Oh and beautiful too ;) x thanks Jess.

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Amazing professional, needing little direction and so versatile, if you book Jessica you won't be disappointed. Great personality to go with that professionalism and that is important if you want to produce work to fit your brief perfectly, Jessica smashed it. Thanks :)

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STUDIO 314 said...

Worked with Jess but the once.

Would work with her anytime.

Great girl, fabulous model.

Superb images guaranteed.

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