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Delphic Photography

Seren is a versatile model. We had excellent comms before the shoot so knew what to expect. Seren turned up at Pete's Place Studio in Carlisle with enthusiasm. Her hair and makeup were spot on. She brought plenty of outfits and accessories. The shoot went very well. Seren needed little direction as she knows how to give to the camera. She was very friendly and despite the hot weather performed brilliantly. We got some great images. Looking forward to working with Seren again.

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I picked Seren up from her home and after a quick coffee we did a few shots in my garden my friend John not on pp also did some. Seren and I then Seren and I went up to the studio we played with a new backdrop for a while . John and Seren then did their shoot in the studio . I didn’t do lots of images today as I was a bit under the weather. I am very pleased with what we did get and hopefully we will do another shoot in the near future. Thank you Seren for putting up with an under the weather old man.

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james trust

This is my Second time working with Seren, (This time at Pete's place in Carlisle , worth a look) she is very professional at the same time being friendly and easy to work with. Her posing is unique and outstanding and left to freestyle (that alone is worth seeing) can yield some amazing results.... I am sure we will be working again soon.

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~Hedy Anarchy~

I have worked alongside Seren several times now and each time is as good as the last. She is a stunning model with a versatile yet classical look, and it is her creative eye which makes her such an interesting model. She needs very little direction, and poses naturally and with ease.

I can highly recommend working with Seren, either as a fellow model or a photographer - you will not be disappointed! :)

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Fleeting Image

Seren arrived on the train at the remote station, request only stop, that I can see across the loch from my window. Makes it so much easier when only one passenger gets off and I'm the only person waiting on the platform. I even know which is the only door that will open, the one behind the driver, it's such a small platform.

Knowing Seren was interested in photography too, we went first to the gardens across from the station to wander around and let her take some pictures of her own. Then as she wasn't feeling too well it was back to my place for her to rest for an hour or so. As she had come prepared with an outfit suitable to shoot in an abandoned village up the hill not far away we trudged up the little known track.

From the outset Seren knew I rarely shoot with models these days, my injury from the police days back in 1984 is making me even less mobile as I approach 77 in a few days time. Quite simply I didn't know if I could get up the hill, my knee could lock solid any moment, and to get to the spot to take the pictures I nearly lost the battle with the bracken on very rough ground.

Seren had to help me at times, also freeze whilst I tried to change angles slightly clambering on rocks. So we did manage half an hour utilising the outfit she brought despite the strong wind with hair flying around along with the shawl. This was the Scottish Widows advert with added dimensions of weather, gloom and the trek back to the car. So we managed something when there was the chance I might not be up to the challenge, Seren seemed happy with the result, and even survived my cooking when we got back home!

This morning we drove through 'The Land of the Mountain and the Flood' (Hamish MacCunn - look it up!) to Eilean Donan Castle for Seren to get the bus from the north of the Isle of Skye that stops by the castle on its was south to Glasgow via Fort William, Glencoe & Loch Lomond. That was only the start of her 8+ hours journey home.

With neither of us at 100% (I haven't been for a long time!) we still managed to make things work and survived to tell the tale :-)

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XScL Photography

Whilst the weather was somewhat changeable, Seren adapted well to the conditions and hopefully, we have captured some spectacular images in a few different locations.

I would highly recommend her to any photographers and would welcome a shoot with her again :) Welcome back any time!

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My shoot with Seren was an impromptu one arranged at short notice but which we both agreed should be light hearted and fun. We worked mainly on portraiture and used the space we worked in, in various ways. Seren was a pleasure to work with and accepted any direction happily. Seren is extremely keen to create good images and takes up poses very naturally. She was keen to to try and improve the various sets we did and had many of her own good ideas. I would happily recommend Seren to other photographers. Thank you Seren for a very enjoyable shoot.

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Evie Siddal

I had a wonderful two days shooting duos with Seren at my apartment in Edinburgh.

I had previously tried to arrange a duo with her ages ago but it had sadly fallen through. I was delighted when I saw she had put up a casting looking for other models to work with on her tour of Scotland.

As model I can't recommend her enough! She has a gorgeous otherworldly look and is very knowledgable in all aspects of photography and knows exactly how to position herself in order create wonderfully ethereal images. She's also a lovely, down-to-earth person and very easy to work with.

I would highly recommend working with her and absolutely plan to team up with her whenever I get the opportunity in future! :)

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james trust

A Muse to be in the company of ,the personification of classical beauty, Seren has an incredible talent within the realm of pose, combined with the stunning raphael / nymph / renaissance disposition, masterpieces will be gained with little effort from any serious photographer. Quiet, kind and calm Seren knows how to move for the camera. I would highly recommend shooting this Lady especially if you want a classical look, no one I have met compares to her looks or skill

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Rigel ( of Stardust made )

2 September 2019 - This was my second shoot with the very beautiful Seren Wise, this time a duo shoot with the gorgeous Evie Siddal.

The shoot was in a Edinburgh Flat with south facing windows giving beautiful lighting options, and this was complemented with Speedlite flash to balance shadow.

Both models have a naturally complement a Pre- Raphaelite look, and with long flowing red hair inspiration was to loosely use this influence in the shoot. No direction is needed form this very capable and professional model, and Seren is a delight to work with.

The shoot went well and the characterisation proved perfect and also allowed me in RAW processing to bring forward new process for such shoots. We worked from closeup to full length, in full costume to implied nude. At this level the shoot was successful as results show, and Seren's input throughout welcome and supportive.

What Seren exceeds on is her pre-shoot communication - she puts great importance on that the photographer not being let down, and if she sees she could suggest or offer any improvements she will - well done Seren for your 5Star care has not gone unnoticed..

To all Photographers Seren comes with my full recommendation, and will produce amazing results.

Seren - I do thank you for a wonderful day and look forward to working with you again.

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Had my first shoot with the delightful Seren as part of her Scottish Tour. Seren is an lovely model to work with and with an hour shoot the time just flew in, we had four different type of shoots in the hour. Seren puts her heart and soul into the shoot and is a real pleasure to work with. I have no problem giving her a very high recommendation and hope to work with her again

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Had my first shoot with the lovely Seren today and what a pure joy it was.

It was 50s style fashion theme shoot and although something the she had never done before Seren was a real natural with the style.

Seren is a very bright and professional model to work with and chatty to boot.

Very little direction from me was needed and gave me some usefull help with some of my shots.

I highly recommend Seren to all you photographers, you will not be dissappointed.

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andrew james 71

Just had the most awesome shoot with Seren as part of her studio day put on by Candy Heart Photographer. We produced a lot of great photos together and I can't wait to edit them, though truth be told not much editing will be needed.

We got everything from implied nude, art nude and portraits. We also tried lots of different lighting and even a bit of yoga, Seren not me.

I have no hesitation in recommending Seren to all and look forward to hopefully working with her again.

Thank you Seren for a great shoot

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Candy Heart

I had Seren work with me recently for a fully booked studio event and also together separate to this. We had a relaxed shooting time together, coming up with different concepts and looks. Seren was happy to try everything and gladly posed with live snakes, something not everyone would be comfortable with but she was in her element! She has some great ideas and suggested using a snail in some of our shots, which turned out to be a genius idea and resulted in some fantastic images.

The studio event with Seren ran smoothly and all the photographers were happy with their time spent with her and the results they got.

I would certainly recommend this hard working model.

Thank you for a great shoot, Cx

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Rigel ( of Stardust made )

31 August 2019 - I had my first shoot with Seren Wise today. We had a 1-2-1 booking at Candy Heart where I found Seren to be totally adorable, and a real pleasure to work with.

I do know about her love of the classic and will be meeting her again in 2 days for a Duo shoot with Evie Siddal, with that in mind. During the 2 hours today we shot portrait, costume to applied nude with emphasis on character.

Seren is totally able to work without direction knowing the brief and id amazing in her creative artistic poses.

Seren has my highest recommendation, to all Photographers, for whatever experience, as she clearly owns the space she works in. Her interaction with you is total, and she clearly enjoys the creative input she effortlessly provides.

All the remains is to thank you for a wonderful day and see you again in 2 days time. You are a Total Star.

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Jacobs Photography

Seren is a unique model with loads of character. She took part in a duo shoot alongside *Aurora* at some priory ruins and she just adapted to the theme like a duck takes to water. She has a natural ability to pose and express herself to match the mood you are looking for and makes everything look effortless. Seren had her hair and make up done and was ready to shoot straight away. Aswell as being a total professional and easy to work with she is a chatty and caring individual and a real pleasure to work with.

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Lacey Rose*

I worked with Seren on a duo woodland shoot focusing on soft dreamy themes and artistic nude. As this was my first shoot with her I think it is only fair to say she was a breath of fresh air to work along side. Seren has the most beautiful hair and hour glass figure making her the perfect model for classical styles. Not only that but her creativity and poses just flowed from her perfectly to suit the shoot. Her pre comms were detailed and she was organised ready to get stuck in. Seren was totally professional from start to finish with plenty laughs and chit chat along the way, even when the cold wind and water began to bite she just carried on. Her unique style and eye for an image makes her a credit to the industry. Highly recommend to all photographers from beginner to professional.

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I did my first on location shoot with Seren last weekend. I found Seren to be professional yet friendly. Even though the weather was cold for shooting artistic nude, Seren did not let this show in the shots and even went into a cold steam (twice) to achieve some great shots. Seren, also really knows how to pose and shape her body to achieve some amazing results.

I hope to be able to work to Seren in the future.

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Darkfox Graphics

Had my first wonderful shoot with Seren today a very friendly and polite model. I a, very glad to have shot with her, excellent at coming up with ideas and poses. I highly recommend working with her.

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Lyn Walsh - Photography

Shot with Seren at her apartment, building and garden. Everything went excellently; great posing and adaptability, and knew exactly what I needed for every shot. Communications were also very good, and everything was organised excellently.

Would definitely recommend her to anybody, great experience all around and got some fabulous pictures :D

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