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This was our 2nd shoot, having previously shot with Sasha nearly 3 years ago. She was good then, but she's even better now.

She arrived full of energy and enthusiasm, buzzing with quirky ideas, bags of stuff and a few smoke bombs. What more could you ask for?

Amazing in front of the camera, an absolute  posing machine, with a real talent for transforming packaging material into lingerie. Well I did say quirky!

If you get the chance to work with Sasha, don't think about it, just say yes. Looking forward to shoot number 3 sometime.

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Clayfield Images

Our first shoot together! Shooting for Models Uncovered Magazine. Pre shoot comps were perfect! Arrived to shoot at her home and found Sasha ready - make up done - dressed and ready to shoot.

We had a truly great shoot! 3 sets - 1 for publication now and two sets for later publication.

Sasha is bubbly, friendly, creative and works well in front of camera, delivering delightful images! A true professional!

So easy to work with! We already have ideas for our next shoot.

Highly recommended. Book a shoot with SashaB and boost your portfolio.

See you again soon Sasha.

Keith xx

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Rod Short Photography

SashaB. If you get the opportunity to work with this lovely model, don’t miss it.

I recently had a shoot with Sasha, we had never worked together before and knew little about each other. I met Sasha in the car park and knew immediately that we were going to get along, such a friendly bubbly lady.

We had previously talked about using the cube at Studio Fifty Eight in Kettering, she had told me that she had a few ideas for that. She came well prepared, and after a few minutes of getting used to the instability of the cube, I think “A duck to water” would be suitable phrase to use.

Sasha’s skills with make-up are extremely good, she had shown me earlier what she wanted to do, I had thought to myself that it was going to take ages to apply, but was pleasantly surprised at how skilfully and quickly she did it.

All in all it was a brilliant shoot with a lovely model and a lovely lady.

Thank you so much Sasha x

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White Tiger Photography

I got to work with Sasha for the 1st time today, Her pre comms were really good coming up with ideas, costumes to wear

We decided to do a woodland shoot with smoke Grenades,

Sasha was a great person to work with, flows from pose to pose with ease, and is fun to get on with, and also full of idea's

Sasha bought a few costume changes as well as smoke bombs,

we got some amazing images and I look forward to shooting with her again in the future and I would recommend her to all models and photographers that will respect her and her levels,

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Thomas Hunt Photography

I met Sasha on my very first group event back in 2018. I was immediately drawn to her charismatic self and captivating look. Since then we have worked together a handful of times on various solo and duo shoots which were always fun and outlandish. The end results were always lush.

Bold, brash and insanely beautiful, she is a force of nature and incredibly fun to shoot with.

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Don't really know where to start, but the words outstanding and amazing spring to mind, so let's go for outstandingly amazing.

SashaB responded to one of my castings, and following a bit of pre-shoot comms, we decided to freestyle it on the day which totally worked.

She is an incredible posing machine. Just plant the seed of an idea, and she's away, moving effortlessly from one pose to the next, and the next, and the next. She has the facial expressions, and the ability to act out the part we're creating. To be honest, I'm not sure it's possible to take a bad shot of her.

She has a stunning look, a killer figure, great sense of fun, loads of ideas to enhance the shoot, loves her art, and an all round lovely young lady.

If you get the chance to work with SashaB, don't think about it, just say yes. If I get the chance to shoot with her again, I won't give it a second thought.

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Great first shoot with Sasha. Preshoot comms were great and upon arrival Sasha was ready as discussed. Sasha is great at posing as if she’s been doing this for years! Great facial expressions and hardly had to direct; Sasha was super easy to work with! Highly recommended and looking forward to the second shoot already!

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Billy Cee..

Had my first photo shoot with SashaB today, and it was an absolute pleasure working with this lovely young lady.

SashaB, answered my casting call some time ago, and due to us both being busy we picked a date some weeks in advance, her pre comm's through out this time have been first rate, we at the last minute decided to change the shoot location, so I travelled down to her home for the shoot.

I was, on arriving made to feel right at home, and SashaB, was already impeccably turned out and ready for our first set, we had in pre comm's already discussed exactly what we were going to do on this photo shoot.

I really cannot recommend this model highly enough the shoot just flowed with great conversation and a few well timed breaks.

A really enjoyable photo shoot with a very lovely young lady, here's to hopefully our next shoot together.

Thank you for your hospitality and a great shoot.

Regards Clive.

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My very first shoot with the wonderful SashaB and it certainly won't be my last! Sasha is an exceptional model. Her preshoot communications were excellent and she really helped to add value to the shoot. Sasha was incredibly easy to work with and posed with little need for direction. She is a genuinely beautiful model and a truly delightful person. She was enthusiastic throughout the shoot, bubbly and fun. Moreover, she is a really interesting lady and this translates to great pictures. Her figure is great and her eyes are sublime (such a wonderful twinkle). I have no hesitation in recommending Sasha wholeheartedly. Thank you, Sasha, for a great shoot and for entering into the spirit of the shoot with such conviction. Wonderful!

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Today was a good day!! SashaB came to the studio. She is a terrific model with enthusiasm by the bucketload and a giggle that would make Victor Meldrew smile. Her comms were excellent and she arrived promptly with a selection of outfits. She poses well with and without direction and was up for covering herself in UV paint. All in all a treat to shoot with!

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I had a great shoot with SashaB.

Pre comms were good, Sasha was quick to respond and very flexible with availability so made it very easy to arrange the shoot.

During the shoot Sasha followed direction well but very little was needed as she is very good and posing herself. She has a great bubbly personality and made the shoot really enjoyable.

I would definitely recommend SashaB and would happily work with her again.

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Terry StreetArt

Sasha came to my studio for a shoot booked at short notice to fill a gap. She arrived ready to shoot and we packed in a range of sets using some of her outfits and some of mine. We worked together really well with collaborative poses, some her ideas some my directions. We frequently shared and reviewed images. I found her a very positive person keen to please and get the right image and very enthusiastic when we did.

I really enjoyed the shoot and it went so fast we had lots more ideas which I hope we might try another time.

Thoroughly recommended.

Thanks Sasha, till next time. X

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I had the pleasure of working with Sasha on a location shoot.

Pre shoot communication was excellent, Sasha arrived on time and was easy to get along with, Sasha worked well on location and took direction well, we had a lovely time shooting together and produced some ace images, I cannot wait to work with this lovely lady again....

Thank you Sasha for a lovely afternoon.

Highly recommended

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Stairway 11 Studio and photography

Sasha came to our studio for a shoot what a beautiful lovely girl! She’s a star. Funny a fantastic sense of humour and just a fantastic model:) we absolutely adored having Sasha here I do hope she visits us again soon

Thanks Hun


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I did the beautiful sashab makeup today and sat in whilst she did her shoot at stairway 11. She was easy to get along with she has beautiful features so applying her makeup was easy and highly enjoyable!!! She is a bubbly funny and delightful woman with a fantastic sense of humour she isn’t afraid to get into any expression or pose!!! She is a trooper with so much ambition!!!! Please working with you Hun!!


Tann xx

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Dr Stairway

I had the pleasure of working with sasha today on my epic dc girls cosplay calendar and she was playing the part of bat girl villain bone breaker. I couldn't have asked for a better model for the role. She got right in to the part and rocked the look perfectly. Sasha was funny, polite and a great laugh all day. I enjoyed having her here and cannot wait to work with her again. Amazing woman and the female empowerment she believes in is an inspiration for girls everywhere. Highly recommend x

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What a star this girl is. Communication was perfect, excellent posing and a great understanding of what she is being asked to do. Great at posing herself also. Very welcoming when I arrived and was friendly and polite throughout. Hope we can work together again sometime. Thanks SashaB.

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Had a fabulous first shoot with Sasha today, having responded to my last minute casting call. Comms before hand were excellent as was the shoot. Sasha easily flowed between sets producing a great range of images. Thoroughly recommended and I'm looking forward to another shoot in the not too distant future.


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