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Sara is a terrific asset to a shoot and booking her at her wonderful studio is fab value for a great setting and very talented & experienced versatile model. SS Creative is the favourite studio of both myself and my large friendly group, and we go back time and again. We love working with Sara, if she was a footballer you would say she gives 110% lol! We have already booked our next 3 shoots with Sara! Cannot recommend highly enough

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sara several times now and every time it’s always a pleasure, so easy to work with gives great input and feedback and really works to get the shots your after, great studio too always made to feel welcome RH x

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Sara Ramos

I've showed up for a shoot in Sara's studio for a friend's project and It was really easy to work with her. Sara is extremely talented as a photographer, a model and with all the scenarios and props that she created. Was great meeting her, I really enjoyed the time I spend working with her, I had a lot of fun and I hope I'll work with her again :) Highly recommended


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Karen Smalley photography

I really could not recommend Sara enough , The amount of work she has put into SS Creative Photography is amazing .. So whether you just use her studio , or like me last Saturday , used her studio and had her modelling , you will not be disappointed..

Wehn i go through images and I squeal with delight , that says it all ..

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I had the most wonderful pleasure working with the extremely talented Sara at a group shoot in a 20s theme

Such a great model to work with very professional and experienced

Very funny and has the most captivating smile I've ever seen just an absolute joy to work with

Very highly recommended and i hope to work with again very soon

Thank you Sara for a great shoot


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Vampire princess

This was my second time working with Sara but first time with Sara modelling alongside me instead of photographing me. Sara did her make up to a high standard and looked amazing in her nun outfit. Photographers you won't be disappointed if you book Sara.

Highly recommended

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Derek Sweet1

I had the pleasure of working with Sara today.

Sara is very professional she needs no direction at all.

Very friendly. As we had a themed shoot she rocked it.

Once again Sara thank you

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Sara is a naturally gifted model with great looks and posing skills both with and without direction. What takes her to another level is her terrific engagement with photographers whether experienced or inexperienced. Sara puts people at their ease with her sense of fun, and they relax and get their shots. Sara is a real creative and the application she applies to decorating and running her studio matches that as a model. Sara is always considering new looks and ideas. She is talented and versatile and I am already looking forward to our next shoot with her. I cannot recommend Sara highly enough.

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Amar Majid Photography said...

A great pleasure to work with, a real people person, adaptive, creative and provided some amazing shots.

I would certainly recommend working with Sara, there is ample opportunity for the creative-eye.

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Abhishek Deepak Photography

Shot with her twice and would highly recommended. She has her own studio with great setup and would work with her again.

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Steve Feeney

Sara is absolutely fantastic to work with. Not only was she great on the day as we did lots of shots with multiple outfits.... Sara was not very well and could easilyt b e forgiven for cancelling.... but Sara did not cancel which is a huge testiment to her professionalism.

A model that you can rely on 100%

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Flashing Perfect

Really loved working with Sara! Although I am not a conventional photographer and most of my vision takes place after the shot has been taken, Sara is more than happy to work with me to get the right shot for the right idea.

Thanks again Sara! Looking forward to working with you again and photographers - you need to book Sara - a true professional.

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Stuart Cox Photography

Sara is great to work with. Sara has a great attitude and works fantastic without direction.

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Michael Mft

WOW, What a day we had. fantastic Model everything went very smooth. Very professional and may I say Gorgeous. I hope i get the chance to work with Sara again she is fun to work with and is highly recommended.

Thank you Sara for one hell of a good day

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I shot with Sara on a recent group shoot and totally recommend working with her. A great model and photographer with her own fantastic studio to work in as well.

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attended a recent workshop held at saras studio which was a fantastic venue, sara was very friendly and welcoming and has clearly put in a lot of hard work to make the studio such a great space for photography. whilst there i had the pleasure of photographing sarah who was also not only a great host but a fantastic model to work with to boot, couldn't recommend this venue and model highly enough, I hope to work at the studio again soon and hope to have the pleasure of working with sara again too.

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Had a great shoot with Sara yesterday at her studio, SS Creative Photography in Birmingham

Sara is a great model, she poses well and takes direction when needed, and as she is also a photographer added some creative ideas of her own

Hair and make up were excellent and I look forward to working with her again in the future and highly recommend her to other photographers.

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Photo Symphonica

After a long time talking about shooting, I finally got my chance to work with Sara, and I was amazed.

When first meeting her you are unprepared for just how much quality this model has.

Having previously discussed an idea and concept, Sara pointed me towards her outfit collection where items to suit the brief were available. However, we quickly changed plans as we found something even better, and Sara was very accommodating to a short notice change of direction.

Off to change her outfit and apply make-up, she emerged absolutely transformed - utterly beautiful and a consumate proffessional.

She is very communicative, open to your ideas, but full of her own, and can both take direction and pose freely.

Our alloted time absolutely flew by, but the quality of resultant images proves her value as a model.

I'd highly recommend working with Sara

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My wife and I shot with Sara last weekend at her studio, SS Creative Photography. It was my first time using LED lights and Sara was extremely patient. No model could have worked harder to help us get the images that we wanted including providing agreed props. Together we have created some excellent images.

We shall be using the studio on a regular basis; my wife has already arranged another shoot with Sara.

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Martin's Photography said...

I had my first shoot last night with Sara and what a lovely model she turned out to be. It was a fun evening trying different sets resulting in some really nice images. Sara's pre-shoot comms were spot on and her personality made for a very enjoyable shoot. I would definitely recommend Sara as a model and as a photographer and hope to work with her again soon.

Many thanks Sara :-)

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