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Miss D'Meanour said...

I absolutely loved my double shoot with Sarah Takahashi and Mike Fraser as photographers, and Rae Stewart as a model. Sarah was funny, polite, brought loads of props and was generally quite amazing! I hope to work with her again soon 😊

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Miss D'Meanour - Pinup

I have shot with Sarah once. It was a location shoot at a local military base. Sarah gave brilliant direction and came up with lots of ideas as to what exactly she wanted to shoot. She also provided a variety of different outfits for me to use as well as a load of different props. The images I received for my time were brilliant. I hope to work with Sarah again this year and beyond.

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Shot with Sarah twice now. Great photographer to work with, not only does she produce pictures to a high standard but your sure to have a giggle on shoot. Would definitely recommend.

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Ms Pemdora

Worked with Sarah and Mike in 2011 and they still are my favourite Photographers to work with! We had an amazing studio shoot where we played with costumes and then went out for some good old derelict factory fun! These guys are so down to earth, creatively talented and just absolutely lovely people. They looked after me whilst I was there and then I got some amazing photos emailed to me nearly the same day!

Guys, you rock!

Ms Px

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Recent shoot with both Sarah and her partner Mike, lovely pair, fun shoot and could not wish for a better location on a sunny day. Easy to talk to and great to work with, thanks!

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Tansy Blue said...

Was good. :D Would do again. :D

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I stayed with Sarah for about 3 days during a trip to Aberdeen. I really enjoyed Sarah's company - she's chatty, funny, and smart - plus she has a lovely partner (also a great photographer) and two lovely cats :). I was very comfortable during very stay, and was well provided with plenty of food and coffee! Shooting with Sarah was also great... we worked in a fantastic location, and Sarah obviously puts a lot of effort into finding great places to work. She even took a blanket and a brush (for bits of broken glass that tend to interfere on location) to the shoot, which was very considerate. Sarah and Mike produced some great images in the location, and Sarah definitely has a great eye for photography. It would be a great pleasure to stay with her again! Ruby x

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jester jinx said...

had my third shoot with sarah and it was again great fun!! i felt so at ease. she is great with ideas and bringing clothing/props i.e. gas masks to shoot it. highly recommended! a talented photographer ♥

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jester jinx said...

i have had my second shoot with sarah and it was amazing!! =D she is always a great laugh. i feel so at ease and comfortable with her (and mike, who came along too!!) she is easy to work with and has amazing ideas! as well as coming with my own clothes and props, sarah came prepared with many things for us to use as well!! she is great to work with as i love strange and surreal ideas, and she is happy to elaborate on them. she is great with putting forward ideas and pointers. i HIGHLY recommend her!! =D ♥

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Rachelle Summers

Had a location shoot with Sarah and Mike on my recent trip to Scotland. It was by far the BEST location shoot I have done since I started modelling.

They look after their models really well, making sure I was safe and warm at all times. Took me to some amazing locations and above all are so friendly and easy to work with.

I had such a fun time working with them both and seriously can't wait to work with them again!

Would without a shadow of a doubt recommend them to anyone :)

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jester jinx said...

Sarah is such a good laugh! I had a great time shooting with her in Aberdeen's charming derelict buildings. She made me feel so at ease, chatting the whole time. She has an amazing talent for photography and is very creative with her ideas. Also, she let me throw in a few of my own ideas! I HIGHLY recommend her! Hope to shoot with her again sometime!! =D ♥

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I worked with Sarah & Mike a couple of years ago when I was up in Elgin doing a studio day. I have to say it was the most fun I've had on a shoot in ages. Sarah is awesome to work with, friendly and easy to understand.

I would have no problems highly recommending her xxx

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