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Kevin Robertson

Hi all,

I had my 4th shoot with the wonderful Sarah last night. Corsets and lingerie this time.

It's hard to put in words just how good a model Sarah is. She poses with ease and has such a beautiful smile... More than happy to take direction, but equally happy to pose on her own initiative.

If you are looking for a professional model to take your shoots to the next level, then look no further than Sarah.

Looking forward to the next time. 100% recommended to both beginners and experience photographers.


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KeKi Makeup Artistry

On Saturday we had a shoot with Sarah at Studio Q in Falkirk arranged by photographer, Doug Ross. Sarah arrived in plenty of time for the shoot, was well prepared and very easy to work with. She's a real beauty inside and out who clearly takes care of herself and enjoys her work. Looking forward to hopefully working with Sarah in the future! Highly recommended!

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Doug Ross Photographic

Worked with Sarah today at Studio Q, in conjunction with Keki MakeUp Artistry.

Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is professional, hard working, great fun and has super (actually make that outstanding) attention to detail She deserves to go far in the industry; and I'm sure she will

If you get a chance, book her you won't regret it and your portfolio/work output will certainly benefit from the session.

Best wishes,


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Lena Selkin Photography

My second shoot with the glorious Sarah, and it certainly won't be my last. Obviously she's stunning and mind-bogglingly leggy, but she's also funny, welcoming, warm and willing to let me boss her about in the middle of the woods. It's practically impossible to take a bad picture of her and I can't wait to get editing this set. Very, very highly recommended - just get on and book her already!

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Thoroughly positive second shoot with Sarah on Sunday. Sarah was on time & dressed to knockout proportions!

We used a Hollywood-Style theme and as expected, Sarah was outstandingly cooperative- even when asked to display off-theme facial expressions which we all enjoyed!

Sarah deserves every success in this industry, and I'm certain she will go far.

She is a dream to work with and has a dazzling figure & gorgeous looks!- What else would you want?

I look forward to another session- dare I say pleasant fun experience with Sarah...

Again thank you Sarah!

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Kenny Millson

Had a second photo-shoot today with the delightful and elegant Sarah. The theme was old style Hollywood and Sarah arrived on time with the perfect dress and accessories.

Sarah was great fun to work with as usual and patient while myself and another fellow photographer set up different lighting styles.

Being a true professional Sarah needed very little direction and embraced new ideas (especially a range of facial expressions) with enthusiasm.

I would recommend Sarah knowing that she won't disappoint anyone wishing to book her and that was the reason this was the second time I have asked Sarah for a photo-shoot and I wouldn't hesitate in hiring her again.

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Danny Molyneux

Sarah is elegant, beautiful, and an incredible model. This you can gather easily from her portfolio. What may not be so obvious from there is that she is also charming, funny, hard-working, a delight to be around, and just so much fun to work with.

Sarah and I created some wonderful images together in the back of beyond in Scotland. Arranging the shoot was easy, Sarah arrived on time looking pretty fantastic I must say. Of course the Scottish weather let us down and the rain came, but this did nothing to dampen Sarah's enthusiasm for the shoot. She stayed out through the rain, and worked tirelessly.

She helped so much with creative ideas when I was struggling, she posed elegantly and professionally throughout, and really did so much to help us create some wonderful images together.

I would of course relish the chance to work together again, no hesitation.

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Had a fun shoot with Sarah and her lovely, energetic puppy, yesterday. We all got on well and Sarah did a great job of modelling with her puppy - at times quite a challenge as she was competing with all the things in the park that a puppy wants to investigate. Shooting with a puppy was a whole new thing for me but it was a good experience. Sarah is a tall, striking model who is easy to work with. I can recommend her and yes, I would work with her again (on her own and with the puppy).

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Sarah is a professional to work with & glides smoothly and subtley through poses and expressions.

We thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and would highly recommend Sarah to anyone. She has a warm & friendly personality and despite my challenged height, Sarah did not intentionally look down on me!

We are looking forward to a near-future booking with Sarah.

I can't praise Sarah highly enough- a credit to the modelling industry'!

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Kenny Millson

Had a brilliant shoot with Sarah yesterday at Steel Studios in Glasgow.

Sarah is highly professional and needs very little direction as she is able to pull off fantastic poses with very little direction as well as being able to adapt to different ideas.

Although our shoot was based around a boudoir theme I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Sarah for any other genre i.e. fashion, commercial, advertising, wedding etc. as she has a fantastic figure and bone structure.

I will definitely work with her again as she is also fun, easy going and very down to earth.

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Neil Macmillan

Worked with Sarah on a shoot recently where I was working with a number of models under a tight schedule. Sarah was an absolute professional and we nailed the shots we needed in double quick time. She came up with good poses which was very helpful given the time constraints, but adapted quickly to my requests to zero in on the required shots. It only took a short time working with her to be extremely impressed, and I'd happily work with her again in future.

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Katarina Marie Foto Artist

I had a fantastic shoot with Sarah yesterday - her pre-shoot comms were great and she was highly organised from the beginning. Sarah is easy to talk to, easy to direct and a fantastic fashion model - she has a perfect look, height and body shape to make striking fashion images.

She is also great on location - happy to traipse through mud and climb up over rocks to get to the locations.

We got some fantastic images yesterday and I would recommend Sarah highly to anyone looking for a great fashion model!

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Steven Wilson

Had a shoot with Sarah and what can I say that not been said she is a very good model easy to work with really nice person and I do hope to work with her again in the future, thanks Sarah!

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i had a wonderful shoot with Sarah in Glasgow, we had lots of fun exploring her awesome posing skills and professionalism.Sarah is a joy to work with, very creative, fun, full of experience and wisdom when it comes to light and how to use it, the location whilst being a hotel room did not deter her, all with good banter and chat along the way, i would highly recommend Sarah for a shoot.

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I had the privilege of a second shoot with Sarah. Still an AWESOME model, totally prepared, arrived early, easy to communicate with and can pose with ease. Still not good enough to do her justice - maybe someday-LOL.

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John McGlynn said...

Had a fantasic shoot with the very lovely Sarah. She arrived early, was well presented and had a very good and varied selection of outfits. Sarah was a joy to work with and nothing was a problem. She needed very little or no direction. I would highly recommend her to anyone and hope to work with her again. Sarah thank you again for a wondeful fun shoot and sorry I made you smile so much :) John

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Sarah visited my studio last night. What can I say? A fantastic model and a lovely lady. The time flew in as she easily moved from pose to pose, with amazing results. I will work with this lady again, and would suggest that other photographers in this area book her soon. You will not be disappointed.

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Just finished a shoot with Sarah - one word to describe her AWSOME!

I could wax on lyrically about her look, ability to pose, creativity with simple props, professionalism, ease of communications and booking, what a complete breath of fresh air to the constant battle of trying to arrange a shoot.

The shoot was just to test out some lighting techniques, with low expectations, but I am blown away with what I got from the shoot and I very much doubt I will be able to do the images justice with my current level of photoshop skills.

Anyone who has the privilege to shoot with Sarah grab it with both hands, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Once again thanks Sarah.

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Kevin Robertson

Had my Second (of many) shoot with Sarah today.

I hate references about how good this model is and how amazing they are, but Sarah is!

We had a good laugh and produced many great images.

This was just a test shoot on a standard white studio set up, just for us to fill some time really.

Sarah arrived fully made up and ready to shoot in about 2 minutes flat.

Posing comes to Sarah as naturally as breathing and i only though in my ideas to let her know i was still alive.

I Love working with professional Models and Sarah is the ultimate in professional.

Looking forward to colouring her in with Photoshop and looking forward to working with her again.

Recommended to all.

Thanks Sarah.

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F Jarvis Photography

Had a shoot with Sarah in my studio today. Sarah was there on time (before me actually!!) and brought plenty of great outfits and ideas. Her hair and make-up were done to a very high standard and Sarah was fun and great to work with. There were plenty of great poses flowing and when I offered direction to get something specific, it was no trouble at all.

Looking forward to working with Sarah again and would highly recommend her.

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