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Sarah Elizabeth 18 has 12 references; 11 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 1 no-show.

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Jon Lee

I had arranged another shoot with Sarah for an event in Liverpool. Pre-shoot communications were precise and easy. Sarah turned up on time with her make-up ready.

Everyone photographed Sarah had complimented how good she was and she was so easy to work with, and took directions well. They were very happy with the images of Sarah.

I would definitely work with Sarah again, and recommend her to any photographer.

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Chad Anthony

Sarah is a confident model who poses well both with and without direction. She has a high level of professionalism. She arrived early and well prepared. She had a good range out outfits. Her communication is excellent. I would be happy to book Sarah for a commercial shoot.

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Owen Lloyd

I had a really productive afternoon's shooting with Sarah working on a variety of shots - both my ideas and hers! Sarah's communication before the shoot was excellent, and we quickly had a list of images to go at. Sarah kept me informed on the day and as she arrived with makeup - to a high standard, we got to shooting right away.

Sarah has great confidence and communicates effectively on-set, and knows what she wants. She checked makeup and hair at regular intervals and her experience as an actor meant lots of of expression and subtle variety. Sarah got the mood of each image and adopted poses and looks to compliment the theme. She worked hard to get the shots we wanted all afternoon and this is definitely reflected in the results :)

Sarah is a fantastic and versatile model and highly recommended by me!

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Sarah was a pleasure to work with. Her communication beforehand was excellent and polite. Sarah is a beautiful model who was a dream to make over, very photogenic so will add something really special to your portfolio. I look forward to seeing the results of our collab. I'd definitely recommend Sarah. P

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1536969600Did not show up.

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Had a fab shoot with Sarah today. She brought just the right combination of outfits so we could get some super shots. We both weren't at our best but you'd never be able to tell as the images look fantastic. I didn't have to pose Sarah as she knew exactly what to do throughout. Sarah has a fabulous figure and a great attitude to boot. 100% recommended.

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Miss Tokyo

Had a pleasure to with Sarah

Easy to work with and would recommend as a model

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Jim Donnelly

I photographed Sarah at an event and was really pleased to book her for a further studio shoot. She was early and well prepared. She is very good at posing, both with and without direction. I can recommend her highly to experienced and less experienced photographers. I hope to work with her again in the future.

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The SantaFe

Had a pleasure to with Sarah and capture those beautiful eyes.

Easy to work with and would recommend as a model.

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Jon Lee

I arranged a shoot with Sarah for an event. Pre-shoot communication was excellent. She was on time and prepared. Sarah posed really well, and took directions with ease. Sarah is friendly and easy to talk to. She made the atmosphere very relaxing for all the photographers. They got lots of great shots from the event. I highly recommend Sarah to any photographer. I look forward to work with her again.

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mmoskala photography

I have photographed Sarah on the outdoor portrait/headshot session in Liverpool's docks. Fantastic model to work with and we get some amazing results! I can definitely recommend her to everyone who wish to capture some great pictures and have a reliable, gorgeous, friendly and professional model for the session! Mat x

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Peter Wilson

I come across Sarah on instergram when I was looking for new faces for a urban fashion label I had been hired to promote. She had liked a few images I posted and was pretty local. So I contacted her. We hae worked together a few times since she is growing with confidence every time she shoots. Very capable of working undirected but also takes direction well. Highly recommended, star in the making

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