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Had a great shoot with Samuel, he was on time despite a long journey by train from Manchester to my place in the North East. Samuel was easy going, friendly and ready to give anything a go. Really a very good session, I would recommend him to you unreservedly


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Dave Portraits

Had a great shoot today with Alex. Arrangements were easy to sort out. Communications were excellent. He is a great model to work with, relaxed and open to ideas. He has a great physique to photograph and is a great model for portraiture.

Alex was easy to talk to and made the shoot enjoyable. It was great working with Alex today. I will definitely be working with Alex again.

I highly recommend Alex to any photographer.

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Gary Woods

Had a great experience shooting with Sam. He’s very talented, knows his body well and was very open and approachable about my ideas. I Would recommend booking him and I can’t wait to work with him again. Thanks Sam ✌🏻

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I have worked with Alex a number of time, one of the nicest guys I have ever worked with, the finished photos are great, he is a real natural and very open to whatever you ask of him, very highly recommended.

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Finally had the chance of working with Alex after months of chatting but our schedules not matching up and have to say it was worth the wait.

Alex is a quiet unassuming guy but when you throw an idea or concept at him spur of the moment he commits 110%.

Will definitely be booking him again as thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration :-)

highly recommended!


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South London Studio

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up and work with Alex,and what an amazing guy,great model,and fantastic company

The communication prior to the photo session was prompt,kind and very respectful and we have managed to easily set up ideas and themes

Alex participated with interesting personal interpretation to all my visions and the result is absolutely beautiful,and shows all the beautiful charisma that Alex has

I can not wait to work together again and thank you very much for the lovely time we have spent during our photo session.

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Graham Binns

Shot Alex for a fine art project I'm working on. He's friendly, enthusiastic, knows how to pose and is completely willing to buy into the project you're working on so as to make the best images you can together. Would definitely recommend him.

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Alex stepped in at the last minute to help out with a concept. Communication was good and in just half an hour we got a selection of solid images that meet the brief. Definitely a relaxed and accommodating guy that looked good and I'm hoping to work with Alex again and do something more involved.

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Alex has a unique but very natural look. He is a highly co-operative and flexible model who is also relaxed, well mannered and charming. I was really exited with the images from our recent shoot. His patience with changes of props and lighting meant we could capture a series of truly atmospheric images. We are hoping to work together again soon and I would recommend him highly to other photographers.

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Eye Made Quiet

Alex travelled all the way from Manchester to Kent on a train ticket I had provided. He must have been tired but did not allow it to show. He is a very calm, patient and good-humoured model. He repeated actions over and over again, as I tried to capture the perfect moment, without a flicker of impatience.

He is very comfortable in his own skin. I've posted some of the photographs on Flickr and he has had a very positive reaction with comments on a "great model" and his "refreshingly natural appearance" and (from an Italian) "I love how calm he is with his full nudity."

I would happily photograph him again.

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I first met Alex through recommendation from another model,and so far I have had both an indoor studio shoot and outdoor location shoot (although rather cold at this time of year) and I must say that Alex is one of the nicest guys that I have had the pleasure of having had a photoshoot with.

Not only is he a great looking guy and masculine,he is more than comfortable in his own skin and he is a most natural nude who follows direction extremely well and is not afraid to achieve the required poses to ensure a great shot and I for one cannot recommend him highly enough to any interested photographer.

It is certainly my intention to shoot with Alex again as soon as the weather improves and I wish him well with his modelling.

Best Wishes


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