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Anastasia Lux

I'm very pleased with the photo/ video shoot I did with Sam

Ive been wanting to shoot with him for ages & Im so glad we finally did it! :)

Great communication before/ during the shoot and his general input. Total professional, very friendly, welcoming, patient, open minded to my suggestions and considerate to the models needs. With interesting ideas & great editing skills as well as an eye to capture every models uniqueness. I certainly hope we can shoot together again. It was a total pleasure, time flew away! Highly recommended to all models. And the MUA he provided was AMAZING and also assisted throughout the entire shoot!

Thanks a million

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Hey, I couldn't message you directly due to using up my message allowance, but I'd love to shoot if you're still without a model/performer, it'd be great to hear from you,

Kind regards,

Sarah Adesiyan

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Sam is a very talented photographer. Worked with him a few months ago. He was great to work with and the final images were brilliant. Would definitely recommend!

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Sherri-Li Page said...

Great fun at shoot today with Sam and his talented makeup artist!

Very efficient and good direction and ideas, looking forward to seeing the images!

Thanks a lot sam and I would definitely work with you again!!

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Besides being the worst day in history to travel through Manchester Piccadilly the shoot was seamlessly organised. Sam had arranged for both a Stylist and MUA to attend, in addition to sourcing some beautifully quirky dresses and props to execute each and every shot. He was precise in his approach getting the lighting spot on in 2 minutes flat! Every aspect and story he planned to convey throughout the shoot was structured and well planned, needing only few shots to achieve the desired image. His approach was very structured in combination with his bubbly personality made for a very enjoyable yet professional shoot. I wish luck in any further ventures and what will surely be a very rewarding photography career. It was a pleasure to work with Sam and I would definitely recommend him!

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Alice-May said...

Really enjoyed my shoot with Sam, clear direction of the kind of shots that he wanted, very fun and creative ideas! Look forward to seeing the finished images! Highly recommended.

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Emma Evelyn

I worked with Sam for the second time last week, Sam is a talented and creative photographer, he is great at direction and both approachable and professional, I thoroughly enjoy working with him, once again highly recommended!

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I would not hesitate to recommend Sam. We had clear communication before the shoot so we both knew exactly what was going on. He gave me details about the shoot: what I had to bring and what it was for, and he organized an MUA which was lovely!

I've seen the finished work and it's awesome. I would definitely recommend Sam.

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