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Belle Eve

I worked with Samantha both as a model and a photographer and impressed me in both jobs.

As a photographer, she is definitely learning fast and her work was rather impressive considering it has been such a short time. Her work is doing very well.

Samantha herself is a joy to work with, very genuine and an overall pleasure to have around.

I highly recommend.

Much love,


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I worked with Samantha on a joint shoot with One model.

Samantha is relatively new to model photography but I was impressed with her eye for detail and shot composition. She worked well with the model and help make her feel at ease, she has great conversation. She turned up on time and ready to shoot. This was a relatively cold day and an outdoor shoot and we both got great shots. I hope to work with her and another model in the future. I look forward to seeing her work in the future.

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Alt jodie

Was super fun to work with it would recommend her to others xx

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Hollie Georgie

Samantha was lovely, really chatty and friendly and put me at ease right away, very professional behind the camera even though as she told me it's new to her ! Would reccomend her thoroughly and really enjoyed the shoot and the location, think we got some really great images also 😄

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Eve harkness

Lovely girl to work with. I modelled for Samantha in my home. I was nervous but she made me.feel relaxed. Shes a pleasure to work with

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