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A great girl with such a nice easy smile. The shoot was a real joy. We worked on portrait and with a few comments on what I was looking for, she was off with practically no direction. A great range of expressions and portrait poses.

Communication was excellent, she arrived early with plenty of changes of clothes and makeup done.

I mainly asked for a shoot because of that natural smile and I wasn't disappointed. She's a natural!

Now I want another shoot as soon as possible. Thank you Suicideshark for a great job!

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Skirts with Socks

I had the great pleasure with meeting suicideshark7 today she is a lovely genuine female Model to work with and made me feel very welcome into her home, she had a good selection of outfits for our sixties themed photo-shoot as soon as my camera started clicking away she got into her different poses and didn't need any direction from me at all (very impressed).

1st session was indoors and after a short while we decided to drive to our local beach where we created some brilliant shots with the sun shining and then we drove back to her home to finish our day.

I highly recommend 100% to any photographer to arrange a photo-shoot booking with this up and coming lovely Model you will not be disappointed (trust me) also I like to wish her all the very best within the modelling industry and I'm confident she will do really well.

Lastly we have both agreed to arrange further shoots in the near future and like to mention a BIG thank to suicideshark7 and her partner for todays fun blast shoot, was a great afternoon and see you both very soon.

Zippy :)

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Glamour Photography Studio

Just completed Suicideshark7 first ever photo shoot.

Well you wouldn't believe that it was, she was awesome for any level of experience.

As it was her first ever shoot her boyfriend attended and was excellent as an observer no issues what so ever.

She needs a little guidance understandably but quickly picks up and takes direction perfectly. I can see she is going to be in high demand and is going to create an awesome portfolio.

I highly recommend Suicideshark7 and look forward to welcoming her back for another great shoot!

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