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Had a great shoot with Rupert recently, we had all day to shoot and worked through various different sets and chatted throughout, had a few breaks between and the time honestly just flew by! He was very understanding about me being late due flooding down my way and various issues with the M25. But he we sat down and chatted for a bit to begin with which helped chill me out after a stressful drive, so thank you for that!

Would highly recommend working with him, and look forward to doing so more in the future.

Thanks again! :D

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Kelly Hathaway

I had the pleasure of working with Rupert for the first time recently. Pre-shoot comms were great and I knew what the plan was going to be and what to bring with me. It was over a 2 hour drive each way for me and when I arrived Rupert made me a cup of tea and we sat and chatted. I was made to feel welcome and comfortable from the get go. We managed to fit in several different sets/looks in the time we had - from bodyscapes to videos in different sexy lingerie and bikinis that Rupert provided. We worked at a relaxed yet productive pace and got a lot done. Rupert is professional, respectful and easy to get on with with a great sense of humour. Highly recommended by me :D Thanks Rupert!

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Kitty Dawson

I shot with Rupert again and this time for a longer shoot.

Rupert was friendly, easy to talk to, professional, respectful, kind and hospitable.

He kindly picked me up at the train station and we travelled to his home studio.

We had a productive shoot and we had breaks when needed too.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rupert and I hope we get to shoot together again in the future :)

Highly recommended photographer :)

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Model Sian

I had a first shoot with Rupert during a Studio Day at Studio 58. We’d discussed ideas in advance so I was prepared for working with bodyscape styles. Rupert was very easy to get along with, and there was plenty of relaxed conversation throughout the shoot. He is also very respectful and professional and has some lovely creative ideas. I’d love to work with Rupert again on some other ideas he’d like to try. Highly recommended.

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I had a lovely shoot at Rupert’s home studio in Oxford.

We did a mixture of stills and video, the images looked great boc. Great set up, friendly and had an enjoyable day out. Thank you Rupert and highly recommended! 😊

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Louisa Lu

Polite and easy to work with. Friendly and professional. Highly recommended! Hope to shoot again soon :)

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Kitty Dawson

I shot with Rupert for the first time during my Studio Day at Fine and Dandee Studios :)

Rupert was kind, upbeat, professional, respectful, artistic and passionate about creating fine art photography.

I’m sure he has many styles of photography that he also enjoys.

We shot some bodyscapes and some other sets. I hope we get the opportunity to work together again.

I Highly recommend Rupert 🌟

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Rupert was lovely to work with, I shot movement videos for him and he was easy going and professional

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

Do I recommend Rupert? Hell yes!!!!!!!!

Rupert and I have shot a few times together...

When I arrived; I hardly recognised Rupert, as he had lost weight which made him look 10 years younger...

I always love working with Rupert...

Rupert is down to earth, easy to be around, chatty and respectful...

Recommended to new models or experienced...

Thank you for a lovely afternoon...

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Had a great shoot with John yesterday, absolutely loved the oil bodyscape images that we did and realy enjoyed all the different outfits he had to play with, he made sure I knew what outfits to bring with me etc and made me feel very comfortable, would highly recommend shooting with him and cant wait for my next shoot we have planned with great ideas 😁

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I had my first shoot with Rupert this week and loved working with him. Rupert is polite and respectful. The shoot was very enjoyable and relaxed , Rupert made sure I was comfortable and provided with lots of coffee . Would definitely recommend working with Rupert , looking forward to working with him again.

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Great shoot today with Rupert! An all round lovely gentleman, his taste in clothing for the models is impeccable! It was a good, fun easy going shoot! Highly recommended and will shoot again soon ;) food and refreshments were made available which is always a winner with me :)

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

I have shot with Rupert quite a few times and today was the best shoot so far...Rupert is a really nice guy that is down to earth and alot of fun...Rupert always treats me with respect...Rupert and I had a plan to shoot with paints...wow...we had so much fun...Rupert said the yellow one looked like mustard and the white one looked like pigeon poo haha...could not stop laughing...one thing I really really love about working with Rupert is he thinks about what he is going to do and then asks for the models opinion...also love how organised Rupert is...Rupert had some fun outfits that included the tiniest thongs I had ever seen haha...we have created some really amazing images today and I cannot wait to see them...

Would highly recommend Rupert...

Thank you for a lovely day...

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Had a wonderful shoot yesterday with Rupert he was very understanding welcoming and was a pleasure to work with, he has a wonderful sense of humour and the shoot flew by with endless giggles, and conversation.

would highly recommend Rupert he is so well prepared and knows exactly what he wants from the shoot.

hopefully I will get the chance to shoot with him again soon.


tann x

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April Paisley

what a charming gentleman. I had such a fun shoot together with also lots of amazing and sexy wardrobe and costume bits provided to get creative with "thank you for my gypsy costume piece present"!

Rupert was so understanding and adapted shoot around my unfortunate painful lump that had appeared on my groin only a few days before the shoot, making sure it wasn't in any pictures and that I was comfortable! (I've had an operation now thank god!!!)

I would highly recommend this photographer and cant wait to shoot together again soon on many other projects we've panned for the near future.

April Paisley :) xxx

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My first ever dance video shoot with Rupert at NLS!

Pre-communication was excellent and I was well informned of the music and process, we discussed potential problems together and came to a rounded solution which we both agreed on.

The shoot went very well, we had a laugh and Rupert ensured I got enough breaks and didn't rush me, I look forward to seeing the finished result!

Thank you :)

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I had the pleasure of working with Rupert today.

His home studio was set up when I arrived with different rooms to shoot in.

He was very professional and polite with direction, we ended up with some awesome images.

I couldn't recommend Rupert enough, the total experience was amazing.

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Had a great shoot with Rupert. Responded very quickly and was open to my suggestions. Came out with some great images and had lots of ideas and direction to get the perfect shot

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I had the pleasure of meeting Rupert today. He came to my bodyscape group shoot. The pre-shoot communication with him was excellent. Rupert arrived in plenty of time and ready to shoot even bringing his own equipment. He was full of enthusiasm and ideas. Rupert was very friendly and chatty throughout the shoot. I really enjoyed working with him and would be more than happy to shoot with him again.

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Sly Productions

It was a great pleasure working with you. I admire your professionalism and incredible eye for detail, you are a great talent to work with.

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