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Tony Orwin

I was delighted to work with Rosemarie last week on an extremely productive Art Nude / Glamour / Costume / Portrait shoot in the wilds of a valley near Stroud. Superb pre shoot Comms, an unbelievable array of costumes ) props and immaculate make up / hair, combined with an endless supply of offered poses and willingness to modify are just some of the reasons why shoots with Rosemarie are so so productive! As always, I look forward to the next time.

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The discipline of a life model at work is a very serious business.

Take an experienced life model into a location where you can unlock the shackles of her normal shoots, wind her up, and let her go. Now watch the ideas flow and enjoy the experience.

Thus it was with Rosemarie when we had our first shoot.

What a model and so much fun to work with too.

I am sure that we will be working on other projects very soon,

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My first PP shoot since coming back to PP - Rosemarie as always on TOP form and needed no direction to get the shots I wanted. Great conversation too, and the result was a great shoot where the time simply flew by.


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Another Rosemarie shoot, and another fabulous one at that.... The usual mixture of great shots (almost entirely without direction) and great conversation mean here's a model you SHOULD be working with.

So it's another 10+/10 from me.

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Just back from a wonderful, fabulous shoot with Rosemarie, beginning with excellent communications (and Rosemarie's location selection) to the two hours we spent shooting. Rosemarie was on time, wore a great and entirely suitable outfit but, way , way more importantly, she's a great person to work with: we put the world to rights and the two hours were gone in a blink of an eye.

I'm definitely looking forward to working with Rosemarie again in the not-too-distant future.

15/10 (yes, fifteen out of ten)

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Terry Walters

Rosemarie posed for a coaching/practical night at Swindon Photographic Society where she was an absolute hit, not only striking the pose for the less experienced togs, but also for her patience while the beginners got to grips with manual camera settings and flash.

A pleasure to work with, highly recommended.

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13arry 13

Had a brilliant shoot with Rosemarie today, our first, and the first time I've used Spitfire Studio in Swindon. Rosemarie arrived with a profusion of props, a superabundance of accessories and bursting with ideas. She has great poise and balance, holds the most amazing poses and is so easy to direct. Our three hour shoot was nowhere near enough and I really hope that we will work together again soon. I could not recommend her more highly.

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Orson Carter

Yet another very successful shoot with Rosemarie - this time a duo figure shoot with Melany.

Given Rosemarie's vast experience, creativity, physical capabilities and her exemplary professionalism, I knew it was going to be a good shoot. And it was!

Note to self... Next time, don't leave it so long between shoots with this highly accomplished model. :)

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M e l a n y

I had the pleasure of doing my first ever duo shoot with Rose Marie and very successful it was too. Not only is she great company and very creative with ideas, she has excellent poise and grace, and was the perfect partner to create interesting bodyshapes with.

We had a very productive day which has produced some fantastic images, captured by the supremely talented Orson Carter. I really hope that I get the chance to work with Rose Marie again some day. Highly recommended :)

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Tony Orwin

I've had the honour and pleasure of working with Rosemarie since 2004 - she was the spark that re kindled my creative streak and propelled me on my career as a Figurative Artists. Although having worked with innumerable models in the interim - she id still always my favourite model to work with - a (creative) delight and constant inspiration. As with countless other Artists, Sculptors, Photographers and Tutors - I always look forward to the next time I am able to work with her!!

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Orson Carter

It had been a couple of years since I last worked with Rosemarie. Why, oh why, oh why did I leave it for so long? The moment Sunday's shoot started I was reminded just how bl**dy brilliant she is!

Rosemarie must be one of the most experienced, accomplished and creative figure models around. She arrives with a car-full of well-considered props and accessories, and she's full of brilliant ideas - and she also has the energy, enthusiasm and patience to turn ideas (her ideas, my ideas or joint ideas) into reality. Each time I've worked with her I've come away with pics that are different to anything I've done before. She's THAT good.

Add to all that her lovely unpretentious personality, her great sense of humour and her all-round professionalism, and you have a model who is a dream to work with. This time, I certainly won't be leaving it so long before booking her again.

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Mark Jarvis

Rosemarie contacted me to see if I was interested in modelling for 1 of her life-art classes in Swindon.

It was a real pleasure to meet Rosemarie, highly professional, friendly and well organised.

Communication was good from start to finish, and I fully understood what was expected on the day I modelled for the group. It was also a pleasure to meet the artists in the group, who were also helpful and friendly.

Given the chance I would defiantly work for Rosemarie again.

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xxmrmthxx - Mel Tongue

I applied for Rosemarie's casting for a life model last year in May. Now usually when I book that far in advance I get let down, but not with Rosemarie. Her pre communications all the way through were excellent. She is very organised and even sent me the days schedule in advance. The group was lovely to sit for and Rosemarie mad sure I was well looked after. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to sitting for another one of her art group sessions.

I highly recommend sitting for the group and on a personal note I still can't believe how incredible Rosemarie looks. Her port is fab!

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betsybbird said...

i worked with rosemarie yesterday.

i had applied for her casting for a life model and was lucky that she chose me, she is fun and full of smiles and she helped put what little nerves i had to 1 side, i had the pleasure of working along side another model,

It was my first life modelling job and i really enjoyed it,

thank you Rosemarie

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Helen Madcat said...

I was very lucky to be asked to model at one of Rosemarie’s Life Drawing workshops last month. It was by far the best session I have ever attended; professional and very well organised. As the model I was extremely well looked after! It would be a pleasure to work with you again in the future. Thanks again Rose!x

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Optimus Blue Box Photography said...

worked with Rosemarie today at her home, a pleasure to work with. Both Rosemarie and her husband Tony were more than helpful with a couple of mid shoot hic ups and advice on ways to use the incredible shooting space they provide. I hope to make my way out to swindon again soon

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Had a super Shoot at Rosemarie's home - amazing variety of settings and the bonus of her home studio. Rosemarie is a most inspiring and helpful Model to work with, great ideas and helpful in every way. Thanks for working with me for some great and imaginative images . Martin.

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Orson Carter

Have had the pleasure of working with Rosemarie on three occasions. She is a sheer delight to work with -- highly experienced, creative, has an impressively toned figure, a sparkling personality and is ultra-professional in every respect. Very highly recommended.

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Tony Orwin

Without a doubt Rosemarie is the most Inspirational, professional and effective model with whom I have had the pleasure to work with during my years as a figurative photographer.

She move effortlessly from one superb pose to another without hesitation - BUT ONLY WHEN ASKED SO TO DO! I cannot recommend her strongly enough! Further, I don’t know of any photographers that have worked with her that have not been impressed with the quality and variety of the images added to their portfolios by collaborating with her – as she is able to move effortlessly from Fashion through Fitness, to Art Nude, Glamour/Lingerie and Erotic..

Her Strong Art and Dance background combined with her toned physique, anatomical detail and sharply defined musculature deliver the finishing touches to a totally professional and stunning model

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Marshon SFX

Painted and shot Rosemarie way back in 2009. Very professional in both attitude and approach, had a really good day and hopefully got some good results. Recommended.

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