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Rooney and I had our first shoot together recently at my home, and he was polite, friendly, and professional too. He came prepared with lighting but luckily we had great natural light that Rooney was able to work with brilliantly. I definitely recommend Rooney and hope to work with him again soon!


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Ivory Flame

I worked with Rooney during my model day at Wolfe Cottage Studio. He was very polite, professional and pleasant to work with, interested to learn about boudoir photography especially.

Myself and the studio owner Andrew were happy to give some tips and advice, and we had a great shoot (just an hour), and Rooney was really grateful.

I would be happy to work with him again in the future, it would be great to shoot for longer and get to chat more too. All the best!

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Amy Nykyforczuk

I had the pleasure of shooting with Rooney on Saturday.He came full of ideas for what he wanted from the shoot and I hope we achieved it.

Pre shoot comms were fantastic and there was a good vibe all through the shoot.

Hopefully we’ll get to shoot together again soon as he’s one of the nicest photographers I’ve worked with since I joined PP.

Highly recommend 😊

Amy x

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