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Today I shot at the Rock Factory studio with Ant & accompanied by Jay. I have previously shot at this studio a few years ago, however when I visited today quite a few cool changes have been made. The studio some may think is small is actually a great space and has a good variety of backdrops/set ups. Changing sets was a quick process also, so there wasn't much waiting inbetween. Jay was very welcoming he knew exactly what needed to be done & got it done quickly. I'd definitely recommend shooting at this studio as it's freindly, relaxed and fun, which is a great atmosphere for creating fun imagery.

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Ashleigh Mulvihill

Did a dance shoot at the rock factory and it was a great studio! Had everything you could need and Jay was really helpful and very professional. Highly recommend!!

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I had an amazing shoot in Joy's studio today. It was nice to meet Joy, he is very respectful and polite photographer. He was very helpful, he also gave us the ideas how to improve the lighting and we came up with great ideas together. The studio is really great, I like his equipment too,there are a lot of different, interesting stuff there 😀highly recommended to shoot in👍

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Claudia K

I had a pleasure to work in this studio today with Jay. The place is large enough, and well organised including changing area.

You can find equipment for all kind of shoots, and you can do a lot in this place! Also lighting is amazing. It was a really good experience to work there.

Highly recommended!!

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