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Rachelle Summers

I really enjoyed meeting and working with Rob last weekend at Nicole Rayner's Guys Cliffe event.

Rob was one of the first photographers I worked with for the weekend and I felt comfortable with him from the offset! He was super friendly and respectful and it was a real pleasure working with him :)

Happily recommended and hope we get chance to shoot together again in the future :)

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I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Rob on my Studio Day on 25 May 2019. In the two hours we had we managed to create some awesome images. Time flew by and we could have shot for many more hours.

Rob was very respectful, made me feel comfortable from the very start to finish, and we just had so much fun shooting together. Highly recommended.

Rob, thank you so much, and hope our paths will cross again in the future xx 

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A Scorpion Residence

Rob shot in my studio spaces for his first time today and was great to have him here.

Got on really well with his model (Aneta Eve) and treated studio and facilities on offer in a good way. Friendly with professional attitude and easy to get on with.

Looking forward to seeing some of the images captured from the day. Enjoy your holiday Rob and hopefully see you back here in July – Lee :-)

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Excellent photographer !

Captured the theme of the shoot incredibly well,was professional, friendly and produced some fabulous photos. Highly recommend, cannot wait to work with him again.

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Miss Rosie Lea

I had another lovely shoot with Rob yesterday when he attended my Stevie Nicks inspired studio day at Far Forest Studio.

Rob is always so easy and fun to work with. He’s easy going, chatty and just a joy to be around. He always clicks with other group members right away and contributes to shoots in such a productive way; often spotting lighting advantages and potential captures that lead to amazing shots for the whole group.

I just adore Rob’s photography! Shots from our shoots together are amongst my all time favourites and I’m always so excited to see what he’s captured. The back of cams from Sunday have just increased the excitement :D

I’d recommend Rob to anyone and I really hope to work with him many more times in the future!

Thanks so much Rob!

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Miss Rosie Lea

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Rob again yesterday when he attended my duo shoot with Olivia-Rose at Far Forest Studio.

Rob is always amazing company; very communicative, confident and comfortable to work with. He works well with people across the board as the other photographers on the group shoot gelled with him right away too.

His images are just stunning, and shots from our first shoot a couple of years ago are still in pride of place on my port (they received an fpi or two so that speaks for itself!) I’m looking forward to seeing images from this shoot and the back of cams I saw were just beautiful!

I’d recommend Rob to anyone and hope that we get to work together again soon! Thanks for another lovely shoot Rob :)

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Velvet Fox

I had a fantastic shoot with Rob yesterday on my duo studio shoot with Miss Rosie Lea at Far Forest Studio Yesterday. Rob is friendly and easy going and all the photographers really got on well together and worked fantastically as a group. By sharing their ideas and also executing their own ideas the shoot ran very smoothly. Rob had lots of great concepts and ideas and by judging from his back of the camera images alone, I know the photos will look fantastic and I can't wait to see them, Highly recommended

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Amie Boulton

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Rob on a gel lighting event hosted by Chris Conway at MAP studios.

What a great guy he is. Full of fun, keen to get that great shot, respectful to me as a model, easy to work alongside, great communication and very genuine. I'm so pleased he decided to come along as he was an asset to the group. I would 100% recommend Rob to anyone and hope to work with him again at some point in the future.

Thank you for joining us Rob

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Miss mae_

Had a lovely shoot with rob on my studio day. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and a mind full of brilliant ideas including smoke grenades :) rob was well prepared on time and super welcoming and lovely to work with.

Pre comms were brilliant.

Highly recommended by me and I hope we get to work together again soon

I had a wonderful fun time shooting with rob


Tann x

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Far Forest Studio

We were pleased to welcome Rob to our studio today for his first visit.

Arriving on time and well prepared for the shoot he had a firm plan in mind for what he hoped to achieve.

After a quick tour he was off creating images, the model thouroughly enjoyed the booking slot and the time flew past.

A complete professional in his work and away from the camera making his visit all the more enjoyable.

We would welcome him back anytime and we hope this visit won't be his last.

Highly recommended to any studio or model.

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theresa louise

Had my first shoot with Rob today and what an absolute pleasure.

Rob turned up on time, we had a quick cuppa and Rob showed me some image ideas.

We got to work straight away and within the first 5 shots I knew it was going to be a cracking shoot.

Rob is an awesome photographer, really professional and I will put you at ease straight away.

Thanks so much and hope to do it again some time


T xxx

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Amber Tutton

Rob booked onto my studio day at the natural light studio, he was on time... turned up with a smile and great attitude. We got on very well & I felt I could connect with him on a great level! I felt at ease throughout the shoot and totally comfortable with him :)

We quirked it up with outfits and he was the best fun to work with

I highly recommend rob to every model out there!

Thanks so much, let's arrange our next shoot


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Rob booked a couple of hours with me at Sandon Studio recently! A highly enjoyable couple of hours work, where we created some awesome images. We found some good light and worked it to the best of our advantage! That is the best thing about a venue like Sandon, the light differs in different rooms at varied times of the day, but even better is having a photographer who is willing to work with me to find the nicest source possible at that particular time. Everything just fell into place during this shoot even though we spent some time hunting around Lizzies mansion for something that fueled our creativity. Rob listened and collaborated so well, a real pleasure to work with; professional, pleasant and respectful of my levels and modesty. Highly recommended and would be delighted to work with him again in future.

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Ivory Flame

I had a lovely 2 hour shoot with Rob at a studio day at Image Red's new loft location. A brilliant photographer, he captured some really gorgeous images in the beautiful natural light, was keen to try different looks and angles, and was professional and considerate throughout. It was great to get chatting and I would love to work with him again in the future. Happily recommended to others!

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Bethany Morgan

I had a shoot with Rob for the first time at Mick Payton Studios. Rob is a pleasure to work with, he has great manners and knows exactly how to get a great image. I recommend Rob to all models. I hope to work with him again soon.

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Phoenix Winters Model

I recently shot with Rob at one of my studio days in a group session and previously in a kimono shoot, I really enjoyed our shoot together not only is he very professional and enthusiastic during a shoot he creates a great relaxed atmosphere to work in. We've also been published from our first shoot together which im incredibly happy about and just stands as a testimant to his great work. I can't wait to work with him again and I highly recommend him to any future clients and models!

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Kimono Stylist

I have shot twice with Rob & both times he was a seasoned professional. He has a great eye for different mediums, especially as kimono can be hard to shoot.

He is very good at framing the shots just right, especially for publication which requires clean edges.

Thanks again Rob!

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Von Hart

Got to work with Rob yesterday at a kimono shoot in birmingham. He was very friendly and very professional and works very quickly.

It was a pleasure to work with him and would like the opportunity to work with him again

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Sarah Swift

I had the pleasure of working with rob at a group shoot designer event at Sandon house. He is a lovely guy, whose very considerate towards the model. He has loads of ideas so you never have enough time to shoot!! Had a great laugh and we definitely got some keepers!! Can't wait to see the images, and I hope to work with him again in the future.

100% recommend x

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Met this lovely guy at a group shoot yesterday and I absolutely loved working with him he is easy to work with and kind and he has cool old school camera witch I love and want to steal 😉 Haha, but seriously love worked with him and I'm soooooo mega excited for out images eekkkk, I would high recommend this guy to all so what you waiting for book him now!! thanks again rob!

Katie x

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