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Tania Aresti

Had another wonderful shoot with RiversWorldStudio at a workshop.

He is always friendly, polite & easy to work with.

He is 100& professional & I feel comfortable around him at all times.

He came prepared with ideas of the type of thing he wanted to create.

I highly recommend him and I'd love to work with him again.

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Is my first with Nik, I really enjoy working with Nik.

really professional photographer.

I'm looking forward to work with Nik

high recommended,


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vonny lang

Nik is a great photographer and really easy to talk to. He's skilled with the camera and knows how to capture beautiful images. I enjoyed working with him and would definitely recommend him to other models and anyone looking to get some nice photos! Look forward to working with him again :)

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Jade Lyon

I had my second shoot with Nik around London. We did an autumnal shoot around Regents Park.

Nik is very easy going and easy to shoot with.

He regularly showed me shots on the back of the camera which is always good to see what we're getting. It looked like there were some great shots. I look forward to seeing them.

I would happily recommend him.

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Lily Moonflower

I had my second shoot with Nik at my place in Basingstoke. He arrived on time and ready to shoot with loads of props and outfits. He has many ideas and is happy to listen to and incorporate mine too. We shot a lot of different sets in the time we had together and I really liked the images I saw on the back of the camera.

Nik is really kind and friendly. He always treats me with respect and makes sure to ask if I need a break.

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Sonya Lynn

I had a lovely shoot with Nik during my tour in London. He brought some props for the shoot and gave me the freedom to pose while also giving me some direction whenever necessary. Nik was professional, very easy to work with and very respectful towards me.

I would love to work with him again the next time I tour London. Would definitely recommend Nik to other models. :)

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Lily Moonflower

I had a nice shoot with Nik at my sisters apartment in Basingstoke. He came prepared for the shoot with loads of props, outfits and ideas. He allowed me a lot of creative freedom to pose but also shared his own ideas with the styling.

Nik was very respectful, he spoke very politely and treated me with a lot of kindness. I enjoyed our shoot together and hope we can work together again in the future. :)

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Camille Alexander

Excellent shoot with RiversWorldStudio the other day at my place!! Lovely photographer to work with, very open to collaborating ideas as well. I had a great time shooting with him and felt very comfortable working together!

Cant wait to shoot together again,

Would definitely recommend him to other models!


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Nick was early to the shoot. He is friendly, respectful and aware of my levels as well. He was easy to work with and was eager to experiment with diff props. I like that he asked me to put my hair up because it's not common to have hair up in lingerie style shoots! #goodtobesifferent

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Bella Grace

Today I had my first shoot with Nik! It was a pleasure to work with him. He’s a genuine kind guy who knows what he wants to capture and has a great eye for detail.

We had a location shoot and despite the weather I think there was some great shots. Nik picked a beautiful location.

I recommend him highly!

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Sherelle Nicole

Had my first shoot with Nik today and the time just flew. Really pleasant experience. He arrived early, all ready to go with his camera and even props to use. Really easy going guy who is good at giving direction and putting forth his ideas. From what I saw the images looked great! Thank you for a wonderful shoot. Recommended!

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Mya Chan

Had a shoot With Nik today at my location and we had a blast working together, even shooting for an extra hour and a half!

We collabed on some ideas and explored different styles which I really enjoyed and even talked about a second shoot in the near future which I am very much looking forward to!

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Lena HK

Nick is super lovely! He is a true professional behind his camera and such a creative soul! Time flies shooting with him; he’s just fun to be around. I would highly recommend him and wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again :)

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Emily Wilde

Nik is a lovely photographer to work with. Professional, respectful, easygoing and I felt 100% comfortable with him. He came prepared and I enjoyed the communication during and after. I would highly recommend him.

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Lyra Rose Winters

Nik was very nice to work with. We had some great conversations that made the shoot very fun. He was extremely accomodating and easy going. He paid a lot of attention to detail - making sure we had great backgrounds. He'd even arrived earlier to scout the location. I had a great time and I think we got some wonderful shots. I'd totally recommend him.

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Tania Aresti

Had another wonderful shoot with riversworldstudio.

He is just so respectful, relaxed and easy to shoot with.

He is 100% proffeisonal & I felt comfortable around him at all times.

He came prepared with props & we had a great chat whilst we shot.

It was a fun shoot & I really like the finished images.

I would definitely recommend & I would love to work with him again

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White Rose

I recently had a shoot with Nik and it was really nice :) he is punctual, well organised and I felt comfortable around him. He is really professional and I really recommend him!

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Tania Aresti

What a pleasure RiversWorldStudio is to work with!

We shot at my flat location and he arrived on time and prepared with props which is always fun. We experimented with hats he brought as well as my own outfits.

He was organised and already had an idea of the kind of outfits he wanted to shoot me in.

Being an actor he is also in the creative field and we had a great chat whilst we shot.

He is 100% professional & I felt comfortable around him at all times.

I really like the finished images.

We have already organised another shoot.

I highly recommend and can't wait to shoot with him again!

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Jade Lyon

I worked with Nik for the first time today. Despite being new to PP I could see via Instagram that he goes to lots of photography events with people I've worked with before. Great communication as he sent me the link to his Instagram in the first message so I could see more of his work with out me needing to ask etc so nice and thought out.

Communication through out has been good. We met in a busy tourist area and had a quick phone call to find each other. Nik had already been to the location early to scout it out so he had locations and ideas in mind.

Easy, relaxed person to work with. I would definitely be happy to recommend him. Hopefully I'll work with him again for his own shoots or at an event.

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