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Rick turned up on time and with all of the kit required for the shoot. Pre shoot comms were excellent and we both put ideas forward for the pictures required. Different lighting styles were tried, giving the photos amazing contrast.

I would recommend Rick as he was a pleasure to work with.

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Amber Joseph May

Nice to work with Rick at the home studio I use a lot. He was driving to Clacton on sea with full equipment. Very nice to work with Rick. He is very friendly and made me feel comfortable.

We tried a few ideas from my pinterest and would be lovely to do some more with Rick another time. I looking forward to seeing the result. Recommended.

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Really good to meet Rick at the weekend at my humble abode, "Chaise Shed ".

Polite, respectful, brought all his own gear, and his model for the day Amber Joseph May certainly seemed to enjoy her shoot with him.

Already seen 2 of the results on his page, and kudos indeed, nice work.

Welcome back anytime, and of course recommended to other studio's.

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Leigh Jaimey

I enjoyed our shoot we had.

Rick is absolutely lovely I cannot fault him in the slightest.

I felt comfortable and have got some amazing pictures out of the shoot!

Thanks a lot rick excited for another one! Would 100% recommend.

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Rick is a lovely person and is willing to go extra miles to achieve something different.

Actually I do appreciate the fact that he was the first person who brought me breakfast before our shoot and he also worked very hard which I really appreciate.

100% recommended.

Thank you


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Mimi Cafrreni

Had a good shoot with Rick testing some lighting setups.

I'm glad he chose me to be his model for it as I learnt a little more about lighting and got some lovely shots out of it too.

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Lady Sadie Ann Marie

I had my first shot with Rick this week, we caught some great images in my home using all my musical instruments. its was inspiring.

Rick was on time, came with a car full of equipment. We worked very well together.

Pre coms were very good and he even brought me a danish pastry.

Till next time Rick.

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I had a lovely shoot with rick today. He was kind enough to travel down to me! Super polite and chatty we had loads of fun. Rick is a great photographer and I more than happy with our photos, all the set up was worth it! Rick made me feel very comfortable, he is highly recommended.

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Amelia Mary

I replied to a status Rick had put up requesting a last minute shoot, and before I knew it Rick and I had arranged a shoot. He travelled to me, drove us to a local woods and rectory, and we shot for 3 hours with plenty of different sets. It was a truly enjoyable shoot, Rick is fun, great to talk to and down to earth, and the time flew by! He came well prepared, with some amazing lighting setups, and we created some really cool images. Pre and post comms are perfect - still receiving awesome images. Thanks Rick :-) Highly recommended.

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leah loops

I had the pleasure of having a shoot with Rick today.

I needed a lot of direction and guidance in my first shoot back, he was very patient and helped me come out of my shell and with poses.

He was approachable and made me feel at ease, I would defiantly do a shoot again. Recommend for new models ! as he made me feel very comfortable.

Thanks again


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Saran NV

Worked with Rick for the first time on my bodypaint series Black Is Gold. Awesome, professional, skilled and friendly. He has certainly made the process of creating these artistic photos for publication a joy. Definitely will continue to work with him!

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Belle Eve

I shot with Rick for the first time last week with I was down in Essex we worked in the Factory studio in East London wich was a beautiful location.

Rick was an absolute gem to work with, his communication before and during the shoot was brilliant and he even picked me up and dropped me off again which I can not thank him more for. The few hours we spent shoot flew in! we had a good laugh and over all it was a brilliant shoot.

I highly recommend Rick!

Much love,


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👑 Miss V

It's been four years since our first shoot so when the wonderful Rick contacted me regarding my special offer I booked him in streight away without fail I highly recommend him as he is a joy to work with. Hanging backdrops and having ideas for jewellery and fantastic makeup wear.

I hope to shoot with Rick again much sooner.

Thank you Rick.

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I had my first of what I hope will be many shoots with Rick at my home on Saturday.

His pre shoot comms were spot on & he arrived on time!

Rick is a great photographer & a true gent!

He gave great direction & I am really looking forward to seeing the finished images as I know they are going to be excellent.

Recommended to all models.

Thank you Rick. I look forward to shooting with you again real soon

Lacey xx

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modelsarahlouise said...

Had a location shoot with Rick and it was very short notice for both.. shoot turned out great as Rick had lots of ideas and even brought customs with him.

First time meeting Rick and found him to be a real gentleman with lots of passion as a photographer.

hope we will work together again.

I already have some great images back xx thank you Rick xx

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Mimi Cafrreni

Had a short notice shoot with Rick and it was really good, Pre comms were great, he arrived on time and even bought me a croissant! :)

We chose my outfits together and got down to shooting. The time flew by and I was pleased with the back of camera results he showed me along the way.

I received images pretty soon after the shoot, which was great.

I would recommend working with Rick and I plan too again in the new year.

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Recently had another shoot with Rick.. I think it's now my 4th.. and as usual.. lots of laughs... and lots of great images. Because it was a last minute fill in shoot.. we weren't too sure what we would be doing.. but there were no worries.. there were plenty of props at the studio and we just went with the flow.

Ricks a lovely guy, knows what he likes and gives great direction.. pre coms in the past have always been good (not applicable in this case) and I soon received a drop box full of images... soon editted to a high standard.

Would I recommend Rick.. YES.. every time.. :-)

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Tabitha Alexander said...

A lovely chap to work with and chat to, hence another shoot over run! Gave good direction but allowed me to add ideas and suggestions.

Would certainly recommend this chap and hope to work with him again.

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Rick is always a joy to work with, really enjoyed our shoot, would highly recommend and would work with him again x

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Lauren Staerck

Rick is a amazing photographer and a really nice genuine man , open to all my ideas that I had and also have me some really good advise . Really hope to work with rick again soon x

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