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Aurora Violet

It was a joy to meet and work with Paul for the first time recently during my time in York in a beautiful apartment I had booked for staying and shooting in working on some portrait, lingerie, peek a boo and nude styles indoors and outdoors.

This was Paul's first 1-1 shoot with a model, he has been to group shoots but this being his first 1-1 was very impressive as he was chatty, confident, professional, enthusiastic and had a good idea of what he wanted to achieve also taking some really beautiful images. I really enjoyed his company and the time flew by with a lot of laughter and some really superb images captured.

Paul turned up on time raring to go with a mood board of images of the sort of thing he had in mind to shoot. We had an excellent session and created a few really nice looks working indoors, in the garden area at my apartment and outdoors in a nearby park.

Communications leading up to our shoot were brilliant so I knew what to bring and to expect plus he was very good at directing if he wanted me to pose a certain way but was mostly happy for me to pose freely.

We had a nice relaxed shoot and I felt very comfortable working alongside Paul, he had lots of ideas and we did a little set of nude images which was Paul's first set of nude images he has taken. :)

I highly recommend Paul to all creatives, a really nice person, learning and eager to learn more and lovely to spend your time shooting with. Do not miss out on the opportunity to work with an enthusiastic and passionate photographer like Paul. A complete professional and a real gentleman.

Thank you Paul,

Can't wait until next time.

Aurora :)

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Had my first shoot today with Paul

He turned up on time , he is very pleasant and easy to work with

We started the shoot straight away

Paul knows what he wanted from the shoot !

I would highly recommend him to any model !

Hope we get to do another shoot in the near future

Thanks for a great shoot !


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Monia El

Ricketrescue has booked a studio time with me and I am happy he did. He is a great photographer to work with and such a positive person! We had great time taking photos and I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you and till next time!

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