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Hi, I am a Pro photographer who now does as much photography around my full time work as I possibly can, I class myself as a Freelance now. Over the last ten years or so I have mainly done sports photography with the occasional wedding and the odd portrait here and there.

 Since studying Photography at college some twelve to thirteen years ago I have always wanted to try my hand at glamour, lingerie, swimwear and any other female or male studio and/or location type work, I think there is great skill and expertise at getting the best from a model be it in the studio or on location and producing a picture which really compliments the model male or female.

 The key for me is nice subtle lighting and trying to put the model at ease and working with each other to get the best possible result you both can.

 As said above I am a learner when it comes to this type of photography but I am hoping to work with models that may be a bit more experienced than I am but who would still be willing to work with a very keen, courtious and always willing to learn photographer.

 I dont have my own website at the moment, mainly because I dont think I have enough varied material to put on it to make it interesting, I could quite easily put a few thousand boxing photo's on dead easy but I cant see the point so I am going to wait for the time being, will use facebook for a while longer to show my work ! I can 100% assure any model I work with that any photo I wish to use on my social media feeds will only be used after permission is granted from the model first.

I ask that a time for CD arrangement is ok but I am happy to pay models who are more experienced etc, up to now I have aimed at models wanting to get some pics to put a portfolio together so then both parties are getting something from the arrangement, I would be willing to pay more experienced models for there time if need be, I would also try to make sure if doing a location shoot that the model would be picked up and made sure she got home ok, I prefer not to work with models who insist on a chaperone, having done this twice I have found it just doesn't work, both boyfriends in each case were simply putting off their partner opening up to the camera and myself, one girl actually commented to me afterwards that she wish she had never brought her partner as she found him off putting glaring at her all day ! I am fully aware that any model will have concerns about being half naked with a strange fella and probably in an un familiar location so I always offer a meet up for a coffee before the shoot not just to break the ice but also to discuss ideas and arrangements for the upcoming shoot, if any model is still un happy to work alone with me after that then that is totally fine, I will not hold a grudge or anything.

 I do have access to a decent little studio which I hire when I am doing a shoot or family portrait etc, I dont normally ask a fee from who ever I am photographing because I pay for the studio out of my own pocket which when in for a full day can be quite costly.

 The studio is in Sheffield and has free parking and is very private, it has it's own changing/refreshment/toilet facilities etc, at the moment it does not have much in the way of props but I am hoping that will change soon.

 I hope I have covered most things so if you are interested in working with me then please dont hesitate to send a message, thanks

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