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Had my first shoot with Richard today, such a great guy to work with. Very talented and professional and has a great sense of humour. Communication was amazing throughout. Really enjoyed todays shoot. Highly recommend and looking forward to working with him again

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It was my first shoot with Richard and I can say I have an absolutely great time! It was easy and fun to work together. Richard is very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend him! Would love to shoot with him again

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It Was my first time meeting Richard today. Let me just say what a fantastic Photographer he is. But also such a great guy to get along with too. We had such a laugh. It was such a fantastic shoot. I would definitely recommend Richard and I'm looking forward to work with him again!

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Emmie Victoria

Had the best shoot with Richard yesterday! Richards pre-comms where amazing and he knew exactly what theme he wanted to shoot which made things super easy for me! Richard is an all around great photographer with a lot of knowledge in photography! His sense of humour is also great which makes the shoot very fun! Overall I highly recommend Richard!!

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Danielle Beales

This was my second shoot with Richard and my second shoot back since the lockdown, and despite the cold and windy weather it was definitely a success! I am yet to see the images but from what I saw on the back of the camera I’m very excited to see the end results :) Richard is a pleasure to work with, he’s chatty and friendly which was shown by how quick the time flew by! Plenty of laughs despite not being able to feel my toes by the end of the shoot 🤣 shooting in a series of varied backgrounds consisting of a lake, woods and traffic lights 🤪 (this will make more sense when you see the image 🤣) as before I absolutely recommend Richard!

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Danielle Beales

This was my first shoot with Richard and it certainly won’t be the last ☺️ His pre shoot comms were excellent, we spoke on the phone to discuss things in greater detail which enhanced the quality of the shoot as he had the idea of a triptych image and I am very excited to see the outcome of this 😍 Richard was friendly and chatty throughout the shoot which made the time fly by, an enjoyable shoot altogether and I would certainly recommend to other models :)

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Had a really good time shooting with Richard.

Amazing communication from the get go, knew exactly what he wanted to shoot and explained it really well which allowed me to get outfits e.t.c.

Rich is very professional and friendly, the shoot ran so smoothly and I really enjoyed the sets we did. Had a right old giggle also.

I would definitely reccomend !!! Successful shoot with lots or laughter and good chat ! Cant wait to see the images and looking forward to another shoot.

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Ellie Vickers 04

Had a great shoot with Richard! Made me feel comfortable and gave me lots of choice with the shoot.

He really helped me tailor the photos to what we both thought would look good, very professional and kind hearted.

Had a great time and would love to work with again🙂

Thanks for everything, Ellie

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👑 Miss V

First shoot with Richard and what can I say but he was nothing but professional. We communicated firstly with a telephone call to break the ice also to discuss ideas and themes then comms continue on PP. really enjoyed this shoot with a lot of laughter. I highly recommend Richard to others. Hope to work with him again in the future !

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Brilliant photographer! With excellent skill, lovely man. Made me feel at ease and confident :)

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Jes model

It was a pleasure to work with Richard. He is really laid back and chatty and open to ideas for the shoot. Highly recommended to other models :)

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Arron Arrow

It was an easy laid back shoot with no problems, richard is very open minded and listen's to you he is very easy to get along with.A down to earth guy.

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Cera Wong

Did my second video project with Richard, and I just couldn't get enough of his humour! He is, again, very professional when I worked with him, collaborative, and was full of ideas. Working with him has been such a pleasure for me.

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Richard was a fab photographer. Great preschool communication and understanding. Exchanging ideas and helpful poses.

At the shoot Richard was great as I was nervous to start he made me feel at ease and was really easy to work with. We had quite a few different locations to shoot and it was great to combine ideas to get some amazing shots.

Loved it and can't wait to work with Richard again!! :)

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Grace A

Had my first shoot with Richard today, and I hope it won't be my last!

I instantly felt comfortable with him, thanks to his pre-shoot communications, to the point where I didn't feel the need to take a chaperone with me.

We had fun and laughed throughout.

Richard offered to get me a drink, made sure I was always comfortable, and even gave me lots of Jaffacakes to snack on! (what more could you want!)

I'd highly recommend Richard, both an amazing photographer and a great person!

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Had the absolute privilege of working with Richard today!

Preshoot communications were brilliant and had me beyond excited to work with Richard and put together a style of images that was completely new to me.

Although what we did was something I was doing for the first time Richard made me feel completely at ease and automatically had me involved and helping to create what he made sure felt like 'our' shots rather than plainly one persons ideas.

I loved every moment of the shoot and alongside the seriousness and thought put into making the images we were in constant laughter and chat and the whole thing felt relaxed and led to higher quality in the images.

Not a bad word to say and would recommend to anyone looking to do any style or level! One of my all time favourite shoots to date.

Highly recommended!

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Cera Wong

Richard is very professional and he is a man with many ideas, which is something that as a model I absolutely respect. Always a pleasure to work with and with great photographing skills. 110% recommend him!

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Nadia Chloe Rose

Working with Richard is always such a positive experience, he is a great photographer and the shoots are really fun. He is very hard working and easy to get on with, we have worked together many times now and I hope many times more. 100% recommend.

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Richard was lovely and drove us around to different locations to shoot at. He bought me a coffee and we had a lovey laid back shoot. Lots of different shots, and I am very pleased with them. I highly recommend and hope to shoot with him in the future :)

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Very professional lovely to work with great fun highly recommend will definitely be working with again in the future for other shoots

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