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Darren S

I had a great shoot with Richard a few weeks back at a great location in North Wales. Richard is awesome, I've worked with Richard a few times prior to this shoot and he is such a cool guy.

He capture some really cool images in the early morning light and i look forward to working with him again soon :)

Highly recommended.

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Zoe Elfreyah

Rich was one of my first ever shoots! He made me feel completely comfortable and we has a lot of fun! Overall a great day with some great images produced!

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After taking a break from modeling due to my health I was feeling a little confident shy and nervous about getting back in front of the camera! So I asked Rich if we could have a random shoot at some amazing locations (not first time I have worked with Rich)

I have to say I've come back home exhausted but thoroughly happy with the whole day. The locations were stunning, faced one of my biggest fears (The Bridge) and the photos in the back of camera looked so beautifully taken that I'm writing this reference now as a way to kill time because I cant wait to see the finished results!

Thanks for an amazing shoot and it was the huge boost to my confidence that i needed :) Your the best!

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Kaydee x

Had my very first shoot with Rich. I was very nervous but he made me feel completely at ease and was very helpful as to what I should expect. I was very happy with the outcome of the images and would work with him again! X

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Darren S

Worked with Richard last Sunday, on a workshop in North Wales. What can i say? Richard is a cool down to earth guy, with a great eye for photography.

He captured a lot of awesome shots, using the most out of the surroundings.

I highly recommend Richard and look forward to working with him again.

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Amethyst .

Just had a bloody awesome shoot with Rich !

so firstly Rich was waiting at the platform for me with a coffee, he bought me lunch, dinner and was such a gent! - and he has the best accent.

Then we drove to the beach and we instantly clicked, lots of laughs, running around and babbled lots. Our creative brain thoughts flowed and synchronized naturally that it was so easy for me to be free and pose with our joined ideas. When he showed me the images on the back of the camera I was stunned - he has talent. After, we shot in this unique mansion with plenty of ideas - I can not wait to see the results. We both worked so hard all day we was exhausted at the end. A lot of effort involved all round :)

Rich is fantastic in person and behind the camera.

Thank you for a top day. It was one of the best

I highly recommend Rich and it would be a shame if you was to miss out

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My second shoot with Rich and it was awesome!

Rich is so creative and sees so many artistic points in simple things. I love working with him! The pictures I have been getting back are just amazing! I'm so happy with the way they turned out!

We always have such a laugh shooting and I always look forward to it!

Thanks so much Rich!


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I was lucky enough to have worked with Rich on my first shoot.

He was considerate, professional, creative and tactfully directional :)

I would definitely recommend working with him and shall hopefully do so again in the future.

Thank you for such beautiful images and for helping build my confidence x

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Lila DeWitt

Had a wonderful shoot with Rich the other day.

Rich is ace and such a creative man. He is considerate, funny and a brilliant photographer.

It was great to spend the afternoon with him creating beautiful and awesome images.

Hopefully the first shoot of many

Love Lila

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Miss Rosie Lea

I met and shot with Rich when I modelled for a workshop run by Welshpool Camera Club. Rich was lovely to work with and helped to make me feel very welcome. Having seen some of his images from the shoot it's clear he has a beautiful photographic style. Thanks Rich and I hope our paths cross again in the future :)

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Megan Philippa MUA

Another great shoot with Rich today! Full of great ideas and I can't wait until the next one!

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Di Vita Jones

Funny, reliable and polite, Richard is always a pleasure to work with (this being our second shoot together). He has a great eye for locations and light, in particular. You couldn't work with a nicer or more professional photographer.

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So this was my 8th shoot with the amazing Rich Harris!! :)

I love Rich's soft, sensitive style of photography - his use of natural light - and lovely soft colours. I have learnt a lot from Rich - he has helped me so much, with my own photography and editing.

This shoot was in an incredible grand old house that he had been given permission to use. I was keen to model in this location, as I could see the potential from the pictures that he sent me. The house surpassed my expectations - what a superb place!

It was a fairly short shoot, as we were not able to start until the afternoon. Time really flew and I am gutted it went so quickly - I feel there was so much more I could have done in that place! And so many ideas that I would love to have developed with Rich. Still, I am overjoyed with the results that we did get, in such a short space of time!

Rich is professional at all times, gives good direction when needed, and is respectful and mindful of the model's well-being and safety. He is relaxed, has a great sense of humour, and is very easy to get on with. One of the many good photographers who I have met through PP, who I can now call my friend!

I can definately recommend Rich - go and book him now!!

Thank you very much! :)

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Had my first shoot with Rich yesterday, it was awesome! As you can see from other references, Rich has great pre comms and scouts some amazing locations. For our shoot yesterday, we were at his friends house which is a converted chapel (gorgeous!) and Rich was helping him on his first model shoot.

Rich is a gent, making me feel at ease in no time at all after some old guy reversed into my car outside spar...

We worked through a number of sets and I left feeling like there is so much more we could do!

Rich is a great photographer who really knows his craft, if you get an opportunity to work with him don't miss out! He has some really interesting ideas and carries them out well as you can see by his portfolio.

Thanks again for an awesome shoot, hopefully get to work with you again sometime :D

Highly recommended to all models new and experienced.

Many thanks


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Had my first shoot of the year with Rich and he made it so easy for me to come out of my hibernation (took a break from modelling!)

Pre-comms were great and he was a perfect gent and professional to work with.

He knows how to get the image he is seeking for and so laid back with it too.

Looking forward to more shoots with him ...bring on the warmer weather!

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After feeling the need to shoot one final time before the end of the year, rich kindly applied to a casting i had put out last minute.. we soon had a location shoot planned around chester for the next day with myself and another model! Rich's pre shoot com's were great, and he even scouted out some great locations for us to work in. Not only is he a tallented photographer, he is such a lovely guy and made me and the other model feel completely at ease. The images i have recieved back are stunning and i wouldnt hesitate to reccommend him! Definatly would love to work with you again, thank you xxx

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Cassie K said...

Shot with rich and another model and it was a right laugh. He showed up early to scout out locations we could use and had a good idea of how to get the best shots / locations for us. Very laid back and easy to work with I really enjoyed working with rich . We got some really nice images from this shoot would definitely recommend!

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Megan Philippa MUA

I had a shoot today for the first time with Rich and it was fantastic. He was great to work with, with an amazing eye and brilliant ideas. Will definitely want to work with him again!

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Claire L

Our first shoot in a camera club :) Richard made the effect to chat to me and sent me some lovely snaps straight away. Great fun to work with, look forward to a one on one session one day :D

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Rich is a great person to shoot with, patient and respectful making a relaxed atmosphere to work in. When shooting Rich's passion for the art of photography really shines through as he puts care, and creativity into all of his shots. The shoot resulted in only beautiful imagery, and I'm sure Rich will continue to make more gorgeous photos to add to his portfolio, so I certainly recommend working with him.

Thank you it was a pleasure :) I hope we can work together again, I promise to perfect my coffee making skills for next time!

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