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Amethyst .

I had a lovely shoot with Rein on my visit to Netherlands. He has a beautiful collection of photographs and an artistic vision that I enjoyed listening to and sharing.

We shot outside first at different locations, first a castle with beautiful stone and then farm land. We did great to capture some stunning and classical images considering the weather was awful!

Next we shot in Rein's beautiful home studio. I really like it there, each room i well lived in with beautiful images, collections and cultural memories. The space is also nice to shoot in, warm and set up perfectly.

I hope we can shoot again in the future, as Rein is respectful, fun, creative fascinating and kind.

I recommend any models to work with him, very thoughtful, kind and respectful at all times. It is also nice to meet creatives when on travels :) makes the experience worthwhile

Best Wishes, Amethyst

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Second shoot with Rein, and always a pleasure!

I contacted him last minute as I had a cancellation in Eindhoven and some free time to shoot.

He was very kind to fit me in his schedule and we had a lovely and creative one hour shoot in his home studio.

Rein has a beautiful style and I really enjoy creating images with him.

Thanks Rein, see you soon again!

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Mia Liberum

I really enjoyed shooting with Rein! He has a beautiful portfolio, and some very cool and original ideas. He also brought some lovely clothes for us to shoot with. We shot first outside, against a derelict background, then indoors in his studio. From what I can see of the photos so far, they look really great! In particular the Polaroids.

I am looking forward to shooting with him again, and I recommend him wholeheartedly to any models who are considering working with him. He was respectful and considerate at all times.

Thanks for a lovely shoot! :)


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I had the pleasure of shooting with Rein in his beautiful home studio some time ago :)

I had been admiring his work on MM for ages, and finally got to create some beautiful images together.

Rein is a gentleman and a true artist.

I'm looking forward to shoot with him again in the future!

Thanks Rein xx

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