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Had a amazing shoot today with Regine

She is such a lovely person, really easy to get on with and amazing at making her costumes! We did a forest shoot and wasn’t afraid to jump into the bushes and lay down on leaves!

I would highly recommend Regine and would love to work with her again!

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Saria Goy

just gotten back from a wonderful shoot with Regine, and im sure it will not be the last.

Regine answered a casting call of mine for some published work, and i am beyond thrilled that she did.

pre coms are great, and she keeps you in the loop fully on the day too, even taking me having to delay by an hour in her stride.

Regine is a beautiful, free posing, very creative, soul. she takes direction well, but its not needed to create a fantastic shot, she takes exactly what you have to say and makes your ideas real in front of you.

not been so excited to card drop in a long while, and having had a look through, she doesn't just offer a stress free, fun, and brilliant shoot. but she delivers on fantastic shots too. A shortlisting nightmare, but an editors dream.

thank you again!


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ZAGuy said...

Had my first shoot with Regine today. Pre comms was great and we knew exactly what sets and images we were aiming for. Regine came prepared with several outfits for the sets. Great personality and very easy to get on with which made the shoot an absolute joy.

As a photographer herself, she knows what makes for a good image and poses effortlessly but similarly takes direction well and in her stride.

Highly recommended and cannot wait for our summer shoot!

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CJC Photography

Another lovely model to work with. Regine arrived with plenty of outfits, more so for the cosplay part of the shoot, as the first half of the shoot was portrait/ lingerie/ nude. The whole shoot was relaxed and fun. Regine is super easy to get along with, she is natural at posing and if needed takes direction well, so I highly recommend her.

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bob macmillan photography

Regine arrived on time and worked her magic in the studio as before. Plenty of clothes, and good ideas. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to our next shoot that we are planning now for early in the new year. All the raw unedited images taken during the shoot are available for review on my web site www.bobmacmillan.com and I am adding edited images into my Purple Port profile page. Hope you like them.

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We done a test shoot in norwich for some pin up images

cant speak highly enough of this young lady

she is full of ideas and brings a great wardrobe

looking forward to the next shoot

if you get the chance to work with this stunning young lady dont pass it by

you wont be disapointed a credit too purpleport.

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Nigel Denton

I worked with Regine today for the 1st time, pre-shoot communication was excellent, she is professional, fun and is able to follow direction as well as offer her own take on ideas. Posing is fluid adding to that the ability Regine has a good understanding of the mechanics of photography which only enhances the results. I would definitely recommend you work with her if you get the chance...

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Regine arrived bang on time and had nailed the look for the concept we had discussed. She is an extremely intelligent, hardworking and personable model. Regine has a friendly and easy going manner and came up with some great suggestions. I had an enjoyable shoot and came away with some wonderful images.

Wouldn't hesitate to work with her again and highly recommended. :)

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Sophia West

I worked with Regine for the first time today and wow what a great model. We only had a few hours together but I could see straight away that she is professional, hard working and just cracks on with her job. We shot on location and she was just fabulous from the word go. I felt comfortable and at ease throughout the shoot and we got some great images.

Regine is a lovely girl with all the aspects of a great model.

I look forward to working with her again!

Highly recommended

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Regine came to my place today to shoot with myself and another photographer. I was merely there as assistant but I have to say I wish I was the one taking the pictures. Regine is clearly a very accomplished model and very comfortable in her own skin. She helped the photographer get some superb images and I can honestly say he was over the moon with them and for being able to work with her.

Right from the very first mail in response to my casting for this I KNEW that Regine was the lady for the job. Her Comms were exemplary and wow did she not disappoint on my expectations.

I sincerely hope that I will get the honour of getting to work with her myself next time and in the not too distant future at that.

Thank you Regine for your superb work and help.

*******Highly recommended********

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bob macmillan photography

Turned up on time and very professional, nothing but good things to say about her, would definitely work with her again and have no hesitation in recommending her. One of those models that can think ahead and offer posses and sugestions, makes the photographers life a doddle so with Regine it's, Yes Yes Yes every time.

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Had the pleasure of meeting Regine today for a Harley Quinn Cosplay shoot. From the moment of first contact Regine was extremely reliable at keeping positive contact along with adding lots of input for our forthcoming shoot. Upon meeting Regine, I found her a true delight to work with as the shoot was over before I knew it. She is also extremely versatile as she was able to do poses naturally without hardly any direction needed. Regine remained friendly and professional throughout the shoot & I look forward to working with her again as she truly has a strong future in modelling. I strongly recommend her to all other photographers out there.

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Denise Brady

Regine arrived at the studio on time, full of life and great energy. After discussing the ideas for the shoot in a bit more detail and taking a look through the outfits she had brought with her we were off. the shoot flew past. Regine is wonderful to work with, understands what is required and very willing to try different poses. I would highly recommend Regine and hope to work with her again in the future. Thanks for a great shoot

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Regine was really excellent to work with, she had a great understanding of what I wanted to achieve and delivered exactly that. She is very adaptable, so it made it a lot easier to create different looks.I would recommend anyone to work with her, and I look forward to working with her again.

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Had a shoot with Regine some time ago she is Lovely person to work with, very relaxed. and fun to be with and lively professional attitude to modelling. Would defiantly like to work with her again. I recommend Regine to both amateurs and professionals

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Cyan Imaging

Had a shoot with Regine back in May. She arrived on time and was friendly. She brought some outfits and some reference images relating to the genre which was thoughtful. She was able to positon herself/pose without too much direction. Would recommend her to others.

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Had a short shoot with Regine today which I would have loved to be longer but time beat us again.

great pre shoot comms and a massive choice of clothes to chose from.

Now just have to see when I can get her back for another shoot which I hope will be longer

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Had a great and very productive shoot with Regine last week.

Fantastic communication ahead of the shoot, which I really value.

Regine arrived with a good selection of clothes and did a fantastic job. She totally got the shoot and as well as taking direction well also had her own inventive contribution to make.

Great fun, reliable and a good model. Well recommended.

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Rob Da-Bank

Regine has excellent communication when it comes to the pre shoot as well as during the shoot, her posing is good and well structured as well as being able to take direction as and when necessary.


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Terry Slater

I had a lovely shoot with Regine yesterday. She travelled 3 hours to shoot with me and was immediately read for work when we got to the studio. Always receptive to any ideas and adding to them as we went along. She has an understanding of how light works and uses that in her modelling (that's a joy for me).

I recommend her without hesitation and look forward to working with her again.

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