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CJ Visuals (ReadyPlayerDrone)

Had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Misty in an urban location and it was an excellent experience !!

Pre comms were fun and informative and Misty was friendly and professional in all I asked, really looking forward to working together again 🙂

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Had an amazing shoot with Miss T1 would highly recommend to anyone

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Miss T turned up on time my second shoot with this beautiful woman no directions needed what a great model looks beautiful in every shoot I would highly recommend Miss T if you have not had a shoot with her get booking you won't be disappointed she is absolutely stunning lovely long dark tall slim very pretty all a photographer could ask for and more she is fast becoming my favourite model a very classy lady going places very fast thanks Miss T I really enjoy our shoots ready for another shoot when you are

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MJA Photography

Had my first shoot with MissT1 and what an absolute delight she is to work with. We agreed on an urban graffiti style at Stokes Croft.Inspite of the heavy showers we had great shoot and created some lovely images.

MissT1 is very passionate about modelling and it shows instantly. Great pre-shoot comms, took direction well and timely. I very much look forward to working with MissT1 again.

Highly recommended

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TT2 Photography

Even though I have shot with Ree before, I am always impressed by the effort she puts in to a shoot. Today however she excelled herself.

We planned a woodland shoot and she turned up on time with perfect make up, hair and dress. As it had been raining over night the ground was quite muddy but Ree just walked through it all in bare feet. Halfway through she changed outfits and wow'd even more. The selection of the dress was perfect for the shoot and clearly illustrates how much thought and effort Ree puts in to prepare beforehand.

Fully recommend this amazing model, she has the skills and passion to deliver on any shoot.

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Finally, after talking about shooting together since last year, we finally did it. And my first shoot with Misty was an epic experience. It must be said that not only had I noticed and admired Misty's work a long time ago, but also her support for other people, and her genuine enthusiasm and care about the results really makes her stand out.

For our shoot I needed to travel from Manchester to Taunton, so it was fantastic that Misty knew the local area so well, and could turn my ideas into real locations, as it happened the locations were beyond anything I could of imagined.

Due to some of the technical details of our shoot we couldn't of done it without the help of an assistant, and Mark came along, he took care of logistics, checking the locations for shooting possibilities, and adding extra ideas, which really worked very well indeed.

Misty was a dream to work with, her poses are free flowing, and perfect for each setting, which made the job of taking the photos a lot easier. She makes the images stunning, and also has a wonderful personality

Thank you to Misty, and Mark, for this great photo shooting experience :)

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Had a wonderful shoot with MissT1 today, even though the weather was a bit dull, she more than made up for it with a bright yellow dress, and some footwear neither I nor the locals were expecting ;). Had been talking about a shoot for a few weeks and communication was always excellent, lots of ideas for locations/outfits, easy-going and an all round real pleasure to work with! Certainly look forward to working together again soon, and highly recommended!

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Ree turned up on time looking beautiful this was my first shoot with this beautiful model certainly won't be the last what a refreshing change no directions needed Ree was very easy to get on with and the talk flowed almost as fast as the images we both had a great time ree knows her stuff and looked immaculate lovely long hair just a joy to spend time with highly reccomended if you have not had a shoot with Ree you don't know what you're missing

thank you Ree i had the best time ever loved every minute in your company

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This was my second shoot with MissT1, our first solo and pre shoot coms were excellent. We did a urban streetwear, and despite the cold MissT1 was an absolute star.

As usual her partner came along and as always it's great to have him along, especially in a location like this to keep an eye out for cyclists/cars etc and to carry.

Can't wait to work with MissT1 again and recommend her.

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Shoot number 5 today, 3 different locations, 3 different outfits and lots of ideas....all ready for a calendar coming soon.

Absolute pleasure to work with as ever, arrived on time ready to go and smashed every outfit/location.

Always take direction well (not needed that often if I'm honest)

Lots more to come soon.....if you want a reliable and talented model then Ree is the one for you.

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Had my first shoot with See today, if you want a relaxed but professional shoot then See is the one for you.

She found a perfect location for the use of smoke grenades as it's something we had discussed previously.

Arrived early ready to go, quick scout of the location and straight to photos. Despite being a bit chilly she powered through and had lots of laughs throughout.

Ree is one of those models that I always enjoy shooting with and at the end of a shoot think about the next one straight away as it's such a laugh on location.

Her other half comes along and gives ideas etc, also a pleasure to be around and has a laugh making everything so relaxed.

Looking forward to the next one.

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Have recently completed my first shoot with Ree, a very relaxed and friendly young lady. Originally planned for the previous day, the unpredictable British weather ensured it would rain heavily on said day, requiring us to reschedule to a day with "only" showers. :-( Ree's pre-comms were excellent, resulting in her arriving ahead of time with her partner, and ready to go with all the agreed outfits :-) Whilst we managed to dodge many of the showers at the chosen countryside location, the cool breeze made sure that she got totally frozen. Despite this, and to her credit, Ree did not complain once, working very hard to allow me to achieve the various shots I had in mind, and many more besides, during the 3 hours. I fully recommend her 100%.

Thank you very much for an enjoyable and very productive shoot Ree, we have some excellent results :-) . Looking forward to working with you again in the spring, when hopefully the weather will be kinder to us. :-)

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Shoot number 3 with Ree today with various outfits.

Arrived ready to go as ever. Natural in front of camera and always a pleasure to shoot with.

The usual laughs and lots of great images. Looking forward to the next one.

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Had a last minute message from Ree with details about a shoot she wanted to do at the beach in a couple of days time. Couldn’t say no.

Absolute pleasure to work with as ever. Arrived on time and ready to go.

Relaxed and fun shoot yet again which made for some great photos as usual.

If you haven’t booked Ree yet then you really need to. 10/10

Looking forward to our next shoot again soon.

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MissT1 and I had talked previously about working together and when I was told she would be the third model in a shoot it was great to finally get the chance to work with her. Pre shoot coms were brilliant, and on the day MissT1 arrived early with her partner who I must say having a chaperone for the first time was useful for keeping an eye on the bags and carrying things, but in no way did he interfere with the shoot and happy to work with MissT1 again and again. She's easy to get along with, as was her partner. Her whole attitude to the shoot was solid and this being her first duo/triple shoot she did really well, the whole atmosphere around this shoot was very relaxed and lot of fun.

Highly recommend MissT1 and look forward to working with her again in the near future on solo or duo projects.

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I had a brilliant shoot with Ree today. She's an absolute star to work with, excellent communications before the shoot with good ideas on wardrobe and sets. Ree arrived on time and full of enthusiasm, she is easy to talk to and her partner was a great help with assisting with set design etc.

Ree poses easily and confidently and has a fantastic wardrobe enabling a wide variety of scenes to be shot. Overall a really enjoyable day.

If you want a reliable, fun and professional model then book Ree – I am looking forward to our next shoot soon.

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SDW Images

Due to Covid this shoot was 6 months in the making but well worth the wait as it gave time for us to organise our ideas fully. Ree contributed excellently with both clothing and posing ideas and was very ably assisted by her chaparone, Mark, who was a pleasure to have in the studio. My only complaint is that in 3 hours shooting we got so many keepers that I will be processing for weeks! I most highly recommend Ree and very much looking forward to future shoots together.

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I had my first Model shoot with Ree last week and have to say honestly, she was absolutely brilliant!!

Ree was incredibly polite, patient, looked amazing and was truly an absolute pleasure to work with.

Would highly recommend for amateur photographers like myself but more importantly professional shoots as she herself is a true professional, despite being cold and wet on a tricky terrain, nothing was a problem for her.

She also looked magnificent in the dress she chose and suited the shoot perfectly so I massively appreciated her input in the choice of atire.

Book Ree for your model shoots if you're looking for a beautiful model with a great attitude and drive, you won't regret it.

Thanks again Ree, would love to work with you again soon! Photos coming soon!

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with Ree in Exeter.

Ree turned up at the agreed spot on time, in perfect makeup and in an outfit that matched perfectly with the moodboard I had prepared for her.

She is a very positive, charming, enthusiastic person, who can easily understand your vision and act accordingly. I felt like she read my mind, her movements and poses came naturally while making great use of the scene features, architectural elements, accessories and light. Ree has an impeccable presence, is confident in what she is doing and can easily express the emotion she needs to. I really appreciate the conversations and relaxed atmosphere while photo shooting.

I can't wait to see her reaction to the final results of our work, I already know they are amazing thanks to Ree's excellent skills.

I highly recommend working with Ree and I hope I will have the opportunity to do a photo shoot with her again in the future.

Thank you Ree for a great time.

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Always wanted to do a Audrey Hepburn breakfast at tiffany's styled shoot, so when Ree came up with the theme and sent me picture ideas I got really excited.

Pre shoot comms were really easy, the shoot was arranged in a few messages. Arrived early with perfect hair and makeup, ready to shoot. Ree is soo lovely, beautiful smile and amazing figure, really easy to work with. Poses very naturally, needing very little direction. When reviewing images on the back of the camera Ree is always encouraging and positive. Basically I couldn’t say enough nice things about her. Please, please book Ree for a shoot, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

Really hope we get to shoot again soon. Thank you 😊

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