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Hi Purpleport-ers!

I am a returning photographer, now specializing in Lifestyle Photography. I work models as well as products. This is most popular among social media's such as Instagram. 

This page will mainly show my work with models- to see my whole portfolio please find me on Instagram @ megalford_photographer 

I am happy to work on a TFP basis at the moment while I rebuild my portfolio- however this will change around mid-2019. So if you're interested in working together, I recommend to get in touch now!

Photo shoots will consist of me and my camera spending up to a day with a model (or multiple), living the day, whether it be out shopping or picnic somewhere, etc. The idea of these photos is NOT to be really posy whilst being photographed. It's for me to catch moments of your lifestyle; this being said, it may be I ask you to repeat a certain action etc. I have had nothing but good feedback, and most of my work is known for being "perfect" for social medias such as Instagram. 

When you look at inspirational people on Instagram, and they upload photos not taken by them, but of them living their daily lives; you think "I'd love to have photos like that"- that's where I come in. 

Any photographers reading this, I'm developing my work and would love to read any tips or improvements I can make. I have 1 album of my modelling work, as work infront and behind the camera. 

Any models reading this and interested in working together- look forward to hearing from you

Meg Alford


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