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I had a blast working with Rebecca. She is such a great model to work with! Pre-comms were excellent and brought great choices of outfit for the shoot. I love her charisma and her positive attitude. She is easy to work with. She made me feel ease working with her as well! We got along very well and spoke various subjects during the shoot and got lots of laugh.

Absoletely loved working with her. Loved the shoot and loved the pictures we manage to capture. I will definetely shoot with her again! 😊

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Craig Hall

Absolutely fantastic model who came along to a shoot at a newly branded studio.

Got a great look, with great styling and went the extra mile to get the shot!

She's also lovely and we had a good chat!


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Promo Photo

I met and worked with the lovely Rebecca at a day jointly organised by Rebecca and a fellow model in London. Rebecca was a joy to work with, a competent and capable model who did not need direction but was equally happy to follow my vague descriptions or even more vaguely demonstrated poses.

Time pasted too quickly but we were able to cover a number of sets bit as a duo or individually, all while keeping up a steady flow of chit chat etc.

I do hope to work with Rebecca again when she is next in town.

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Rob Ronaldson (Aestheticnude)

When we had a last minute cancellation for our recent trip to Spain, Rebecca Jane was happy to step up and fill the void.

She was keen to shoot as much as possible, which is how it should be when you take someone away. As with our hotel shoot, her physique is amazing, her posing ability is incredible (both her own and in following instruction) and her make-up is flawless.

She got on brilliantly with everyone on the trip; even organising sing-songs in the car! She helped out with the running of the house (which is one of the best indicators of a suitable person to take) and she loved sunbathing by the pool, when she wasn’t shooting. She has a strong personality, but a heart of gold and I hope to work with her again.

Wholeheartedly recommended.

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Rob Ronaldson (Aestheticnude)

Rebecca and I finally worked together on a coloured light hotel shoot back in May after many cancellations due to bereavement and holiday cancellations. She was very easy to get on with and has a great sense of humour. She was patient (the light panels have to be constantly moved as poses change) and followed instructions where I gave them; however she has a lot of her own poses and ideas, a great sense of how her body looks best and an amazing physique and beautiful face.

Wholeheartedly recommended.

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Marcus Mantino

My second shoot with Rebecca, the last one 4 years ago where some of the best pictures I took and this recent one we took some amazing shots again. Rebecca is an amazing model, good comms, showed on time, makeup done and ready to shoot bursting with energy, ideas and a few great outfits.

Rebecca has done amazing tattoos which just ads to the artwork for my work, she has good skin and is in great shape, this combined with her excellent range of poses means you get really good selection of shortlisters.

I would highly recommend Rebecca.

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I had a fantastic shoot with Rebecca in London. We discussed ideas for the shoot before hand and combined our ideas for outfits and locations.

She arrived with a case load of clothes and outfits ready to go and after a short walk we started. Rebecca poses really naturally and without direction and we created so many great images together. After our first location we found our second and third locations nearby with more outfit changes which were great too. Rebecca is so easy to get on with and we chatted lots about shoots and our plans for the future. After our shoot we were both starving so had a burger together too.

I’d highly recommend working with Rebecca, you will get amazing images; looking forward to the next time we work together.

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I’ve had the pleasure working with Rebecca on a couple of occasions now and she is a fantastic model that I highly recommend. Easy to work with, doesn’t need any direction, brings great energy to the shoot. Definitely recommend booking her and I look forward to capturing more amazing images with her soon!

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I had the privilege of working with Rebecca for the first time on a Muse Model Events shoot organised by Lily Gilbert, last week.

Rebecca is a highly experienced model with a lively personality; she has a relaxed and friendly yet professional approach, and works extremely hard to provide great images.

She arrived with a small tardis full of outfits which were more than enough to keep three photographers occupied!

All in all a superb model, and one that is highly recommended by me.

I look forward to working with her again in the future.

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Jason N Cann

I had an Amazing first shoot and meeting with Rebecca , Miss R as I now fondly call her, last week.

I meet her at a Muse Model event , ran by Lily Gilbert.

Rebecca was Awesome to shoot with , full of great ideas and set design concepts.

Her Modelling was seamless and she glided through sets and outfit changes effortlessly and professionally.

She was fully prepared and had a great set of selections in her suit case.

We started off with an outdoor lingerie set in stunning Natural light with a steaming hot tub back drop , then shot some Epic funky video sets , then covered multiple shoot and video themes.

Rebecca is an excellent Model to shoot with and superb company.

I highly recommend you book her.

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Had another great shoot with the delightful Rebecca Jane, this time at the awesome BodyLine studio.

Pre comms were spot on and when I collected her for the railway station she was ready to go straight away.

The main aim of this shoot was to capture Rebecca wearing a range of SshCouture latex outfits, before I returned them to the design house.

Rebecca was marvellous throwing many a great pose, needing no guidance from me, aside from 'Hold that' whilst I changed position to capture the shape from a different angle.

WE rattled though the outfits and managed to shoot some of her Honey Birdette lingerie and some Dark Virtue Designs latex too.

Rebecca is highly recommended by me and i urge all to work with her.

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Brian Boyce

Saturday was the first time working with Rebecca. Everything from pre-communications through to the shoot was great.

She turned up on the day with a big variety of different outfits that complimented the ideas we'd been discussing and even though she had difficulties with apartment that she'd rented for the shoot we still went ahead with the shoot, found some nearby locations and got some great shots.

Great model, really easy to get on with - thanks again to your boyfriend for acting as the mobile lightstand when were doing the improvised shots around birmingham.

Highly recommend and look forward to working with Rebecca again.

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My second shoot with the wonderful Rebecca, was after she responded to my short notice shoot request.

Rebecca was again a delight to work with, she loved the outfits, especially the new latex which looked wonderful on her long legs. Rebecca threw loadsa great poses and responded great to direction when offered.

The time flew by and I most definitley wish to work with her again, as I urge anyone to do also.

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Aatish Studio

Had a great time shooting with Rebecca when she visited the studio.

Both of us were very much looking forward to our shoot and did not walk away disappointed.

Rebecca is a very creative and talented model who is very easy to get on with. Highly recommend working with her and I look forward to her return.

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I had such a giggle working with the fabulous Rebecca Jane(; she’s a true professional & throws herself dramatically into any image. She also took banging selfies of us both & we ended up having our own cheeky bit of shootiness! You are S A S S baby! Loved strutting about Chillington Hall with you & working with the amazingly talented photographer Porlus. A beautiful witty girl. Your figure is like a work of art & your makeup skills slay


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Just done my second shoot with Rebecca and I've loved both of them, Rebecca obviously has a lot of passion for what she does as she works hard to make sure the shot comes out perfect! I loved all the images that have come out of the shoots, its obvious that she is a natural and super easy to get on with.

Would highly recommend doing a shoot with her to anyone, very much looking forward to shooting again!

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My first shoot with the delightful Rebecca and I teamed her up with Alexa Rose, for a wondeful shoot covering stills and vide, indoors and out at the marvellous Chillington House.

Rebecca was great to work with, effortless posing and was a fun young lady to be around, her and Alexa were total bundles of jollity and joy.

We got some great images and I will deffo be shooting with Rebecca again at some point soon.

Cheers Lass!

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Marcus Mantino

First shoot with Rebecca yesterday, paid shoot, not TFP and all the pieces just came together resulting in what I think will be some of my best images to date...

Rebecca travelled down the night before organising her own hotel to ensure she was ready at 8:45 to be picked up and brought to my studio.

Rebecca brought a good selection of items of which we used a few but I was most impressed with the fact that she had already done her makeup prior to arriving at the studio saving us valuable shooting time, this also seemed to last all day not needing reapplying despite shooting in my water studio for the whole day.

The day flew by, time seems to go faster shooting with Rebecca which is a testiment to how easy she is to work with, I felt completely comfortable and she brought lots of energy and enthusiasm from start to finish.

Rebecca has a slim physique that is very well toned making the concepts that I had for the shoot very easy to achieve, and the tatoos which I was looking for adding that extra level of detail to the shots.

I would highly recommend on all levels and will no doubt be booking her again, one word... fantastic...

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Des Boucher

Had my first shoot with Rebecca at my home studio in Cheltenham.

Pre-shoot communications were excellent, shoot easily arranged and agreed, not endless communication. Rebecca arrived on time, her make-up & hair was done to a high standard and she was ready to shoot almost immediately.

After a cup of coffee and chat to discuss the type of images we both wanted to create, we were ready to shoot. After the first few test shots, I knew I would not have any trouble creating some fantastic images.

Rebecca is a stunning girl, striking face, beautiful skin and with a very well-toned body. Rebecca has an enormous repertoire of ideas, poses and loves to extend and experiment to create great images. A real perfectionist who pushed herself hard to ensure that we achieved the results that we both wanted. She constantly checked the images to ensure we capture the image that we both wanted.

We established a great rapport, ensuring the shoot was chilled and relaxed but we created some fantastic images, and most importantly, she is very down to earth and approachable, we had lots of laughs and the time just flew by.

I would thoroughly recommend Rebecca to any photographer, experienced or someone just starting out, you will not be disappointed.

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BriCo Photography

First shoot with Becca Jane and what a fabulous experience. Becca is a confident, experienced, intelligent and relaxed model who posed easily and effortlessly for the camera.Gorgeous face, fantastic body which made producing great images a no-brainer. Above all, she is a fun person to be around and I cannot imagine a better way to spend an evening. Brilliant shoot Becca, thank you - and for agreeing to another. Can't wait :)

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