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Lincs Alternative Imaging.

I had my first shoot with Raven yesterday at Bodyline studio at Long Eaton and wow i have to say the shoot was really good,We got some fantastic images from around 4 hours shooting time,Can not recommend enough,Book her you will not be disappointed !!and with the help of Lee at Bodyline it was a awesome day !

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Jonathan Macauley

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, I decided to do an Edgar Allan Poe special.

So when THIS Raven turned up, instead of never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting, she got up and moved about.. A lot. Which wasn't really in the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe if I'm absolutely honest.

In fact, no grave and stern decorum of the countenance was worn. Instead we have Raven wearing a rather smashing set of latex fashion and generally looking and being great. Which is brilliant if that is what you're looking for!

Not one to moan about the change in tone, I ran with it and we all had a super day and TBH, 19th century poetry is overrated.

You should definitely quoth this Raven evermore.

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While it was a shoot that Raven and i did together on Sunday that is prompting this reference, i'd like to preface this by saying that Raven and i have worked together on several projects outside of PP over the last two years and this is more my experience of working with this wonderful model.

Raven is absolutely one of my favourite models to work with for numerous reasons. Starting with her obvious beauty, the woman is simply stunning and takes great care of her figure which is best described as tall and toned with long legs.

Once you get past her stunning looks there is a dedicated and eminently professional model awaiting you, nothing is too much trouble and Raven has a genuine desire to deliver the shots that you are looking for, that coupled to her extensive and interesting wardrobe and you have pretty much the perfect package.

If it isn't obvious at this point, of course i recommend Raven, about as highly as it's possible to do so, ideal for experienced professional photographers as well as beginners looking for a model that needs little to no direction.

Can't wait for the next shoot!

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I had the pleasure to work with Raven at Coco studio on a shoot for Catriona Stewart's latex collection.

Raven had come along as a assistant for Catriona on the day so wasn't able to do a full set as the other models, but the time we got to shoot together I found her charming, able to follow direction flawlessly and worked extremely well with out any direction at all,

Can highly recommend as a model who gives 100% at all times and a pleasure to work with

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Vivienne l'Amour

Raven is a wonderful and interesting lady to chat to and work with.

Punctual, a great communicator beforehand, and a true pleasure to host. Polite and very enthusiastic, Raven conducts herself with the utmost class and respect.

We shot at my studio with Digital Mechanic, Sarah Scarer Smith and Steph Bowring from the UK Body Paint League.

We had such fun, and Raven brought her partner along, who was so helpful and we could not have got such wonderful images without his help with lighting and ideas.

Raven is wonderful at taking direction, but is also brimming with innovative ideas and concepts. She really made the shoot special for me, and it was one of my favourites to date.

Raven was patiently painted from head to toe, and was bubbly, placid and warm. We had top notch conversation; Raven is intellectual, eloquent and most articulate, but humble and grateful. What a perfect combination!

I would love to have the absolute pleasure of working with Raven again, she is a gifted model and fabulous lady.

Thanks so much, you are a dream and I wish you every success with all your many ventures. I am certain you will succeed in any area you decide to persue.

Warmest regards and with the greatest sincerity,

Vivienne l'Amour xx

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I've previously shot live performances of Raven at various Burlesque and dance events but today was my first chance to work with her on a personal project which was a Heaven & hell themed bodypaint shoot with another model.

Raven was an absolute joy to work with and her experience shone through as soon as we started shooting as Raven required little or no prompting, instinctively transitioning from pose to pose with each click of the shutter, she did however take direction very well when asked.

Raven also had plenty of her own ideas to offer during the shoot which made my job even easier.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Raven today and i can't wait to book her for another shoot, highly recommended!

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KOllective : a collection of services said...

Raven is a lovely girl. Really easy to get on with and i cant wait for our shoot on sunday. She attended a few projects i did and really stoood out to me with her body poses and frame. She communicates well and is 100% reliable. I highly recommend her xxxx

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Solo studio

Had my 3rd shoot with Raven today. As always, good pre-comms and a punctual arrival.

She's a fabulous person to work with, great conversation, fun, excellent posture, colourful wardrobe, bags of confidence, awesome figure and is stunningly attractive.

Always a pleasure to shoot. 100% recommended.

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