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ImagEYEnation Photography

Raven was a last minute filler for a shoot I had arranged but it turned out perfect, she is very natural and easy to work with, very enjoyable, I would definitely recommend.

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Peter 1

Had my second shoot with Raven today,even thou she was a bit apprehensive about working with others,she entered into the spirit of things and worked very well with the other models in my Moulin shoot.I am looking forward to working with her again soon..

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Scarlett Blaze

Had a lovely Moulin Rouge themed shoot with the beautiful Raven today.

She arrived on time, well prepared & I was impressed with her posing ability.

Raven mentioned she has never worked with other people before and was a bit nervous, I was surprised by this as she has brilliant social skills & communication was excellent throughout.

She is able to pose without any direction but capable of following instruction when needed.

I am glad she arrived on the shoot bubbly, chatty and seemingly confident.

Hope we will arrange another shoot together again soon.

Highly recommend

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Peter 1

Recently,had my first shoot with Raven.I found her to be a very bubbly chatty girl,who didn't need direction and was a pleasure to work with .In short ,easy to work with,and we not only had a good shoot,we also had a lot of laughs.Thorougley recommend..

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Marcos Appelt

Worked with Raven last month, she who was a pleasure to work with. She showed interest in my work and was happy to model for me. I would recommend her to other people. Many thanks.

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Denny Wong

I shoot with Raven a while ago and it was only an hour shoot but we manage to pull out lots of good photos! She is very fun to work and she jokes a lot, I had a really hard time to keep my hand stable during the shoot :) Highly recommended.

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My third shoot with Raven Nyx was another great success. Pre-shoot communication was excellent and Raven was fully prepared when I arrived. She had a number of ideas that we shot, experimenting with new styles. Raven took direction well and we produced some great shots. Raven has great tattoos and is fun to work with and makes great flapjack (chocolate coated). I would recommend Raven highly.

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prototypemike said...

Had my first shoot with Raven today. Had a nice welcome when I first arrived with a hot cuppa and home made cake too..! After a few minutes catching up, we began the shoot with Raven taking direction well and coming up with lots of her ideas too. She is a kind, caring and thoughful person, a great communicator and has a lovely bubbly character too... A really fun and productive shoot and I would highly recommend Raven to all togs. We have already made plans for our next few shoots and am really looking forward to them.

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This shoot with Raven Nyx produced some great shots, Raven was excellent in her preparation for the shoot and pre-shoot communication. We worked a number of scenes for which Raven was able to give her input giving us some great images. As before she wasw lively and bubbly making the shot great fun and enjoyable.

Finally, I have to say thank you for the chocolate cake.

I recommend Raven Nyx highy

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My first shoot with Raven Nyx was great. She was relaxed and had great pose and were able to work together to get some great shots. Her tattoos add to the power of the image and she has an amazing enigmatic smile that gives her portraits a captivating quality. Raven was bubbly and makes fantastic chocolate cakes and would recommend her very highly and I look forward to further shoots with her.

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First may I say that Raven is a lovely girl. Her pre-shoot comms were excellent, from the details of the shoot and travel updates on the actual day, very refreshing.

Punctual and ready to shoot right out of the box! Raven posed at ease during a warm up shoot and transformed herself for the gothic/gore shoot we had planned. Quite a beautiful girl capable of a good few expressions, and a very capable model!

Highly recommended!

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